• Published on Apr 18, 2018
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  • SmittenKitten
    SmittenKitten 2 months ago (edited)

    I agree about Tana's VAST sense of entitlement; she doesn't seem to realize how quickly this can all be taken away. I also think what Vidcon did was wildy awful. They didn't have to punish her for their issues with security, so I am on Tana's side in that incident. I saw her on the snap during the fight cursing a blue streak, but hadn't seen the other video. How is that child still in that environment?!

  • Kay xo
    Kay xo 2 months ago (edited)

    I LOVED your perspective, Tana def manipulated the way I was looking at the situation. I'm 24, and I work at full time job and I understand now that I wouldn't want anything to do w her in real life either, if that's the way she treats others' time. I get heated when co-workers show up late and I actually have a relationship w them I live for your content ❤️ love yew sahhh mach

  • The Spitting Drama Llama
    The Spitting Drama Llama 2 months ago

    I think Tana gets a lot of hate but I like her. People used to have the exact same opinions about me when I was in my early 20s that I was out of control, dangerous to myself, wasting my life. This was a while ago so there weren’t interventions, but people used to sit me down. A lot. Even people I partied with. But you know what, when it came time to get my crap together (I got pregnant when I was 26, I realise that’s late to still be running around being a headcase) I stopped it all dead. I got married and settled down and everyone nearly dropped dead with shock. What I’m saying is people shouldn’t right Tana off all the time as being so crazy that it will all end in disaster, but you don’t know what she’s capable of, she could wise up and stop when she needs to. I’ve been out of the madness ten years now, with a ten year old son, and I couldn’t go back to those days of absolute hedonism even when he grows up and leaves my home (it wouldn’t be cute in my 40s anyway).

  • Madeleine Swann
    Madeleine Swann 2 months ago

    I like your new filming spot! Glad the elephant came with you

  • Charles Marlowe
    Charles Marlowe 1 month ago

    Right on about Tana being late all the time. I didn’t think about that angle.

  • pinkfuzzycow
    pinkfuzzycow 2 months ago

    Omg your Tana impression on point lol

  • pinkfuzzycow
    pinkfuzzycow 2 months ago

    Painting my nails while watching. Commenting before I get in too deep to type. ❤❤ U

  • Madison Mukbang
    Madison Mukbang 1 month ago

    You’re so sweet, I really appreciate all of the time you take to make great videos.

  • Instinctively Chelsea
    Instinctively Chelsea 1 month ago

    I mean, it's kinda the elephant in the room .... LOL great video :)

  • Cookie Bunnies
    Cookie Bunnies 2 months ago

    good observations :)

  • Barb Sawyer
    Barb Sawyer 2 months ago

    Finally. The voice of reason.

  • Melissa Clark
    Melissa Clark 2 months ago

    You ate cheesecake on camera and now I want cheesecake. Rude. Unsubscribing. 

  • Clintarella
    Clintarella 2 months ago

    Tana would be late to her own funeral. And what the hell is with that awful little 9 y/o spoiled brat? She made my blood boil. If the children are our future, and it is filled with kids like her, I am glad that I will be long gone to see the outcome. Ugh ! Love your new set up. Glittered kisses darling !

  • Ashley Adams
    Ashley Adams 2 months ago

    THANK YOU FOR SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT HER MANAGER (possibly) SUCKING! That’s what I commented on her video!

  • Meg McGuiness
    Meg McGuiness 2 months ago (edited)

    I think one day when offers dry out she might regret sleeping through all those opportunities and burning bridges. It was ridiculous for VidCon to not allow her to have a pass to walk through creator hallways when it WAS themed around a Youtube Red series she was in. They did her dirty, but at the same time I understand why her behavior will inevitably cause her career and fans to suffer. X

  • Mazi Zi
    Mazi Zi 2 months ago (edited)

    The more I hear about / get to know her the more I dislike her. I'm sorry she was "used" and not "compensated" the way she wanted by those venues, but respect is earned. She may have the fans for now, but she is notoriously selfish. What sort of person doesn't listen to advice of those around her? Doesn't respect other people's time? Her actions show she really could care less about the people around her, including her fans.

  • Trash Pigeon
    Trash Pigeon 2 months ago

    I'll smack that little girl and her parents into the next millennium.

  • Randi Savage
    Randi Savage 2 months ago

    The part that really bothered me personally was the last year when she was literally on the building. How are you not going to give her a pass thing when she’s what vidcon is revolving around that year? Not a tana stan, but that is just dumb!

  • keyana jade
    keyana jade 1 month ago

    Thank you for talking about this!! She's 19 she's an adult and she needs to take responsibility for herself!

  • smokingcrack issaferthantidepods
    smokingcrack issaferthantidepods 1 month ago

    I feel like since I'm an addict I can usually spot one and something tells me Tana parties and idk if it's just social.. Maybe I'm wrong but Idk I've just always had an inkling that something was off about her