Bases 73 David Curtis Part 3 Alien Other

  • Published on Sep 23, 2018
  • David Curtis returns to Bases with a new look at the alien presence. David has an extremely colourful past, having Tuned in Turned On and Chilled out, with some of the key figures in the 1960s popular culture. His book Alien Other is available through usual outlets Previously run Live on Facebook. apols for David's camera stuck in sepia tone. The new Skype uploads prevent any camera adjustments

  • ja sten
    ja sten 3 weeks ago

    i grew up and lived in the time before computers, mobil phones, screens when life still was magical now life is flat - like a screen - empty and i never owned/had a TV now people beLIEve in the screen-god the news-reporters are the priests it's called TV-programs perfect programming

  • Brighteyzs fortruth
    Brighteyzs fortruth 3 weeks ago

    Amazing guest, he's a wealth of knowledge and definately hope you invite him back soon, he's just simply fantastic . Thank you, love and light from Belfast ♡♡♡

  • Gabriele Ruth
    Gabriele Ruth 3 weeks ago

    well that was very interesting thank you

  • FPV Angel
    FPV Angel 3 weeks ago

    Aircraft cannot work on a ball, the 0-G aircraft shows you what would happen to passengers if it tried to fly around a ball ... thus debunking the globe and all that space fantasy talk, their real objective is not to let you find out they have been plundering the creators glory in the underworld and all that entails.

  • antwerpen60
    antwerpen60 2 weeks ago

    This man connects so many dots. And he has an amazing memory.

  • Salena Shakti Radford
    Salena Shakti Radford 3 weeks ago (edited)

    Maybe it's me or maybe it's the way that this is presented or maybe it's me and the fact that i find this person dull to listen to or maybe it's a combination of all those factors, whatever it is.. it's boring

  • Matthew Tudberry
    Matthew Tudberry 3 weeks ago

    Brilliant guest Miles

  • Dominik Filipiuk
    Dominik Filipiuk 3 weeks ago

    Genious Beyond Words 

  • OYA1100
    OYA1100 2 weeks ago

    Quite right, Miles, David Curtis is truly fascinating. You just have to get him back, he's got hours, days to tell us all about such a lot of interesting experiences. David Curtis, you are something else, and great!

  • Gary Rayner
    Gary Rayner 3 weeks ago

    RAW - nightclub underthere

  • Julie julie
    Julie julie 3 weeks ago

    Forgiveness, patience and humility i thought was a cure?

  • Julie julie
    Julie julie 3 weeks ago

    Isn't Orion a portal area sky wise?