• Published on May 27, 2018
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  • GlitterForever17
    GlitterForever17 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for the video! To answer some of your questions. I mean I know people think I’m super dumb but I’m not that stupid to lie to everyone and yet not even bother to hide my draw my life video. When making that draw my life video, my mom begged me not to talk about all the negative stuff that came with the divorce of my parents. I mean she was embarrassed cuz she didn’t want people to think she was a bad mother. Plus at that point every single draw my life video was super sad and I wanted to make one that would different so taking all of that stuff into consideration, I made the decision to omit a lot of the stuff that happened in my childhood. Not only for myself but also because my channel was really family/brand friendly at that point and it would be bad for my brand to talk about being homeless and poor. Believe me, brands don’t like working with anyone who’s even slightly controversial. Plus don’t forget that I’ve never been fully myself on YouTube and it’s something I’m working on right now. It’s harder than you’d think. Now when it comes to my mother being sick, there’s a lot to that story. I just can’t talk about it. It’s a lot more complicated than you’d think. It’s just not my place to talk about it. Maybe one day my mom will be willing to share the whole story but for now it’s all I can share.

  • Courtney Marks
    Courtney Marks 3 weeks ago

    Dude everyone is beyond tired of brelands shit....she doesn't know how to quit while shes ahead!

  • Hollye Rorabaugh
    Hollye Rorabaugh 3 weeks ago

    Congratulations on the subs!! I’ve been here since 100 subs and you BLEW UP YAAAS GIRL

  • Hollye Rorabaugh
    Hollye Rorabaugh 3 weeks ago

    Omfg! You’re very right! She could be doing it for Shane’s video with bunny

  • Courtney Marks
    Courtney Marks 3 weeks ago

    I swear to GAWD if Shane would take her on id be so dissapointed in him.....she. is. The. Most. Undeserving. Person. He. Could. Choose! She would make him look bad af in the end.

  • Hollye Rorabaugh
    Hollye Rorabaugh 3 weeks ago (edited)

    She lucid bc she took her xanax just saying. And you don’t drink on it.. ahem when she’s acting out drinking with mom. Or any med for that reason

  • Silver Eyeshadow
    Silver Eyeshadow 3 weeks ago

    I guarantee she made that video for Shane to see. Glitter is absolutely trolling her viewers. Nothing she says is true/real. She doesn't deserve Shanes help imo...

  • Hollye Rorabaugh
    Hollye Rorabaugh 3 weeks ago

    Yaaas we love you!!! #OilLifeWifeGang!!

  • Instinctively Chelsea
    Instinctively Chelsea 3 weeks ago (edited)

    Oh wow girl, you done found this girl out what a freaking liar , the first story actually has evidence tho with the new paper clip.... woe just wow. And that mom doesn't look sick at all im sorry.

  • Sarah Becker
    Sarah Becker 3 weeks ago

    You should change the title, I feel like you could get way more views on this saying like "glitterforever17 lies about her life? With receipts" or something haha I feel like this is an amazing video and I want people to watch!

  • Cat LaB
    Cat LaB 3 weeks ago

    Congratulations on the 10,000 subscribers! You definitely deserve more!

  • meme daddy
    meme daddy 3 weeks ago

    She's gonna pull an Onision and beg her teen audience to give her money and throw all these pity parties for herself. I can see it now.

  • -SKY- of Wonderland
    -SKY- of Wonderland 3 weeks ago

    Oooh!!! I love your hair!

  • Gothic Loser 2000
    Gothic Loser 2000 3 weeks ago

    Omg the golden girls reference I love you XD

  • Honey K
    Honey K 3 weeks ago

    I just discovered your channel recently and i L O V E your personality ✨

  • Elizabeth White
    Elizabeth White 3 weeks ago

    I kinda felt like she did that I'm sorry video bc of the whole Shane Dawson/ graveyard girl

  • Dead Prince Cosplay
    Dead Prince Cosplay 3 weeks ago

    I don’t understand her.. like is glitterforever17 or whatever, is she doing this for attention..?? (Posting this before watching video)

  • lxn
    lxn 3 weeks ago

    Bodylanguage is EVERYTHING girl. How she looks away when she talks etc, it implies shes lying

  • Angie Martinez
    Angie Martinez 3 weeks ago

    call me lame..go ahead...but Twitter confuses me. I've had an acct TWICE and just don't get the jist of it. Idk what to do or how to follow. Same with Reddit. I know how to do everything on FB though. But now I'm hearing to follow on Twitter EVERYWHERE!!!! I guess I'll have to try it again!!! I need to get up to date on crap!!!! God, I'm PATHETIC!!!! 

  • pinkfuzzycow
    pinkfuzzycow 3 weeks ago

    Very excited for the diss track. And for how cute your hair looks in this video! ❤❤❤ Congratulations on 10k hun!! You deserve it!