Twin Boys vs Twin Girls WHAT'S IN THE BOX CHALLENGE! Ninja Kidz TV and Kids Fun TV Together!

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018


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    Our competition of Twins vs Twins What's in the Box Challenge is the ultimate boys vs girls, twins vs twins, brother vs sister challenge. The Kids Fun TV twins and the Ninja Kids TV twins compete to discover what's in the box in this channel collaboration. You'll laugh as the twins react as they discover the mystery of the hidden food items in their boxes (let us know in the comments whose reaction you liked the best). Payton and Jasmine (team girl/sister/twins) face off against Paxton and Jack (team boy/brother/twins). Watch to see which teams wins (and who reacts the best) by guessing correctly what's in the box. What would you put in the box for these awesome twins to guess? Join them for lots of laughs. Thanks again to the awesome Ninja Kids TV kids for collaborating these awesome videos. To see the other Twins vs Twins yoga challenge on the Ninja Kidz TV channel, go to: Check out all of the other awesome Ninja Kidz videos at Ninja Kidz TV: