Parody #18 with Kent Dunn

  • Published on Apr 9, 2018

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  • essychat
    essychat 4 months ago

    It seems to me that we are caught between a rock and a hard place. How can we possibly become enlightened if we have to carry pepper spray and guns. How do we bring in more light in these circumstances.

  • Mark Preece
    Mark Preece 4 months ago

    This is a question for Kent. What about all the millions of people that do not listen to YouTube videos and have no idea what 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Dimension is. How are they supposed to start doing the things that Kent is saying that we all need to do now.

  • Wyatt Ryder
    Wyatt Ryder 4 months ago

    Pari, please ask Kent about the RV. WHERE IS IT? Why does he ignore it now when he talked about it many times before? Please bring it up on your next show, and have Kent just give us a realistic RV update.

  • Alina Tomas
    Alina Tomas 4 months ago

    Patriot Moose Patriot Moose 2 minutes ago What happens when you lose your marbles?! LOL

  • Cosmic Gypsy
    Cosmic Gypsy 4 months ago

    We can do this! Thank you Perri and Kent. ( Hugs to Big Daddy)

  • Goldie Barrett
    Goldie Barrett 4 months ago

    Many "sleeper cells" in US already. Beware.

  • Gammy Pat
    Gammy Pat 4 months ago (edited)

    Hate to say this but it will take more than Kent on videos to teach people how to do this. I personally think this will occur when our galactic family is here on ground to guide us through the steps.Abraham Hicks teaches us that it is good to fall asleep after (during) meditation as our bodies remain at the higher level of meditation.

  • Billie Briddle
    Billie Briddle 4 months ago

    Hello, from Tennessee USA, can you ask Kent, about all these peoples that are getting called out this week miles Johnston, Kerry cassidy, and Simon Parkes I have listen to them and Kent for years, but what does he think about all this mess, an disinformation , that's being reported on the web,

  • Richard Reid
    Richard Reid 4 months ago

    Another informative interview. Thank you. And Perri, I'm with you on the real food business. It would be a drag seeing you touring food replicators at the market!

  • SanJoseFretworks
    SanJoseFretworks 4 months ago

    Jesus christ is the only way. Please people ask Jesus to save you not good aliens.

  • David spiller
    David spiller 4 months ago

    I use to be able to concentrate and meditate and Lucid dream , but with these energies I can no longer concentrate.

  • FRP9999
    FRP9999 4 months ago

    THIS IS THE NAILS IN OUR COFFIN.... we are not ready. so sad. so tired. so disappointing.

  • Alina Tomas
    Alina Tomas 4 months ago

    Suggest: DeepDisclosure by Tolec Videos: Tolex: Deep Disclosure, Segment 1, Seg 2, Seg 3

  • Peace Chosen
    Peace Chosen 4 months ago

    If we are in a vortex and protected why do we need bear spray or a gun?

  • Starseed
    Starseed 4 months ago

    Be carefull not to run after a carote (false light) thinking its the thing to do. The Archons used this to trap peoples and recycle them to reincarnate in the second slave life.

  • Tylette Crosby
    Tylette Crosby 4 months ago

    Yep we been spoken too alright a fraud in imformation do they ever quit talking this nonsense been no where they don't want this fool there

  • carol g
    carol g 4 months ago

    where are the people

  • Nan Sherrill Smith
    Nan Sherrill Smith 4 months ago (edited)

    So they are backing down on their promise, again! I don't know how to manufacture light. Most humans are struggling and not in a position to spend time learning to meditate. Men are supporting their families and even women are fighting to keep healthy and pay bills. It is NOT OUR FAULT THAT DEEP STATE PUT US IN THIS SITUATION. WE would like to see them gone and teachers here to help us change our priorities. WE WILL ASCEND. NO ONE CAN STOP US. PRIME CREATOR HAS STATED THIS. WE DENY ANY BLOCK THAT DARES HOLD US BACK. I don't like a group of aliens or saints deciding my fate. Kent who planned this year's ago. Why do we have to be bound by this destiny. There is no justice for good humans.

  • Sconnie Panda
    Sconnie Panda 4 months ago

    Kent is a fear mongerer. 'We can't stop it'....aaaggghhh!!!!! The Hegelian dialectic is alive and well here, according to him. ''Like everything else... arrests take time''...he tells us. Pari then tells us...''I wish we could see peace on Earth very soon Kent''...then he tells her ''if you don't get the bad guys out of the way...the good people can't be good people''. All this after he told her earlier that all hell is coming...and it can't be stopped. Why bother with taking out the bad guys then told her it's all over. Kent doesn't mention the RV anymore...he's run out of dates move on. He is a ''flat earth'' believer. More shit here....everybody's a cube!!!