Parody # 26 with Kent Dunn

  • Published on Jun 4, 2018
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  • Silly Crow
    Silly Crow 2 months ago

    I love how Kent talks. It’s fun how we are all so different. Love it! Pari, you look fantastic! Nice outfit and earrings!

  • Silly Crow
    Silly Crow 2 months ago

    Wait...what?? I’m confused though when Kent said you don’t need the extra strength zeolite, but he says to now 

  • Global Marketing Communications Network, Inc. (GLOBAL MCN)
    Global Marketing Communications Network, Inc. (GLOBAL MCN) 2 months ago

    I have been seeing many spaceships' shapes / shadows... and some Rainbow hue in my sky here in Vancouver, BC, CANADA for the past week! I think there are hundreds of them here hiding in low altitude clouds. Cheers, Vivian

  • suijurispeacemaker
    suijurispeacemaker 2 months ago

    We "blowed up"

  • Phil Rowe
    Phil Rowe 2 months ago (edited)

    :) In several videos ago, Kent said the dracos were all gone now, and in another video he said ALL the chemtrails were shut down, and no more being sprayed, yet we can look up and still see the trails daily. He also says almost EVERY MONTH, that "Arrest Warrants are coming out THIS month", lol. Every single new video you put out, contradicts something Kent said in previous videos. Don't you folks keep track of what's said from one video to another, so you can compare the information?

  • Stephen Oleksy
    Stephen Oleksy 2 months ago

    Distilled Water does more than zeolite does at a lot less cost. Eat your fruits and veggies.

  • Ian Cameron
    Ian Cameron 2 months ago

    Perry love watching you. Your great from michigan hello girl

  • Canadian Moose
    Canadian Moose 2 months ago

    Pari... You look like a angel!!!

  • Malia K
    Malia K 2 months ago

    What is Trump not doing that the Creator wants him to do? I thought he was following the plan. What changed? Please ask this question to Kent. Thanks.

  • Arteest100
    Arteest100 2 months ago

    I’ve listened to Kent for a year now, mostly for bits and pieces of truth, but today he was really drinking the kook-aid. That comment about us having to pay the higher price for gas so that the oil countries have money to give to those in their country who don’t have enough money, oh for god’s sake, I couldn’t believe that came out of his mouth. What universe is he in? There is enough money on this planet for everyone to have what they need to live. That statement was BS x 10! LOL

  • Duane Zellner
    Duane Zellner 2 months ago

    Paris agreement only requires that oil be over $50 per barell.

  • Susan King
    Susan King 2 months ago

    Redistribution of the worlds resources is necessary to implement GESARA! Disruptive Technologies like Free Energy will be eased into use. There will be World Peace! Join the Resistance!

  • Elena Coello Jemmali
    Elena Coello Jemmali 2 months ago

    Could you please talk a little slower as sometimes it is difficult to understand your Thai accent? Thanks

  • pugmama63
    pugmama63 2 months ago

    Kent is talking about Spirulina ( or possibly Chlorella ) but is saying the name entirely wrong.

  • NanaR504
    NanaR504 2 months ago

    The Zeolite gives me a lot of gas... not fun!@

  • RedPill Popper
    RedPill Popper 2 months ago

    At least be honest just... There's nothing wrong with making money off of the zeolite... Just covering it up and saying you don't make money though that's being dishonest is nothing to be ashamed of making money

  • Aloe Vegan
    Aloe Vegan 2 months ago

    thealiencontactee on youtube is very blunt.. he's perfectly fine he doesn't need to change ✌

  • Bradley B
    Bradley B 2 months ago

    Kent can't remember who the countries involved in the Gog vs Magog war are. C'mon, folks...

  • Alaina M
    Alaina M 2 months ago

    How do we get ready for it?

  • Ian Cameron
    Ian Cameron 2 months ago

    Thank you for asking my guestion