• Published on Jan 18, 2015
  • All of the scenes where the villain got defeated in the last round.

  • NightlyNinja
    NightlyNinja 1 year ago

    Why is Max/Scarlet not here. They literally tried to destroy the island. And Scott is more of a villain than Lightning is.

  • Jace Eaton
    Jace Eaton 1 year ago

    "You mean I'M the good guy??" Will forever be one of my favorite total drama moments

  • Jtube 2003
    Jtube 2003 1 year ago

    Chris is the real villain

  • Juli Edits
    Juli Edits 7 months ago

    4:02 Alejandro- Admit it. You're in love with me! Heather- What? I don't love you! I love-! Cody- gasp Owen- gasp Noah- ¯\_(._.)_/¯ I'M LAUGHING SO HARD XDD

  • Davi Marques
    Davi Marques 3 years ago

    what about sugar, scott, courtney, amy and scarlett????????

    P4NDA_N4TION 11 months ago

    Antagonist Of Every Season Season 1- Heather Season 2- Justin/Courtney Season 3 Alejandro Season 4 Scott Season 5 Mal Season 6 Scarlett/Sugar Season 7 Josse/Jacques

  • Rimabros 98
    Rimabros 98 1 year ago

    3:12 that poor pineapple

  • Eduardo Ramos
    Eduardo Ramos 1 year ago

    The real villains -Season 1 Hearher -Season 2 Justin Courtney -Season 3 Alejandro -Season 4 Scott Jo -Season 5 Mal -Season 6 Amy Sugar Scarlette Dave kinda -Season 7 Jose and Jaques

  • RatiganRules
    RatiganRules 3 years ago

    No offense, but Dave is not a villain, he's more of a netural character. Also, you forgot the defeats of Justin, Scott, and Scarlett.

  • Jose Robles
    Jose Robles 1 year ago

    I rather be bald and win 1 million if I were Heather :P too bad she didn't agree

  • Kambiz Shoaei
    Kambiz Shoaei 1 year ago

    I wish people knew the clear difference between villain and antagonist smh

  • UB-06 Austin
    UB-06 Austin 1 year ago

    Whoa whoa whoa hold on... you mean to tell me that during the time DJ was off of the show in season 3 he took swimming lessons?! Because DJ swam away with everyone else during season 3's ending, and he clearly didn't have any floaty or anything, and he can't swim...

  • Maddie Finley
    Maddie Finley 2 years ago

    Where is Scarlett?????

  • Christian Tracey
    Christian Tracey 1 year ago

    7:41 That whole scene was. a Star Wars reference

  • z3
    z3 1 year ago

    Guys the villains are Heather, Justin/Courtney, Alejandro, Scott, Mal, and Sugar. Scarlette was a minor villain who got out for being evil, while Sugar was the overall villain. And Dave isn't a villain at all.

  • FluffyAnimations
    FluffyAnimations 8 months ago


  • Bassettt
    Bassettt 1 year ago

    Dave isn't a villain, he's just an emotional crybaby that no one likes

  • Rafael Rosa
    Rafael Rosa 1 year ago

    04:50 Top 10 anime betrayals

  • Autist-Chan
    Autist-Chan 2 years ago

    What about Justin, Courtney, Scott, and Sugar

  • Jacob Camerupt
    Jacob Camerupt 10 months ago (edited)

    Just so everyone knows (cause people are confused in the comments about the true winners) S1: Owen S2: Duncan S3: Alejandro S4: Cameron S5: Mike S6: Shawn S7: The Cadets These are the Teletoon winners aka the original winners