Shy deadpan girl viciously defeats a big loud guy in a NYC comedy roast battle

  • Published on Aug 10, 2017

    The RoastMasters 8.7.17 Tournament: Dave Kinney vs. Dina Hashem Opening round battle from the 2017 RoastMasters Tournament between Dina Hashem & Dave Kinney hosted by Luis J. Gomez! With judges: - Rich Vos - Big Jay Oakerson - Joe List - Eli Sairs - Bonnie McFarlane Follow the tournament and rankings here:

  • inchaoswetrust
    inchaoswetrust 8 months ago

    Flawless victory...with brutality and fatality combined, savage roast, absolutely effortless too

  • dabadadeeda
    dabadadeeda 6 months ago

    He tries too hard to be edgy and offensive. And I feel like all his jokes are just drag-and-drop, generic roast lines.

  • Jack K
    Jack K 4 months ago (edited)

    "Ah, the prop comedy. Done with the prop comedy?" Yeah. Woh. There's different genres of comedy - WHO KNEW. Way to rely on line delivery and nothing else. How does it make sense to just state the obvious like it's a clever comeback?

  • bodybalancer
    bodybalancer 6 months ago

    Yeah he wasn't funny, just mean. She was great! I love dry / deadpan humor

    DIGGY DODGES 7 months ago

    I wanted to hear more from that quiet little lady, but the host had to save his friend from a certain death.

  • Adam Marin
    Adam Marin 7 months ago

    Damn, right off the gate, Dave was nothing but disgusting and aggressive.

  • preternatural
    preternatural 5 months ago

    She did a good job of using the situation to her advantage. The loud guy starts it off with an obnoxious joke. She seems to struggle, creating tension. Therefore, when she does counter, the audience releases this tension by laughing. The joke she packs a punch but is classy, making his comment seem like overkill. The roast has not gained a rythm yet, and you can tell that the loud guy desperately wants that. He keeps his act up and makes another douche-y joke. But it doesn't matter because the audience is already on her side. The roles have been set; she, the underdog that we root for, he, the asshole we boo off the stage.

  • buppie2000
    buppie2000 7 months ago (edited)

    That guy needed to just stay home that night. She just beat the fuh-huck outta him. I immediately went online to find touring info about Dina. Him...honestly, I forgot his name already.

  • Clotted Scream
    Clotted Scream 6 months ago

    Woah, Dave's jokes are really mean and unfunny

  • Tipsylou
    Tipsylou 7 months ago

    He's such a sore loser, as well. Crying over 'prop comedy'. Mate, yeah, and it worked, so do better.

  • Litsky Pancakes
    Litsky Pancakes 6 months ago

    Dave, it's impressive that you can be so large and yet so unnoticeable.... DEAD HAHHAH

  • Dylan Camp
    Dylan Camp 6 months ago

    The cheerleader head injury joke was murder

  • JenaPugliese
    JenaPugliese 7 months ago

    Man he sure loves his abuse jokes

  • TVATodd
    TVATodd 7 months ago

    The most not-click-bait-title thus far on YouTube.

  • kosher
    kosher 7 months ago

    Damn. He hates women.

  • Litsky Pancakes
    Litsky Pancakes 6 months ago

    Dave sounds like a butthurt Dane Cook knockoff, and Dina is just a comedian Hulk

  • Jessie Letta
    Jessie Letta 7 months ago

    his jokes are literally all based in misogyny

  • Clever Metaphor
    Clever Metaphor 7 months ago

    she was way too smart for him

  • Alfred Thorpe
    Alfred Thorpe 7 months ago

    Is that comedy or cruelty?