• Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • ♥ Love You ♥ 5 *BEST MAGICIANS* MIND BLOWING ACTS on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT! 5. Henry Richardson - Magician 4. Colin Cloud - Mind Reader 3. Eric Jones - Magician 2. Tom London - Magician 1. Jeki Yoo - Magician tags: magician acts, magician auditions, americas got talent auditions, america got talent magician audition, agt auditions, best magicians ever, best magician acts, unexpected auditions, mindblowing acts, mind blowing magic auditions, mindblowing magic acts, most amazing magic acts, amazing magician, americas got talent best acts, magic auditions americas got talent 2017, best magic auditions on americas got talent, best magic acts ever, best magician auditions, Henry Richardson, Henry Richardson americas got talent, Henry Richardson magician, Henry Richardson best magician ever, Henry Richardson audition, Colin Cloud, Colin Cloud audition, Colin Cloud americas got talent, Colin Cloud best magic act, Colin Cloud illusionist, Eric Jones, Eric Jones americas got talent, Eric Jones best magician, Eric Jones illusionist, Eric Jones magician on americas got talent, Tom London, Tom London americas got talent, Tom London magician, Tom London illusionist, Tom London bst magic act on americas got talent, Tom London magic act, Jeki Yoo, Jeki Yoo americas got talent, Jeki Yoo magician, Jeki Yoo hilarous magician, best magic act jeki yoo, yeki yoo act on americas got talent


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