Venezia Watercoaster! Coaster Spotlight 488 | Contest Entry #PlanetCoaster

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • #PlanetCoaster

    Contact Info: (GAD = Game, Art, & Design) Venezia Watercoaster! Coaster Spotlight 488 | Contest Entry

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    Venezia Watercoaster, a Channel5 Gaming PlanCo coaster contest submission. Created by D3xtro Link to download this coaster:

  • Dex Tro
    Dex Tro 2 months ago

    thx judges for the amazin comment, and jonny for showing me "the hole"... and yes I will do like a mini park like this, as long as my PC does not commit suicide :-)

  • EggNBacon
    EggNBacon 2 months ago

    But great coaster It reminds me of Assasins Creed

  • Ms.RedNebula
    Ms.RedNebula 2 months ago (edited)

    And the white pipes and chimneys are finally fixed! Hallelujah! Incidentally, they did know about the problem - and have since pretty much the Studios pack release - but for some reason, decided to delay the fix until the next DLC. It had been fixed in their internal build for weeks... not sure why that decision was made. :/

  • bob guy
    bob guy 2 months ago


  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark 2 months ago

    Dear Planco community: On behalf of those who just watch but don’t play. Someone please build that Venetian park idea! I wanna see it as a spotlight!! 

  • Anigmandra
    Anigmandra 2 months ago

    The rialto bridge looks awesome, what a wonderful coaster!

  • Operateur
    Operateur 2 months ago

    Very nice arcitecture! Love the buildings a lot. The only feedback I have is the walls clipping in the coaster and rails, that unfortunate. Other than that, very strong entry!

  • Anthony Ellis
    Anthony Ellis 2 months ago

    Mama Mia! I feel like a piece of Italy has been transported here and a coaster has been placed in it. Once the water is filled in it will look so much better. Excellent.

  • Fart Tomato
    Fart Tomato 2 months ago

    Hey you stole my last name

  • Dani *
    Dani * 2 months ago

    Which iron pieces? Mine that I have used have not been white.

  • wsiegel
    wsiegel 2 months ago

    Pronounced... Vin-Et-Zia. Lived there for several years. It's a shame that this is the second park requiring teraforming. The coaster is beautiful but should be in a park file. Loved the swooping between the buildings and traveling under the bridge.

  • EggNBacon
    EggNBacon 2 months ago

    Is in it supposed to be pronounced ven-es-ia

  • Maddalena G.
    Maddalena G. 2 months ago

    Pizza is from Naples,( in Venice you can eat risotto and fish). The buildings in this game are german style.

  • Stuntman707
    Stuntman707 2 months ago

    This is really good, the buildings make it feel like an Italian town. Nice compact footprint. Loads of detail, definitely a worthy entry for an expert builder.