• Published on Jul 16, 2015
  • Legendary Hip-Hop Journalists and Personalities discuss the 20-year anniversary of Mobb Deep's 'The Infamous'. This 3-part docu-series takes us through the entire climate of hip-hop in 1995, all the way to where the album and group stand in 2015. Shaheem Reid, Kim Osorio, Datwon Thomas, Funkmaster Flex, Jayson Rodriguez, Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg all join in on this nostalgic trip through one of rap's greatest bodies of work. Produced and Narrated by Steve "Skoob" Rivers

  • Sean STROMAN
    Sean STROMAN 1 year ago

    Prodigy will forever S-H-I-N-E

  • Alex Baum
    Alex Baum 2 years ago

    "They were looking at the same thing. But it was almost as if Nas was looking out of his window and he was painting a scene. The Infamous felt like they were the cats that he was looking at." She couldn't have said it any better.

  • gary rue
    gary rue 3 years ago

    Yep don't forget NOYD !!! His execution was excellent.  Not the most lyrical , but he had an undeniable energy about his delivery.  He couldn't be denied.

  • JCsTurn68
    JCsTurn68 3 years ago

    The big black dude who's wearing the Loyalty cap and sweat shirt looks like a fat version of Havoc.

  • nmt84
    nmt84 2 years ago

    The lyrics of a NYC teen in the 90's could teach a grown man about real life.. QU hectic was such a real song to me

  • bosoxno9
    bosoxno9 1 year ago

    back at you from sunset park soundtrack is a sick banger that shoulda been on murda muzik

  • Tyrone Carter J
    Tyrone Carter J 3 years ago

    cradle to the grave is one of the best but temperature rising is the the best song after reading P's book finding out it was a true story.

  • mylesdu
    mylesdu 2 years ago

    Bout time this iconic classic gets this kind of full recognition that it deserves! Not for nothing but Hell On Earth is equally as classic and was the perfect follow-up album to a bonafide classic like The Infamous.

  • Tone Skip
    Tone Skip 2 years ago

    right back at you greatest shit ever

  • Levar Hicks
    Levar Hicks 2 years ago

    The infamous album is very cinematic

  • Marcel Mayen
    Marcel Mayen 2 years ago

    The fact that they think that rappers like Rick Ross and action bronson etc. would do good in the 90's is the most hilarious thing ever. Most if not all of those guys would get wiped off the the face of the earth during that time.

  • jack snow
    jack snow 2 years ago

    dude with the Loyalty shirt looks like a fat Havoc lol...

  • Lesly Remy
    Lesly Remy 1 year ago

    I was 15 years old & saw the LP on the shelf at Rock & Soul the week it dropped. Will never forget that day.

  • Pete Puma
    Pete Puma 3 years ago (edited)

    A Classic album that I play to this day, really raw, hardcore and street music that you felt how REAL streets was in that era. This is what REAL street Hip Hop is about I'm taking this on a desert island. Fave joints..... 1. Survival of the fittest 2. Give up the goods 3. Eye for a Eye 4. Right back at you 5. Shook Ones pt.2 Really the whole 16 joints are fire, 5mic classic no doubt.

  • Alluviale Daempfer
    Alluviale Daempfer 2 years ago

    Thank you I do not want to imagine Mobb Deep on Bad Boy. The Infamous would have never happened the way it happened, and if it did we would have to listen to this wack ass fool Puff Daddy hijacking the songs with meaningless introduction mumbling.

  • Knightmare Mystery
    Knightmare Mystery 3 years ago

    The Infamous MoBB DeeP is the Greatest Rap Duo Of Alltime. They Have Set Countless Trends & Chamged The Course Of Rap Music In HipHop Forever! Prodigy Is One Of The Best Rappers Ever, His Styles, Name, Authenticity & Platinum Verses Makes Him An Automatic Legend in Raps Hall Of Fame- He Is The Most Consistent NewYork Rapper Of Alltime! Havoc is Definitely a Spitter, Top 5 Producer in NewYork History. He Has Sampled Some Of The Most Classic Songs Dating Back To The Beginning Of Music & Has Remained The Perfect Complement To P. They Have Probably Over 50 Classic Joints. 8 Albums Together & 16 In Total, All Of Which Appeal To Thier Hardcore Fans In Various Ways. The Illest Crew In Rap History IMD. LEGENDS! 

  • Pelon Psyclone
    Pelon Psyclone 3 years ago

    What's the music on the background?

  • Baby Paw
    Baby Paw 2 years ago

    I remember buying Mobb Deep from "The Wall" too. Still my favorite shit EVER!

  • Varient
    Varient 2 years ago

    A lot of Infamous reflects the way we all came up in the inner streets '95 Live