Chinese Gambino - This is Malaysia (Parody)

  • Published on Jun 13, 2018



    Reuben Kang:


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    Syafiq Azmi:

    Quan Wong:

    Ryan Yee:

    Dixon Koay:

    Irwin Oon:

    Michelle Ng:

    Reuben Kang:


    3D modelling by Muhammad Zabir Special thanks: - Canai 15 Cafe (SS15) - UNMC Chinese Orchestra - Justin LMK Production Crew Jeanne, Sherwin, Kendrick, Boon Hua, Lucas Low Extras Amirul Bandit, Raymond Wong, Aliaa Rayhana, Axel Ng, Chua Jin Yang, Louis Chong, Chelsea Sik, Justin Lim, Maheysch Chael, Trevor Yeap, Levis Teh, Niak Hsiang Jien, Jing Tan, Joshua Balan, Keshav Chandran, Tham Jun Hao, Lee Sher Anne, Jaya, Hariz Hisham, Caroline Tan, Zurishrinna, Aparajith Nagarajan, Shree Kalidas, Evia Low BUY OUR T-SHIRTS

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    Rejuvanate Dance Crew:

    Music mixed and mastered by Nick Davis:

    Shu Faye Wong:

    Shafaren Hamid:

    Ross Stephenson:

    Eric Lofstedt:


    Brandon Ho:

    Arwind Kumar:

    Josephine Yap:

    Dennis Yin:

    Reuben Kang:

    Cast Jin Lim:

    Producer - Irwin Oon:

    VFX - Syafiq Azmi:

    Editor - Quan Wong:

    DOP - Dixon K:

    Written by - Daniel Mok:

    Directed by - Ryan Yee:

    This is Malaysia. We are Malaysian. A parody music video of "This is America." Song Performed by - Jin Lim:

  • DanKhooProductions
    DanKhooProductions 6 days ago

    dennis i think u getting too big liao haha

  • AkwaArifin
    AkwaArifin 6 days ago

    Datang laju for adibalexx !

  • kalcubemaster
    kalcubemaster 6 days ago

    Lit parody Lit dancing Lit Malaysia The lyrics are on point ! haha

  • charisowTV
    charisowTV 6 days ago

    Kita semua Malaysia, kita semua Malaysia! Love this! ❤️

  • PongPong碰碰
    PongPong碰碰 5 days ago

    This is Malaysia! Don't call us Chinese now, don't call us Indian now, don't call us Malay now✌ Woot woot so proud!

  • vikarworld
    vikarworld 5 days ago

    Woahhhhh damn nice!!!!! Chinese Gambino lol genius!

  • TheProyan LOLING
    TheProyan LOLING 6 days ago

    Nice video, but I feel a bit uneasy knowing that when I go to youtube and watch videos about Malaysia, rarely do I see Sarawak and Sabah be a part of the video, not even the people (sarawakians or sabahans). No wonder some people I met with here in Peninsular always asked me "hello where are you from" and some of them actually answered "welcome to Malaysia", I know you must be thinking I am triggered but not really, its just that sometimes as a Sarawakian, I feel that East Malaysia is not considered Malaysia anymore...Because even in this video also state only 3 main races in Malaysia , but Sarawak is like equal size to Peninsular and trust me, East Malaysia is slowly progressing and simply put Jinnyboy, we want to be a part of Malaysia, a part of this music video. Cause we want to be considered as Malaysians too, not as people who live on trees or cave just "bumiputeras"..we want to be known as Malaysians too..

  • Hey Adilah
    Hey Adilah 6 days ago

    Love this and hey Makcik Roastmah!

    WAFEEQ VLOG TIME 6 days ago


  • DM forraver
    DM forraver 6 days ago

    Patutnya video ni dikeluarkan pada 30 august

  • uqlyatoms
    uqlyatoms 6 days ago

    YouTube high on cocaine again. 15 views, 115 likes

  • T7 Trading Cards
    T7 Trading Cards 6 days ago

    this is malaysia but one guy with blond hair was wearing a swaziland shirt. this is REALLY malaysia

  • Onii Chan
    Onii Chan 5 days ago

    Why balik cina

  • Frecaa
    Frecaa 6 days ago

    U guys should have replaced the "gun scene" with a snatch and run scene LOL. America is struggling with gun issues hence the gun scene. and Malaysia.. well.. snatch thieves

  • Arisha Haizad
    Arisha Haizad 6 days ago

    Walaoooo the effect of 2018 GE

  • Da Doug
    Da Doug 6 days ago (edited)

    I was expecting this shit eventually 

  • hong geng lee
    hong geng lee 5 days ago

    the part of birkin and chocolate make me laugh out loud its funny and I think all malaysian know this meme haha

  • Hazel Nut
    Hazel Nut 6 days ago

    We need to play this during 31 ogos