10 Things You Did Not Know What They Are

  • Published on Sep 21, 2016
  • Music: Kevin MacLeod Narrated by : Darren Marlar www.MarlarHouse.com


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  • Mr. Q - iLoveQatar.net
    Mr. Q - iLoveQatar.net 2 years ago

    That loop is for people who wear Y suspenders. They slip through.

  • ☺smylyface☺
    ☺smylyface☺ 4 months ago

    The loop is called a "locker loop" and was put there so sailors could hang up their shirts... the design was picked up by fashion companies, particularly those who made Oxford style shirts. I grew up on the East Coast near the Navy base and this is common knowledge around here. It's always facinsting to see what others find unusual. 

  • Syed Jassim Ali
    Syed Jassim Ali 6 months ago

    For #7: Well I use that small pocket for holding coins... I don't have a pocket watch but yes coins it holds best... So, there's still use of that small pocket... Don't get rid of it...

  • youtuuba
    youtuuba 6 months ago

    It seems like whoever put this video together did not do any real research, and then they compounded the errors by being illogical on top of it. At least half of their 'real reasons' are not the real reasons.

  • porteal
    porteal 10 months ago (edited)

    The little pocket is for guitar picks man

  • Hyena
    Hyena 2 years ago

    The subscribe button is there for decoration.

  • Patrick Hanna
    Patrick Hanna 3 months ago

    How is a loop on the back of your shirt between your shoulder blades going to help you to fasten your tie?

  • Omar Damian
    Omar Damian 9 months ago

    Only guitarists know what the little pocket is actually for ;)

  • Super Simple Arts and Crafts
    Super Simple Arts and Crafts 8 months ago

    Wow... 29 M people just wasted 5 min of their lives for watching this video. Everyone knows this stuff.

  • Tesityr
    Tesityr 5 months ago

    #6 is entirely incorrect.. If I may, the space is there to drain liquids through - which is why many spoons and ladels come with slits or multiple lines. The conept of it measuring servings is an old folk tale and the usage does not even stand up to scrutiny, since many of the holes are varied and of different sizes. Sorry, just had to correct at least that one egregious incorrection... (I worked in a few restaurants growing up, including one high-end one)

  • Barb5001
    Barb5001 2 years ago

    The little loop in back of some shirts was originally called a locker loop and it indeed used to hang shirts in lockers . Contrary to the video, it causes far less wrinkling than hanging by the color on locker hooks.

  • Chels4ever
    Chels4ever 6 months ago

    Wow what horrible grammar in the title

  • allen cedar
    allen cedar 10 months ago

    If only I could use the pink part of the eraser to erase this video. Damn!

  • Miley onDisney
    Miley onDisney 2 months ago

    #9 is wrong. The hole in the pen cap is to let air escape when it's being placed on the pen. Otherwise, the air pressure inside it would prevent the cap from going on all the way or push it off later. The hole is also on aerosol can caps.

  • skeelo69
    skeelo69 10 months ago (edited)

    And 11 ...why does Scarlett Johansson appear at 3:43 in and right at the end of his video ? lmfao !

  • Matthew Thomason
    Matthew Thomason 2 years ago

    "Most people think the human nose is just for decoration."

  • Dusky Ashe
    Dusky Ashe 3 months ago

    I didn't even know what I didn't know until I saw this video

  • RWL2012
    RWL2012 5 months ago

    Patronising title. How do you know what your viewers do and don’t know....? I actually knew number 2.

  • Millmi
    Millmi 5 months ago

    Nr 8 The hole is for air. Without it, the air in the cap would push back the ink by pressure and the pan would become useless.

  • Boss Hog
    Boss Hog 2 months ago

    Withe a name like Facts Verse one would expect to be presented FACTS.