Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
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  • Daniel Sambar
    Daniel Sambar 2 months ago (edited)

    Scott... I swear to god... if you make one more game...

  • NightmareMangle21 // NM21
    NightmareMangle21 // NM21 2 days ago

    FNAF 7: Fredbear Lives FNAF 8: Cuphead's Arrival FNAF 8: Ultimate Thot Night FNAF 9: Toy Chica's Return FNAF 10: Phantom Balloon Boy's Teaser Said 10, Right? Ehhhh! Ehhhhhhhh!

  • Sawota
    Sawota 3 weeks ago (edited)

    MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT look on the image and then the source code of the page says that the image's name is Iamstillhere.jpg look at it!!!! Like this so he sees it

  • suzann choubassi
    suzann choubassi 2 weeks ago (edited)

    Who else remembers when the actual original theory was about those five people who died at chucky cheese Just me? Alright

  • FNAF Cawthon
    FNAF Cawthon 3 weeks ago (edited)

    Timeline of FNAF -Freddy Fazbears Pizza opens -William kills five children and stuffs them in the animatronic suits -Freddy Fazbears Pizza closes and the two extra suits (Golden Freddy and Spring Bonnie) get sent to Fredbear's and become the star attractions -Fredbear's family diner opens -William opens up Circus Baby Pizza world (1980) -Elizabeth Afton gets scooped and possess Baby (1980) -CBPW closes (1980) -William places the sound disc in Michael's room to prevent him from going to Fredbear's (1983) -Michael's head get's chomped off by a spring lock suit that's meant to kill which is known as the Bite of '83 (1983) -Fredbear's Family diner closes and the Fredbear animatronics get sent to JR's (1983) -The original animatronics are put in the parts & service room if employs need any spare parts for toy animatronics (1983) -Grand-Re-Opening (1983-1984) -William kills Charlie outside who goes on to possess the Puppet (1984) -Puppet gives life to all the other spirits (except Cassidy which is sealed in safe room and toy animatronics) (1984) -Another five children die (1984) -JR's is shut down for a while (1985) -Jeremy gets hired and gets his frontal lobe bitten off which is known as Bite of '87 (1987) -Toy animatronics get scrapped (1987) -Original animatronics and GF and SB get sent back to Freddy's (1987) -Mike Schmidt gets hired and then fired on his first week. (1993) -William destroys animatronics (1993) -William rebuilds Michael and creates the Funtime animatronics at the same time (1993) -CBER opens (1993) -Funtime Chica is rented out (1993) -The spirits of the dead children trap William inside the Spring Bonnie suit (1993) -Henry seals William inside the safe room (1993) -Michael goes down to CBER to find his father -He gets scooped by Ennard -Ennard pukes himself into the sewer -Michael starts looking everywhere for his father -Baby gets kicked out of the Ennard and her soul goes back into Baby (who is now broken thanks to being scooped) -Fazbear Fright opens (2023) -Henry gets hired (2023) -Owners of Fazbear Fright find Springtrap in the safe room and then bring him to Fazbears Fright (2023) -Puppet tries to set the souls free but it doesn't work because parts of their souls are placed in the funtime robots and Cassidy won't let go (2023) -Henry burns Fazbear Fright (2023) -William survives (2023) -Ennard found a new mask -Henry opens up Pizzaria Simulator -Michael accepts the role of night guard -Henry lures the animatronics one by one by using the audio thing -Henry burns pizzaria simulator to free the souls -William is sent to hell -Golden Freddy makes William suffer at the hands of the monsters he created. Tell me if I made any mistakes and I'll correct them. So far I've corrected a lot of mistakes.

  • JesseRoxII
    JesseRoxII 2 months ago (edited)

    A FEW HOURS LATER... SCOTT CAWTHON: Nope, wrong again. The box contains lewd photos of Toy Chica, Bouncepot from FNaF World did the Bite of '87, and there's actually five Purple Guys. MATPAT: (smacking head on table)

    RWBY FAN BOY 3 weeks ago

    MatPat: This is the end. Scott: Releases 5 more fnaf games

  • Endernoob Plays
    Endernoob Plays 3 weeks ago (edited)

    Are you sure the bear and the fox don't symbolize your and Scott's relationship The bear constantly pursuing the fox And the fox always outwitting him

  • TheCoffeeCup
    TheCoffeeCup 3 weeks ago (edited)

    Me: Congrats! Probably would be a shame if Scott... Scott: Hold ma beer

  • K McKinley
    K McKinley 3 weeks ago


  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 2 months ago

    New Theory: Every time you get close, Scott adds another detail to invalidate that theory

  • Starry Glitter Happy Unicorn
    Starry Glitter Happy Unicorn 1 week ago

    Scott: Ha! I’ve finally defeated MatPat. He- Sees his most recent FNAF theory Scott: Ugh! Time to release eight more games. 

  • bethany miller
    bethany miller 3 weeks ago

    3:50 if u wanna skip merch

  • Mash Maximum
    Mash Maximum 2 weeks ago

    So.................. When the movie comes out it will be a game theory?

  • HelloThereDaily
    HelloThereDaily 2 months ago

    MatPat: This is the end. Scott: releases teaser of new FNAF game.

  • Dounnt
    Dounnt 2 weeks ago

    I’m feel like if I was Scott I would be publish a new fnaf game about now

  • Szymczak 06
    Szymczak 06 2 weeks ago

    I cried ;-; FNaF is coming to an end ;-; [*]

  • XxAwesomeandrewXx 15
    XxAwesomeandrewXx 15 3 weeks ago

    Actually if the crying child is a robot then explain why he’s rotting away what I think happened is he’s soul returns to his body like puppet probably because his spirit knew it still had to do something important like finish his dad and that’s why he can’t die unless it’s fire so his soul can be realest and that’s why he doesn’t die

  • Jennifer Hall
    Jennifer Hall 1 week ago

    Exotic butters are in the box