TOTAL DRAMA: Gwent vs Gwuncan | Who was best?

  • Published on Aug 4, 2017
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    Who was a more suitable match for Gwen? Trent or Duncan? Review the two love stories and tell us who do you think made a better couple. Don't forget to cast your vote on the video's poll. (Click on the 'i' at top right corner of the screen's video). ★ Subscribe to the Total Drama Official Channel:

  • Noahh
    Noahh 1 year ago

    Gwent fans where u at?

  • Ramma Ali
    Ramma Ali 7 months ago

    Man, I love Duncan!! So I would go with gwuncan. <3 He's soo funny and amazing.

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan 7 months ago

    Forever Gwuncan

  • Water Flower 2518
    Water Flower 2518 3 months ago

    I only watched half of the vid and that half was Gwent ♥️♥️

  • Shemar Magee
    Shemar Magee 7 months ago

    Gwen is good alone too

  • Danny Neyman
    Danny Neyman 5 months ago

    The episode where Heather kissed Trent broke my lil middle school heart lol

  • Danielle Haley
    Danielle Haley 7 months ago

    I think both couples are so sweet, but the producers totally wrecked BOTH relationships by twisting Trent and Duncan's personalities ridiculously out of character. Trent's 9 obsession in s2 came completely out of nowhere, and Duncan using Gwen to grab Courtney's attention in s5 was also entirely random and ooc for Duncan. I love both couples, but I'd personally rather Gwen be alone unless Trent and/or Duncan revert to their original selves and STAY in character.

  • GothikaXenon
    GothikaXenon 11 months ago

    Gwent was an example of true love. Gwen and Trent got a chance to know each other, gave respect, were trustworthy, displayed honesty, truly understood and accepted each other, experienced profound feelings, loved each other’s personalities, were not rushed into relationship, and had a lot of growth. Duncan never showed any real love to Gwen. He jumped into relationship right away and only liked her similarities and appearance. All he did was deceive and manipulate her. He lured Gwen away from her real friends, true self, and into doing his dirty work. Duncan never treated Gwen with kindness, compassion, consideration, or honesty. He abused her friends, lied to her, tricked her into doing certain things, and still had feelings for Courtney. Duncan abused Gwen’s friends and lied to her about them by telling her they had bad character and were insane. He made fun of Trent by making a mockery out of him and tried to humiliate him on TV. He made fun of Leshawna by calling her names and making her look stupid in front of others. People only ship Gwuncan because they look alike and have similar interests, but that's not what love is about. Love isn’t about what you have in common, appearances, or just having fun. True love is about honesty, respect, trust, kindness, displaying deep feelings, accepting personalities, understanding each other, and is never rushed because real relationships take time to develop.

  • Athena Wu
    Athena Wu 1 year ago

    Where are all The Gwuncan Fans??? #TeamGwuncanForDaWin!

  • Athena Wu
    Athena Wu 1 year ago

    Gwuncan. Dont Hate Me Gwent Fans!

  • GothikaXenon
    GothikaXenon 9 months ago

    Duncan only liked Gwen's similarities and appearance and he treated her as a possession. Did anyone ever notice what Duncan really did to Gwen? Duncan lured Gwen away from her real friends and boyfriend then purposely abused them. He lied to Gwen about her friends, lied about Courtney, tricked Gwen into doing his bidding, and made her lose touch with her true self. This isn't love. The only thing Duncan did to Gwen was talk about common interests while tricking her into doing his dirty work. Trent treated Gwen like a person and truly loved her for who she was and not for her looks. He loved every quality from Gwen and treated her the right way with respect, kindness, compassion, honesty, and deep feelings. Trent accepted Gwen's personality and understood her, wasn't rushed into relationship, showed a trustworthy connection, and had a lot of development with her. In season 2, Trent wasn't truly crazy. He only panicked when Duncan lured Gwen away from him and abused him. Trent never intended to do anything bad. The only reason why Gwent broke up and Gwuncan temporarily became canon is because Cartoon Network requested it. Cartoon Network favors bad morals to make money and they requested this out of greed. I really hate how Cartoon Network favors money over moral. Creator Tom McGillis put a stop to Gwuncan in season 5 because he didn't like Duncan's fake relationship with Gwen. I think Tom did the right thing. Also, Tom McGillis actually prefers Gwent over Gwuncan. A lot of fans want Gwen to reunite with her old friends and real boyfriend Trent (who is currently her ex). It will help her regain control of her true self and stop derailment.

