Galactics update with Kent Dunn June 7, 2018

  • Published on Jun 7, 2018

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  • Sue Roy
    Sue Roy 4 months ago

    I'd like Kent to know of a event that happen in Ottawa Canada last week end. A train call Spirt America was hidden in a part of the city. This area has been groomed to accommodate this train. The train is owned by Bill Gates as well as bankers and CEO's .A insider informed a utuber by the name of Canada's red pill about the strange events surrounding this train. 30 to 20 high executive's more men . Only 3 women. A long with a blonde year old girl.The word is this train may have included Priminister Justin Truedue alone with a former U.S. President. The girl was not see 4 to 5 hours later getting of the train. The destination was a pig farm outside of Ottawa. The farm is tied to mysterious death's and disappearances of young boys and girls. At the time there was a public event happening for representatives across Canada. Interestly only a select group from this venue boarded this train. The area was heavily graded. Blinds were closed and blocking devices where on the roof. Can Kent find out more about this train. Seems to me and other's a clear event for SATANIC PEDIFILES . Thank u.

  • RedPill Popper
    RedPill Popper 4 months ago

    Before I even heard about new galactic bugs, I had noticed 2 different bugs I had never seen before. One was a cross between a fly and a honeybee with bright yellow hind legs that BURROWED into little holes in the ground. SO CUTE! The second one was a weird alien looking bug that landed on my windshield and rode down the road with me for like 5 minutes! I was talking to him and everything! Lol. He ended up either flying away or walked out of view (every time we stopped at a red light he would start walking again, and he had wings too) Its weird, I really felt compassion to the one that was on the windshield. I should have taken a picture of it! Not saying these were Galactic bugs, but they were so cool!

  • MindDezign
    MindDezign 4 months ago

    Oh please kent ask for "mosquito eating bugs " please please please Thank you both for your twice a week show on galactic up dates. Its one of my favorite internet stop

  • cynthia taylor
    cynthia taylor 4 months ago

    I've given this matter regarding Kent's grammar a great deal of thought. If Kent were an alcoholic you wouldn't offer him a drink would you? I would direct him to AA. This is not heckling. Yet if I attempt to alert him to the fact that he needs to address his grammatical deficiencies you call me a troll and a heckler. You are all enablers not helping him at all. I honestly care about Kent. If I didn't care at all I would snicker and laugh at him behind his back. That is not who I am. I'm the person who will tell him to his face he is grammatically challenged and needs to acquire and enhance his word skills. I don't have his email. If I did, I would tell him honestly that he needs help. Those of you who see me who is someone just here to denegrate him are sadly mistaken. It's easier for you to do nothing. That's not helping him Shame on you.

  • Peace Chosen
    Peace Chosen 4 months ago

    Question: is he saying 5D is hollow earth?

  • Gammy Pat
    Gammy Pat 4 months ago

    Thank you. Pari and Kent! Good show

  • Julie Mulzer
    Julie Mulzer 4 months ago

    Clay is far far cheaper then organite. I can’t afford organite. Clay is also positively changed. It pulls the negatively charged acids OUT of your whole body. You just the bad stuff out. Put clay in smoothies r other drinks. No taste and it’s very smooth! Every day you should also drink a glass of water w/ a tablespoon of BAKING SODA in it. Tastes nasty but boy oh boy does it do wonderful things to your blood and stomach. It neutralizes the acids too. Cancer and parasites and all manner of bad things can’t live in an alkaline environment. Easy peas and CHEAP!

  • NanaR504
    NanaR504 4 months ago

    Can you ask Kent... Was the lava eruption in Hawaii activated from the Puna Geothermal plant fracking as the lava fissures go in straight lines that are very unusual for a volcano? Can the Galactics do anything to prevent the Hilina Slump/near Kilauea sliding down off the coast and creating a huge tidal wave? The Chemtrails stopped here in the Bay Area over Memorial Day and they did the same last year.. they have to have a holiday no doubt. :(

  • Jerry D.
    Jerry D. 4 months ago

    Thank you for this inspiring message,  I was moved to tears in Joy.   God Bless You.

  • Julie Mulzer
    Julie Mulzer 4 months ago

    ...”You know”....adfinium.

  • cynthia taylor
    cynthia taylor 4 months ago

    It's the spring and fall equinox not solstice! The solstice refers to the summer and winter!

  • Carol On Cape Cod
    Carol On Cape Cod 4 months ago

    Got my zeolite today!!!.... YAY!. Thank you Peri and Kent!

  • Julie Mulzer
    Julie Mulzer 4 months ago

    We all must be strong like bull. 

  • cynthia taylor
    cynthia taylor 4 months ago

    What is the function of nano technology? You haven't explained that yet!

  • Julie Mulzer
    Julie Mulzer 4 months ago

    You lovely lady is such a GOOD and HELPFUL Human Bean! I look forward to your dhow with much faith and love. Thank you Parrie AND Kent! You are both so well loved. 

  • sameshit again
    sameshit again 4 months ago

    Great show.... thank you both.  I think stock market crash and currency rest next week.  be prepaid.

  • Steve Chalker
    Steve Chalker 4 months ago

    With all due respect Kent, there is no such thing as a spring solstice or a fall solstice. We have spring and fall equinox.

  • Silly Crow
    Silly Crow 4 months ago

    I thought we were reptilian food if we went to hollow earth... . Now we ride dinosaurs down there??? Pari, can Kent clarify on that one, please? Thanks!

  • cynthia taylor
    cynthia taylor 4 months ago

    It's Puerto Rico not Porto Rico!

  • jan fan
    jan fan 4 months ago

    Kent talks of the Veteran's Program being signed by President Trump. Well, I can tell you that for a while now, my husband being a Vet, and 100% Disabled, that he has been seeing outside Dr's of the Va Clinic. Va Clinic can only do so much, then its to the Hospital you have to go!! Unreal, the trips we had to make ourselves for treatment. My husband is now an Amputee/Double, for lack of care at clinic. He got Gangrene, almost died! An outside foot wound care place, saved his life!! We have been seeing many Dr's for various issues. Presently, we are trying DISK PLACENTA, put inside an ULCER SORE. Yes, baby placenta! It works with your blood, to regenerate new growth, to the upper portion of wound. SO far so good! Never knew this exsisted. A little too late on the other foot ulcer's, lost toes. I think it made a difference, him being 100% though, that he was offered this treatment. That is even more sad!! Take care our fellow VET'S...