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  • Published on Aug 7, 2018
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    In the modern age of democracy and volunteer armies, a pretense for war is required to rally the nation around the flag and motivate the public to fight. That is why every major conflict is now accompanied by its own particular bodyguard of lies. From false flag attacks to dehumanization of the "enemy," here are all the examples you'll need to help debunk a century of war lies. License Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) Video Original Source link:


  • Force136 SEAC
    Force136 SEAC 2 days ago

    Ah, no. The biggest war lie in world history was that Communism was our ally. All the points you mentioned are inexplicably linked. It is also little known that one excuse for igniting WWI began under the direction of Anarchist Socio-Communists. With regard to Japan. Initially the US was NOT hoping that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbour. They were hoping that Japan would ONLY attack European Colonies in S.E. Asia. This is because all of the resources required by Japan to continue their war lay in places like Sarawak and Borneo ie. OIL. The Japanese were building up forces in Vichy Indochina to attack Malaya, Sumatra, Sarawak and Borneo. However once it became clear that the Japanese might actually attack the US, this evolved into a plan to use Japanese aggression in their favour to acquire resources of their own in S.E.Asia while also using the kaos of the Japanese onslaught to prop up the Communists in the region. Ultimately US intervention in Asia was used as an excuse by Roosevelt to hand Asia to the Communists. Roosevelt, Hopkins being closet Communists themselves. You need to research the facts behind the Roosevelt/OSS/KMT relationship and how that ultimately led to China going Communist, the USSR being given Manchuria and North Korea and Indochina (Vietnam) going Communist. There was also suspect OSS activity in Malaya before the Emergency erupted there. There was also a plot to prop up the Communist Party of Japan to take over that country after the surrender. You will note that Communist agents, to include one Canadian Herbert Norman were active in having the JCP being the only legal political party in Japan in 1945. They succeeded in banning all other political opposition. Roosevelt and Truman policies in Europe were no different. They did everything in their power to hand as much of Eastern Europe to the Communists as possible. From Finland to Greece. From not taking Berlin to indifference over Poland and the Balkans. It is now common knowledge to those who do first hand research that elements of Allied intelligence were even plotting to hand Italy, Austria, Greece etc to the Soviets via their locally raised Communist Partisan groups. It is odd that the mass of humanity actually believe that the USSR was innocent of the German invasion. This after they attempted to engulf Finland and signed a Pact with Hitler carving up Poland. Hitler's own rise to power was due to the spread of Soviet controlled Communist fronts in Germany and throughout Europe. In essence, without the threat of the USSR and the Communist International, there would not have been a Hitler. They USSR got exactly what it deserved. It was even against evil.