The RoastMasters NYC 7.10.18 Main Event: Leo Volf vs. Matt Maran

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
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    Comedians Matt Maran & Leo Volf battle it out at The RoastMasters NYC @ SoHo Playhouse hosted by Luis J. Gomez! With judges: - Rich Vos - Big Jay Oakerson - Eli Sairs Want to watch the whole night of battles in it's entirety? Go to

  • Kure4Boredom
    Kure4Boredom 1 week ago

    How many roastmasters does it take to change a light bulb? A: What's a lightbulb? Seriously though, at the rate you guys are going, the next video won't have any lights at all

  • e pon
    e pon 1 week ago

    Also, the sound effects are too loud in the final mix.

  • e pon
    e pon 1 week ago

    Vos is parasite on your otherwise fantastic show.

  • GoldenB 1990
    GoldenB 1990 1 week ago

    "you look like an orphans reflection on the back of a spoon " is the funniest thing I've ever heard, that should have gotten way more

  • Al Neuman
    Al Neuman 1 week ago (edited)

    I did like Leo's last joke about wrestling in round 1. I laughed.

  • prsmccarty01
    prsmccarty01 1 week ago

    When Elis jokes are better than all of theirs combined

  • ComicBook Chaos #27
    ComicBook Chaos #27 1 week ago

    this was pretty sad to watch in all honesty 

  • TheSmendrick
    TheSmendrick 1 week ago

    Awesome sound effects... just have a video with only sound effects.... and make them even louder.... and don't get any new ones just use the same 4 over and over... and over

  • Mathew Music
    Mathew Music 1 week ago

    New venue, same shity lighting

  • Lighten Up You Serious Slobs
    Lighten Up You Serious Slobs 1 week ago

    Nice to see that Jay brought his son to participate in the roast.............

  • reelkena
    reelkena 1 week ago

    Rich Vos with the first good joke he's ever delivered after round one. I was taken aback.

  • Chris Spickerman
    Chris Spickerman 1 week ago

    I dont see the betting odds on Got a link?

  • Roterodamus
    Roterodamus 1 week ago

    Stop mashing those sound effects, goddamn loud and annoying.

  • Alicia Westfall
    Alicia Westfall 1 week ago

    This was shit on a shingle.

  • Jode Ville
    Jode Ville 13 hours ago

    Funniest joke of the bunch, voss brought his hat but forgot his personality.......he barely spoke but had to let those of you who haven't heard mention the other hundreds or thousands of times said......voss is a jew. I keep thinking he made a deal. It doesn't matter how unfunny you are...... Say jew every time you can work it and we'll give you some sort of job.

  • benf101
    benf101 1 week ago

    Sound effects need to be louder

  • Extended Vision
    Extended Vision 1 week ago

    Dj Isis, behead these two people.

  • onpsxmember
    onpsxmember 1 week ago

    Leo should call Marc's mom to tackle his speech problems. ah, ah...ah... The only reason why the crowd hated him in the first round was this indecisive (body) language. This week howling, raising your fist while you don't really believe in it. That projects weakness. Makes him become wormtongue from HP. Great material, weak presentation but it got better. For what we expect from Marc, Leo was pretty good. Eddie's death was just not recent enough. He really tried to get an wrestling angle in there. Using a cheat sheet costs points though. Learn in front of a mirror.

  • Fartpunch
    Fartpunch 1 week ago

    Holy shit this is unwatchable.