UPDATE: Church Caretaker Held In Connection With Pastor James Johnson’s Murd3r/JBN

  • Published on Oct 8, 2018
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    UPDATE: Church Caretaker Held In Connection With Pastor James Johnson’s Murd3r/JBN The St Catherine police say the caretaker of the Church of God of Prophecy on Old Harbour Road in Spanish Town, St Catherine, has been held in connection with last month’s murd3r of pastor James Johnson. According to the constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCN), the caretaker was apprehended after weeks of the police trying to have a sit-down with him following the brutal killing of Johnson inside the church last month. Superintendent Paul Thomas Acting head of the Major Investigation Division said, the suspect was found hiding in the ceiling of a house in Spanish Town St Catherine on Saturday about 11:00 am. Superintendent Thomas said, “We have the suspect in custody, who we will be questioning in regards to the murd3r. There are certain leads which we are following that led us to taking him into custody, and we wish to question him in the presence of his attorney as soon as the attorney is available.” Thomas also said, “This is someone who we have been trying to reach to have a conversation with him over the past two weeks, and he has been avoiding us in many ways, meaning that he has been speaking to us, making appointments, and not turning up. We actually went in search of evidence and actually found him. Based on that, and other issues, he was taken into custody.” James Johnson a 29-year-old pastor from Union Estate in the parish was reportedly in the middle of a teaching class about 5:00 pm on September 20, when a gunman entered and shot him several times. Dr Horace Chang Security Minister has condemned the killing of one of the youngest licensed ordained ministers in the Church of God of Prophecy. He said the invasion of the church a sacred place of worship is utterly reprehensible. Chang said, “James Johnson will be remembered as a bright, passionate Jamaican who was engaged in his community, his church and nation-building.” The Jamaica Umbrella Group of Churches has also condemned Johnson’s killing. Please remember to LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE, LEAVE A COMMENT and CLICK the notification bell to receive our daily news items.