Women of the Bible I Part 1 - Esther

  • Published on May 1, 2016
  • In our series, Women of the Bible, we’re taking a look at the stories of some important women from the Bible and how their lives & experiences still influence us today.

  • 242ThinkMedia
    242ThinkMedia 1 year ago

    When he started speaking about how the Persian king requested for Vashti to appear in her crown, this speaker really went off on a tangent about objectifying women and pornography and really that has NOTHING to do with this story AT ALL. I felt during that part the speaker was really pandering towards the women in the audience. If he genuinely wanted to teach men about porn and objectifying women he could have done that in an entirely different sermon because those topics are unrelated to The Book of Esther (which has a MUCH more important meaning). Vashti was NOT called to come out wearing ONLY her crown, to even make it seem like he was calling his wife out naked in the front of a bunch of people clearly shows not reading that chapter carefully. The chapter actually says EXACTLY why she was called, she was "beautiful to behold" and he wanted the people and the provinces to see his beautiful wife, there is nothing wrong with that. That is not objectifying her. Vashti was in the wrong for not only disobeying the command of a king but for not honoring her husbands request IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE NATION basically.

  • mzmimidiva
    mzmimidiva 2 months ago

    Thank you for this. I just gave a talk on the Book of Esther. The King was certainly not a man that Esther would have desired to be with and she risked her purity, her personal happiness and ultimately her life for someone who yielded to nothing and no one. After all a man who would wantonly display his wife in such a manner and discard her was not seen to be one of deep affections. And yet the favor of God protected her and she was able to save her people.