  • Mlle Nymphali
    Mlle Nymphali 7 months ago

    I ship both of them very much tbh. To me, Duncan is Gwen's soulmate, they're meant to be. They understand each other, don't need to talk or what. While Trent is her true love. A sincere care, love and respect. An infinite one. This is so hard to choose between them both, I've always shipped Gwuncan but Gwent is perfect so... :/

  • Jamie Hood
    Jamie Hood 4 months ago

    Gwuncan was an okay ship, but I've never really gotten over Gwen's boyfriend stealing, because Courtney is one of my favorite characters. So while I think they were pretty good together, the circumstances were not the best.

  • Tierrayaoi
    Tierrayaoi 6 months ago (edited)

    I will always prefer Gwent, because it seemed to have better development. Though it was ruined in TDA, I don't like how Gwuncan got together it was messy and very out of character. Worse they contradict themselves. In TDWT, Gwen after kissing Duncan is anxious because in her words she'd just got cool with Courtney then she kisses her boyfriend. Then acts like She and Duncan did nothing wrong. The second time they kissed yes Duncney was over, the first time no. It ruined a good friendship between Gwen and Courtney. I might have liked Gwuncan if it didn't get together the way it did. But also it didn't last because he was still all concerned about Courtney. Neither Courtney or Gwen deserve to be a second choice. Alot of explaining I know but Sorry Team Gwent.

  • Jill_Love_14
    Jill_Love_14 6 months ago

    Personally, I think Gwent is better. Trent may have gotten VERY obsessed with Gwen, but I still think that maybe it could have worked out. If Duncan wasn't obsessed with Courtney (and maybe broke up with her so he could go out with Gwen) then well, maybe it could have been something, but I don't really like the whole Gwuncan relationship.

  • Isaiah Stoy
    Isaiah Stoy 6 months ago

    Gwent. Both of them were genuinely good people who’s differences complemented each other. Gwuncen was just lazy writing they were too easy of a match and were ultimately uninteresting together despite being two if the most interesting characters in the show. Why Gwen and Trent were interesting is because they were different. Gwuncen was uncreative and both characters suffered for it. Also, Duncan was obviously using Gwen as a back up chick. The only reason he was with her is because he wanted to make Courtney jealous.

  • Antonio Alejandro
    Antonio Alejandro 1 year ago

    Gwent because they made that love in first 2 seasons then all just vanished and when I see trent in tdwt I feel so bad for him

  • Ariana Fernandez
    Ariana Fernandez 3 months ago

    I hate how they killed Gwent on S2, in TDI Trent was cool the entire season, even when he said Gwen rocked his world he was enthusiastic yet cool, but smh in S2 producers / writers decided to make him a jealous insecure guy! Sure they needed the drama but it wasn’t necessary to kill one of the favorites couples of this show! They throw their background story to the trash, why make us fall in love with such a beautiful couple (come on! there was a connection since Ep 1) to make it end so ridiculously?!! Gwen’s character is direct, but when it came to Trent she suddenly assumed the reason of his weird behavior and dumped him instead of talking and saving their relationship, after all they’ve been trough?? He really cared about her, he freakin carried a rock around the forest to prove she could trust him, he defended her on the aftermath, where she also said she still cares about Trent, which gave me hope they’ll get back together at some point! But heck they had to make Gwen and Duncan happen. I loved them but as friends, Duncan belongs with Courtney. Sure he cared about Gwen and protected her, and I loved that besides being a couple they successfully competed against each other, however, lowkey (then obviously) he was still obsessed with Courtney, and he didn’t even care that much when Gwen dumped him! Also, it kinda broke my heart when on the aftermath Gwen was invited and Trent said awkwardly “so... Duncan? Huh. Didn’t see that coming” I mean omg WHY Gwen and Trent had so many cute moments and I just can’t believe they had such a brutal and stupid ending! Same with Duncan and Courtney (they completed each other) And for the record it sucks everyone hated Gwen so much on S2, sure she was out of line when she asked that team to vote Trent off, and why would she even own them?? It wasn’t her fault Trent was letting her win when she didn’t ask for it, and she didn’t really took advantage of it. Anyways, after she and many other characters were friends they had to hate her?? Ugh, after the whole Gwent thing happened I stopped watching the show (I only saw short clips of my favorite characters) I know it’s just a show but still, it sucks because it demonstrates writers / producers didn’t really care about a really good background story they had, they could have developed in major depth the characters but nah, they twisted them out of nowhere with sucky endings. Pd: They freakin are in S1 and S2’s intro together!! (The bonfire and the limousine) But yet they don’t end up together?? COME ON

  • Confused Panda
    Confused Panda 5 months ago

    Team Gwent all the way. Gwen and Duncan's relationship was only built on lies and jealousy, since Duncan only liked her because he wanted a break from Courtney. There's no way their relationship was going to last. Courtney and Duncan were meant for each other #Courtney&DuncanForever!