One-Hit Wonders You Had No Idea Are Dead

  • Published on Aug 5, 2017
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    A new crop of one-hit wonders emerge each year, offering up their irresistible pop earworms and cashing in before quickly being forgotten by the music-loving public. The new low-profile for these once-famous acts means many may have shuffled off this mortal coil without you knowing about it. Here are some one-hit wonders whose deaths may come as a surprise... Cali Swag District | 0:19 Jermaine Stewart | 1:00 Kevin DuBrow | 1:31 DJ E-Z Rock | 2:08 Shannon Hoon | 2:53 Read more here →

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  • Nicki Swift
    Nicki Swift 1 year ago

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  • Lashid4u
    Lashid4u 2 weeks ago

    Maybe ya'll shouldn't speak on rap & R&B artists, because Jermaine Stewart & Rob Base/E-Z Rock WERE NOT 1-hit wonders (just because their other hits NOT on the Pop, or Rock music charts) ..EVERYONE who listened to R&B stations in the 80s know that Jermaine Stewart's initial hit song was "The Word Is Out", in 1984 (and it is believed that he was MURDERED because he was writing a book which would have exposed famous celebs as homosexual) ..and it THE OVERWEIGHT DJ (E-Z Rock) who died, although you show the image of Rob Base, the rapper ..and they had another hit song in 1989 w/ "Joy & Pain" ..and EVEN I, a hip-hop head, know that Quiet Riot WAS NOT a 1-hit wonder group!

  • fidel carter
    fidel carter 1 week ago

    1:55 What the hell is accidental cocaine overdose ?????

  • Rodney Davis
    Rodney Davis 1 week ago

    The person y'all circled was Rob Base. He's still alive. The bigger guy in the background is DJ EZ Rock. He's the one who's dead. GET IT RIGHT!!

  • Carla Marie Anderson
    Carla Marie Anderson 1 week ago

    Who the hell suffers an ACCIDENTAL Cocaine Overdose? 

  • AN Morgan
    AN Morgan 1 week ago

    Jermaine Stewart, Quiet Riot, Blind Melon are definitely not 1 Hit Wonders. You should just retitle this Musicians that passed away.

  • Jeremy Mcquilliam
    Jeremy Mcquilliam 1 week ago

    Rob Base was not a one hit wonder.He had alot of good songs

  • mscaligurl76
    mscaligurl76 1 week ago

    Why did you keep showing Rob Base? He is very much alive. DJ EZ Rock is the one who passed away. They also definitely had more than one hit.

  • D Bates
    D Bates 5 days ago

    Accidentally Overdose on Cocaine?? Like he was taking it for a headache and just misread the bottle . And please stop referring to Hip Hop artist and/or songs as "POP" utterly annoying and just ruins your credibility as an knowledgeable journalist. Thanks 

  • Michael Lane
    Michael Lane 3 months ago

    Jermaine Stewart, Quiet Riot and Blind Melon are NOT one hit wonders. Geez! It only takes a couple minutes to research if you know nothing about music. smh

  • Mark Chavez
    Mark Chavez 10 months ago

    Jermaine Stewart wasn't a one hit wonder.

  • Marc G
    Marc G 2 weeks ago

    MC Rob Bass & DJ Eazy Rock also had another hit called Joy & Pain so actually he was a two hit wonder

  • lunatrics
    lunatrics 7 months ago

    accidental cocaine overdose.? lol they fell in a mountain of cocaine or what?

  • Stacey Hawkins
    Stacey Hawkins 1 year ago

    DJ Eazy Rock was not the person you showed. That is Rob Base. DJ Easy Rock was the "DJ" of the group. Rob Base is still alive.

  • ThisRebirth
    ThisRebirth 6 months ago

    Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon were no one hit wonders. They were an amazing band that helped to define an entire generation of music. Shannon died way before he should have. Long live Blind Melon!!!

  • Mike Stone
    Mike Stone 10 months ago

    That was not a picture of DJ E.Z. Rock in this video. That was Rob Base.

  • Shawn Caughey
    Shawn Caughey 7 months ago

    Nikki Swift, Quit Riot was NOT a One Hit Wonder Band. I am going to stop watching right here at #5 because Its clear you dont know the true definition of one hit wonder. Quit Riot?? Really, THUMBS DOWN

    PHAT GRITS 1 week ago

    cali swag district did not invent "the Dougie" Doug E Fresh did. They wasn't even the first to make a song about it. Lil Will from Dallas was. "My Dougie" Soulja Boy was actually on Lil Will remix years before Cali Swag District track. CSD song just was on a national scale.

  • Alanda Dalyrimple-Lala
    Alanda Dalyrimple-Lala 1 week ago

    Wow I didn't know D.J. Rock was gone. Rest in Paradise all of you

  • April Dannette
    April Dannette 7 months ago

    Shannon Hoon died from Heroin not Cocaine