TOTAL DRAMA: Gwent vs Gwuncan | Who was best?

  • Published on Aug 4, 2017
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    Who was a more suitable match for Gwen? Trent or Duncan? Review the two love stories and tell us who do you think made a better couple. Don't forget to cast your vote on the video's poll. (Click on the 'i' at top right corner of the screen's video). ★ Subscribe to the Total Drama Official Channel:

  • Giovanni Orellana
    Giovanni Orellana 11 months ago

    All I'm hoping for is Bridgette, Trent and DJ to be on the next season.

  • Shemar Magee
    Shemar Magee 4 months ago

    Gwen is good alone too

  • Kitty and puppy Lover
    Kitty and puppy Lover 1 month ago

    I only watched half of the vid and that half was Gwent ♥️♥️

  • The Mistress of the Night
    The Mistress of the Night 11 months ago

    tbh, Gwent and Gwuncan were both great in their own ways. Gwent was the story of 2 different people who ended up genuinely liking each other and having a great and cute connection (not to mention scenes)! That is until season 2 where they completely smashed Trent's character by making him a jealous, obsessive, weirdo- this was all explained poorly too, he never showed any of these signs in season 1- basically he became a different character which changed the relationship causing them to break up. Gwen's only flaw in season 2 is being spinless with Justin- with the whole telling Justin to go ahead and vote Trent off and all that- as that seemed rather out of character. In the Aftermath Gwen basically becomes everyone's punching bag just for breaking up with Trent. To me that solidified the end of genuine beauty that was Gwent. Gwuncan now was a slow build as they were shown to be friends and then close friends until their feelings came out for each other, more so due to their failed/failing relationships- while it was executed poorly in the begining and ended ubrutely and randomly in the end, everything else in the middle was cute and endearing as they too were shown to have a deep connection- having a lot on common but being 2 different people also. I liked both of them while they lasted despite their many and obvious flaws. Personally, I don't understand the hate but I do understand the dislike in one or the other when your not looking at the big picture- which is that the creators twisted the character's personalities to try and get the outcome they wanted, then it became about appeasing the fans, and lastly it was just bad writing (but that's another story). . . . While I enjoy both I do slightly prefer Gwuncan as season 2 jealous, clingy Trent was annoying- and in the Aftermath he didn't seem to care too much as time went on.

  • Total Drama Official
    Total Drama Official 11 months ago

    Thank you all for your enthusiastic comments, both Gwent and Gwuncan supporters. Also, cast your vote on the video's poll and don't forget to subscribe to watch more like this.

  • Shemar Magee
    Shemar Magee 4 months ago

    I like both! But there can be only be one

  • TheBASb
    TheBASb 11 months ago

    I somehow hope this is a 'secret survey' to see which couple to bring back next season... Trent needs a redemptive arc, he was a cool dude and they were cute together! Just make him more mature and less obsessive...

  • Ramma Ali
    Ramma Ali 4 months ago

    Man, I love Duncan!! So I would go with gwuncan. <3 He's soo funny and amazing.

  • Hello
    Hello 11 months ago

    I've been on Team Gwent since day one. Their chemistry together was perfect; they both admired each other for who they really were.

  • Antonio Alejandro
    Antonio Alejandro 10 months ago

    Gwent because they made that love in first 2 seasons then all just vanished and when I see trent in tdwt I feel so bad for him

  • riley
    riley 11 months ago

    honestly i think gwent is better in my opinion dont kill me. :)

  • GothGirlXenon
    GothGirlXenon 7 months ago

    Duncan only liked Gwen's similarities and appearance and he treated her as a possession. Did anyone ever notice what Duncan really did to Gwen? Duncan lured Gwen away from her real friends and boyfriend then purposely abused them. He lied to Gwen about her friends, lied about Courtney, tricked Gwen into doing his bidding, and made her lose touch with her true self. This isn't love. The only thing Duncan did to Gwen was talk about common interests while tricking her into doing his dirty work. Trent treated Gwen like a person and truly loved her for who she was and not for her looks. He loved every quality from Gwen and treated her the right way with respect, kindness, compassion, honesty, and deep feelings. Trent accepted Gwen's personality and understood her, wasn't rushed into relationship, showed a trustworthy connection, and had a lot of development with her. In season 2, Trent wasn't truly crazy. He only panicked when Duncan lured Gwen away from him and abused him. Trent never intended to do anything bad. The only reason why Gwent broke up and Gwuncan temporarily became canon is because Cartoon Network requested it. Cartoon Network favors bad morals to make money and they requested this out of greed. I really hate how Cartoon Network favors money over moral. Creator Tom McGillis put a stop to Gwuncan in season 5 because he didn't like Duncan's fake relationship with Gwen. I think Tom did the right thing. Also, Tom McGillis actually prefers Gwent over Gwuncan. A lot of fans want Gwen to reunite with her old friends and real boyfriend Trent (who is currently her ex). It will help her regain control of her true self and stop derailment.

  • Azariie Finrandi
    Azariie Finrandi 11 months ago

    Gwen/Duncan, no contest.

  • Danny Neyman
    Danny Neyman 3 months ago

    The episode where Heather kissed Trent broke my lil middle school heart lol

  • Emily Salas
    Emily Salas 11 months ago (edited)

    I feel lonely because no one said gwent Never mind the more I scroll I see more! YAY!

  • Mindy Mulligan
    Mindy Mulligan 11 months ago

    Ummmm....I choose Gwent cuz I like Duncan and Courtney XD

  • GothGirlXenon
    GothGirlXenon 9 months ago

    Gwent was an example of true love. Gwen and Trent got a chance to know each other, gave respect, were trustworthy, displayed honesty, truly understood and accepted each other, experienced profound feelings, loved each other’s personalities, were not rushed into relationship, and had a lot of growth. Duncan never showed any real love to Gwen. He jumped into relationship right away and only liked her similarities and appearance. All he did was deceive and manipulate her. He lured Gwen away from her real friends, true self, and into doing his dirty work. Duncan never treated Gwen with kindness, compassion, consideration, or honesty. He abused her friends, lied to her, tricked her into doing certain things, and still had feelings for Courtney. Duncan abused Gwen’s friends and lied to her about them by telling her they had bad character and were insane. He made fun of Trent by making a mockery out of him and tried to humiliate him on TV. He made fun of Leshawna by calling her names and making her look stupid in front of others. People only ship Gwuncan because they look alike and have similar interests, but that's not what love is about. Love isn’t about what you have in common, appearances, or just having fun. True love is about honesty, respect, trust, kindness, displaying deep feelings, accepting personalities, understanding each other, and is never rushed because real relationships take time to develop.