• Published on Jan 30, 2018
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    If you or anyone you know are contemplating suicidal thoughts, please contact the national suicide prevention hotline at (800)273-8255 or visit Petty Paige channel:

    I can't even believe that I had to make this video... how sad. Thank you for watching! Please like and subscribe, and leave any advice you might have in the comments! NICK CROMPTON SAID WHAT TO JAKE PAUL???

  • The Oil Wife Life: Uncensored
    The Oil Wife Life: Uncensored 4 months ago (edited)

    Thank you all so much for your continued support! I just wanted to put out a heads up.. for whatever reason, YouTube is only sending me notifications for about 5/100 comments! That combined with the comments not being in order makes it tough for me to spot new ones. So, if I miss a question or comment, please continue to comment! I try to look multiple times a day on different videos. Really trying to get the hang of this ;-) Have a beautiful day!

  • Pdx Paula
    Pdx Paula 4 months ago

    The craziest thing about all of this is...he is starting to gain subscribers again. I mean, wtf!? At first I thought he was buying them. I still think he has bought some. But its been going on for over a week now. Smh, some people will never get it. Or they are just too selfish to care.

  • Alison Turpin
    Alison Turpin 4 months ago

    I am, by rule, a happy, jolly person, but Kuckian brings out a woman’s wrath in me and I want to rearrange his fugly features. I despise the c*nt (and I only use that word about him). Bravo on 1K 

  • Annie Beauleau
    Annie Beauleau 4 months ago

    Thank you so so much for getting this out there. He seriously needs help, and you are really right- he should not be allowed to put content out on these platforms. It's dangerous, especially for young, impressionable minds! Thank you for being you and caring about the community to make sure people know what is really going on! keep up the great work and I can't wait to see you hit 1,000 subscribers ~woohoo 

  • Courtney Marks
    Courtney Marks 4 months ago

    He goes out of frame because he clearly is faking sobbing because when he comes back into frame he does NOT look like a person who has been sobbing. When i "sob" ive got snot running out of my nose as I can barley breathe and my eyelashes are atleasy wet along with my cheeks. ....nice try to John,but we're not young impressionable kids that you cam guilt trip into forgiving you! What a turd you are!!

  • Hollye Rorabaugh
    Hollye Rorabaugh 4 months ago (edited)

    You’re awesome I love watching your videos. And jk is like you already said is not right and deluded. He mocks everything and everyone and then suicide? Well Logan how’d that work for ya? Ugh I saw the video he needs to be gone. Shoo fly!

  • That One Girl
    That One Girl 4 months ago (edited)

    I have been wondering if you would comment on this! Just when you think this little brat could not stoop any lower. He wasn't going to do anything- he has an unsharpened, dull little knife that wouldn't even cut air. I wish he would just go play in heavy traffic. Ya. I said it.

  • jedi fawn
    jedi fawn 4 months ago

    i am so angry!!! he is unbelievable!!! he is sick in the head and needs help desperately!!! what his poor fans must have felt... and then to go about life and not address anything!!!

  • TheRealNubian aka TvNetJunkie
    TheRealNubian aka TvNetJunkie 4 months ago

    He’s a lost cause for me. I have no psychology degree so I can’t diagnose him but something is wrong with him. The problem is that his own brand of the Logangs (my 2018 word for mindless sheep) and THEY need to wake up

  • Judi Bootie
    Judi Bootie 4 months ago (edited)

    This happened just days after Logan Paul’s most recent video, didn’t it? Hmmm. He has quite the habit of trying to ride coattails.

  • Laura Arnette
    Laura Arnette 4 months ago

    Maybe he is bipolar and had a manic episode. I dunno I unsubbed from him a long time ago. ‍♀️‍♀️

  • The Gutless Warrior
    The Gutless Warrior 4 months ago

    I was hoping that you would cover this... I saw the snaps in a MLS video and Martin censored out the knife... When I saw the clip the first time it didn't sit right with me for a couple of reasons but I couldn't put my finger on it until now... I think partly my issue is it was triggering...I struggle with my own mental health issues and I've been in that dark of a place where I have tried to commit suicide in the past and its not a topic to use to manipulate people... Which let's be honest, this is classic Kroockian behavior... He's got a PhD in manipulations, lies and extreme narcissism... But I think he didn't anticipate the fact that NORMAL people (even if they don't like you and find you repulsive) do actually care about him enough to reach out to the proper authorities to make sure he was OK because suicide isn't a joke or something most people take seriously. After seeing your video and also looking at comments about his snaps make me think several things... The first thing is if he really was sobbing/crying in that manor his eyes and face would be bright red, not to mention watery eyes and wet cheeks; all of which were not present in the few shots we see of part of his face. If you were actually crying most people would have the video on them doing to get more sympathy...but he's totally off camera and you only hear the sound of what's supposedly sobbing. The more I think about it... The more it reminds me of the sound of him laughing in a way...his awkward laugh like he I'd when playing the ringtones... I dunno it comes across really fake and like some one already pointed out... That knife is so dull it couldn't cut tissue paper... And the fact that less than 24/hrs later he posts about his stupid makeup... Livid isn't a strong enough word to describe how angry I am that this man-boy (let's be real and point out the fact that he acts like a petulant child most of the time rather than being an adult like he is)... If I was in the UK and our paths crossed is be really tempted to knee him in the Jimmy... Although Petty Paige pointed out how she thinks John's balls crawled back upwards because of how his voice went from being deeper to this soft boyish tone that it is. But it will be interesting to see what happens when the lip products start getting into people's hands. I love your content and you're getting ever closer to 1k!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • daisy dippy
    daisy dippy 4 months ago (edited)

    He is a very sick twisted evil person! I'm honestly thinking he's either on drugs or alcohol at times... He's laughing and joking now he is totally nuts in the head! Weird and creepy!

  • April R
    April R 4 months ago

    I've suffered with depression and anxiety and suicidal ideation since I was very young. All this video made me do was want to punch him in his stupid face. Zero sympathy points for this dood

  • The last pizza slice
    The last pizza slice 4 months ago

    one million will also be a nice rounded off number :P

  • msalyssababy
    msalyssababy 4 months ago

    Some poor lady in the U.K., who actually happens to work in the mental health field, saw his video and was really concerned for him & sat on the phone for 3 hours with the authorities to get him help. He is sick!!

  • Diana
    Diana 4 months ago

    No damn tear came out

  • Zemimsky
    Zemimsky 4 months ago

    He's such a Friggin' comedian!! That snapchat is so staged and fake it's stinks worse the rotten ghosts of Denmark! (Hamlet analogy here)

  • Juice's Joint
    Juice's Joint 4 months ago

    Love your channel, I look forward to your videos every day, kuckian is like a pimple on the a$$ of life, and someone needs to pop it lol. He's as cringy as Logan Paul, Onision, and JSBS, and ALR as well. Ty for doing these videos. I'm from Massachusetts btw, I saw you were from the NE. Have a great day young lady. God bless you and your family.

  • LeeAnn Cornett
    LeeAnn Cornett 4 months ago

    Been wondering if you were going to address this So glad you have because I love your content. I will watch later as I am still mad over this topic. But i am playing it on mute so you will get 2x views from me xx Thanks for all you do!