Southern Girls vs Northern Girls in the UK

  • Published on Mar 16, 2018
  • Originally went out on Comedy Central last year.

  • Jessica Stein
    Jessica Stein 4 months ago

    Christ what is going on in the U.K.?? ~Confused American

  • Bailey Boo
    Bailey Boo 6 months ago

    All the northerners put your hand up ‍♀️

  • rosekoffe
    rosekoffe 5 months ago

    a mean to be fair northern lads are more like, "thanks for the shag al be back next week"

  • Black Hare Jumps
    Black Hare Jumps 6 months ago

    "She's not just northern, she's from Manchester" As far as I'm concerned Manchester is the middle.

  • Baekhyuns Eyebrow
    Baekhyuns Eyebrow 6 months ago

    There’s a few Scottish people in the crowd sitting there with a straight face.

  • Majidul
    Majidul 6 months ago

    "I've ejectulated, I'll be in the shed if you need me" perfectly represents the north

  • Karina Shakhova
    Karina Shakhova 6 months ago

    He's so fast it's difficult to keep track on him

  • Love, SunshineGirl
    Love, SunshineGirl 1 month ago

    In general, not always: Northern UK Girls = Southern American Girls. Southern UK Girls = Northern American Girls. 1:12 did southern american girls justice! Love from Texas

  • кσσкιєѕ ™
    кσσкιєѕ ™ 6 months ago

    PEOPLE Manchester is part of Northern England it

  • EpicSpaceDorito
    EpicSpaceDorito 6 months ago

    Wait he's not Gay?

  • Rahimaaa
    Rahimaaa 6 months ago

    I find it funny how people think we're tough here in Manchester. Where did that impression come from?

  • Lytra
    Lytra 5 months ago

    Northern UK or Northern England?? Y’all need to understand that when you say ‘Northern’ it’s actually South for the other half of the UK I’m from the very top of Scotland so when I see ‘Northern’ I’m like “oh lol that’s me” Then I realise he is referring to people from 400 miles away :)))

  • Natasha Hartshorne-Evans
    Natasha Hartshorne-Evans 6 months ago

    Chill guys Manchester is the north so is Newcastle it’s north west for Manchester north east for Newcastle Scotland has its own south west north thing Birmingham is the middle

  • Shawn Knox
    Shawn Knox 5 months ago

    So it's like the United States but reverse? The more North you go the more Savage they get? Where as the more south you go for the states the more Savage they get.

  • Marit Ørndal
    Marit Ørndal 6 months ago

    wow nick grimshaw looks better from afar

  • CodeCommand
    CodeCommand 6 months ago

    When does the comedy start?

  • Me
    Me 4 months ago

    To all those arguing about Manchester/northern issue: Northern doesn’t just mean geographical it has also become an adjective to describe a certain personality. Mancunians tend to have a certain personality - a northern one. You say “he’s a very northern” meaning he has qualities such as bluntness, dourness, bit common etc

  • GMTgaming
    GMTgaming 2 months ago

    This whole North/south stereotype is really stupid . The south is richer because that is where the capital city belongs so it will become more prosperous as more want to move in. The North seem tougher to the south because they think we live in isolation and fight to survive whereas this is complete bollocks and the matter of the fact is, the south is more successful as is has more of an industry and more history to its name.The North has never been given this opportunity which is why the south think we are less developed and worse/lesser than them which is totally wrong.

  • tasukixx
    tasukixx 6 months ago

    I really don't understand why people are saying Manchester is in the middle. GO TAKE YOUR HEAD FOR A WOBBLE.

  • Majidul
    Majidul 6 months ago (edited)

    Surprised how people don't get Manchester is in the north, the BBC even refers to us as northwest ffs