Rajeev Masand interview with Sacred Games team on the set

  • Published on Jul 6, 2018
  • CNN News18's Rajeev Masand visited the set of Sacred Games and spoke with its creators - showrunner Vikramaditya Motwane and director Anurag Kashyap - and its principal cast Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte, who explained why they were drawn to the project, why it could potentially be a game changer for original series from India, and how working on a streaming platform liberated them. This segment first aired on CNN News18 on July 06, 2018.

  • Sourabh Kurhekar
    Sourabh Kurhekar 1 month ago

    This show will be the biggest middle finger to censor board.

  • nandan avadhani
    nandan avadhani 1 month ago

    This platform is perfect for Saif because there is no box office pressure on him and he can show that he's a good actor

    BHUSHAN KAPADNIS 1 month ago

    Netflix shld reduce its price... I think its beginning india is moving away from ekta kapoor nonsense.

  • RealTechShow
    RealTechShow 1 month ago

    Epic show... Worth watching

  • gopal rao
    gopal rao 1 month ago

    '1977 me Desh me Indira Gandhi ki Emergency chalu thi.. Sarkar logo ke l**d kaat ke le ja Rahi thi' - Ganesh Gaithonde

  • Silly Gamer
    Silly Gamer 1 month ago (edited)

    Bhagwan Ko maante ho? Bhagwan ko lund farq nhi padta.

  • Amarjeet Pawar
    Amarjeet Pawar 1 month ago

    I just finished all 8 episodes..it's awesome!!!! Phantom and Netflix combination just works so amazingly. Nawaz, Radhika, The girl who plays Kukkoo and Saif are all top notch!! And the editing is so good, the two timelines playing simultaneously merge seamlessly.. season 2 highly awaited.

  • Surya Biswas
    Surya Biswas 1 month ago

    Respect to Netflix. Now the world will see the Kashyap that the Indians undervalued.

  • Sagar Mathers
    Sagar Mathers 1 month ago

    saw first 2 episodes..baap re!!!!

  • Sangharsh satta krishna
    Sangharsh satta krishna 1 month ago (edited)

    Anurag is a director that I look upto... I think he has made great film.. Saif has something new after ek hasina thi... It's dark, raw hope this will be great film to watch though it's in Netflix 

  • Prasad Bhojak
    Prasad Bhojak 1 month ago

    Radhika Apte is annoying and her part should have been given to Someone like Tapsee Pannu

  • Mark Colvin Jr.
    Mark Colvin Jr. 4 days ago

    Sacred Games is an amazing show. I hope more Americans give it a chance bc it's better than most American shows. I loved the characters and the different story lines.

  • nikmanin
    nikmanin 1 month ago

    Hail Anurag... Our grand entry for Netflix and that's just the beginning of a great dhamaaka ahead... Love you

  • Ravi Tolani
    Ravi Tolani 1 month ago

    What? It should have been half hour interviews at least.

  • rochni chand
    rochni chand 1 month ago

    Binge watched it. And it BLEW ME AWAY! Aggressively original, ZERO compromise on the directors' vision & hauntingly addictive! While it boasts of a stellar ensemble with each actor out-shining the other, watching Saif was redemption! Can FINALLY c flashes of the brilliant actor that Bollywood long before buried! A MUST WATCH!

  • Chaitanya
    Chaitanya 1 month ago

    After watching this, im definitely watching Sacred Games

  • Imyobowyie Stuffs
    Imyobowyie Stuffs 1 month ago

    Watched it last night.. It's totally worth it..

  • shahin Ibrahim
    shahin Ibrahim 1 month ago

    i dont like radhika apte and her acting is annoying also the interview

  • Gagandeep Singh Sidhu
    Gagandeep Singh Sidhu 1 month ago

    Saif Ali Khan as Sardar awesome and peak heights of royality

  • anidra
    anidra 1 month ago

    sacred game is genius! binge watched it so badly i want second season right know!! highly recommended guys