Plutonian Solar Eclipse | July | A Story Ends; You Begin....

  • Published on Jul 9, 2018
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    This eclipse gains so much power on account of happening in exact opposition to Pluto on the horizon. As this eclipse sets, Pluto will rise on the other side. Defining aspects of your life can be eclipsed in or out -- pain or toxicity can leave now if you would like it to. Greeting yourself and those you care about with honesty, clarity, and care now and moving forward heals... Good luck all! Follow my channel's instagram here:

    Specific logistical information on this eclipse (time and visibility) can be found here:

  • Esoteric Healing
    Esoteric Healing 2 months ago

    I so appreciate the response, awesome comments, and love I have gotten from this video. Thank you everyone for being here... If this channeling was specifically helpful or caused a strong illumination within, you can send me a virtual coffee!

  • Find The Magnificence In You
    Find The Magnificence In You 2 months ago

    and the first will be last and the last will be first...

  • Jay P
    Jay P 2 months ago (edited)

    Whoever sees this please just send some positive energy my way. The past week or so have been mentally exhausting. Such intense anxiety that hit me out of nowhere ever since the last week of june. I'm so tired of it and I just want it to go away and feel normal again. Staying strong but I can't help but just feel so exhausted from this. I'm a Scorpio Sun, Sagg Moon.

  • Keryn Dawer
    Keryn Dawer 2 months ago

    Yes! Major spontaneous healing of a decades long chronic, debilitating illness. Nothing short of Miraculous⭐ Thank you!

  • Kim Warner
    Kim Warner 2 months ago

    Very clear the way you articulate the experience. Many people explain Plutonian energy to be fearful. Thank you so much for a clearer view

  • Nick Fire
    Nick Fire 2 months ago

    YES! I feel this positive energy already coming in. Change is here. I know now what the problem is and it's within me to release. #Leo

  • Rachel McLean
    Rachel McLean 2 months ago

    I’m actually very anxious about both eclipses, I’m Capricorn sun and Aquarius rising . It’s already been a tough start to the year . Also I’m on a plane on the 28th , second eclipse . I’m really scared now . Also my mum is not well and I have no job and relationship problems. God help me 

  • thattoughchick
    thattoughchick 2 months ago

    Whew... I started feeling this energy as early as last week. I feel the poison being drawn out of me. It's exactly what I hoped for, but I didn't think it would feel like this. I guess I never knew how it would feel. I feel like I've removed some toxicity from my space, but those people who supplied some of it are not happy about it...

  • Maj Johansen
    Maj Johansen 2 months ago

    You Yourself are channeling healing, that is for sure. Just listen to Sky's voice, you don't even need to understand a thing. Detoxing at soul level here. Thank you for a sharp and precise channeling. Much Love comming your way.

  • Lararolla11 Heart
    Lararolla11 Heart 2 months ago

    Again this is amazing way to describe what’s going on in the sky very plutonic style and it was just beautiful and deep, I can listen to it many more times and keep learning from it. I’m Cancer Sun , Scorpio AS and I’m feeling this eclipse in my bones right now like something is burning and expecting the Phoenix to raise form the ashes kind of thing. Love and light to you always ✨✨✨

  • mallory
    mallory 2 months ago

    I'm too upset to understand it.

  • Katie Clifford
    Katie Clifford 2 months ago

    Another great reading, Sky Thanks very much for the insight. I will be laying low, staying centered, doing housework, & minding my own biz. Many Thanks❤️❤️

  • Bianca Spriggs
    Bianca Spriggs 2 months ago

    Definitely bringing a chapter to an end kicked off by last year’s big solar eclipse and revisited in the January blue blood super moon. Spot on too with the three people who represent the moral compass.... best and most accurate take I’ve heard on this year’s eclipses yet. 

  • pat cummings
    pat cummings 2 months ago

    You must have no life beyond this... your readings are so detailed and show that a lot of time has been spent gathering and reading it all. I appreciate you so much and thank you for giving this so much energy xo

  • Inspired Heart Intuitive
    Inspired Heart Intuitive 2 months ago

    This was so helpful! I was unaware of the effect of Pluto and the eclipse. Thank you!

  • Mabel Hubrise
    Mabel Hubrise 2 months ago

    Very interesting Sky. I am feeling very emotional but also keep getting a check on it....stop,standback,review,restart! I have had a surfeit of being crossed ,let down , dropped etc during the last 18 months. Pluto will be opposing exactly with my Mercury in 5 Cap. I am guessing this will help me to realign myself. For now the build up is strong moment I want to yell at the sources of my pain....but the next I am all about saving the energy and ré channeling it into my art work. The mud that feeds the lotus! Thanks Sky ...always so diligently communicated , much appreciated.

  • Nancy Cascino
    Nancy Cascino 2 months ago

    Hello Sky! Man you are on fire and hit the nail in the head this time. This has definitely drained me in the last two weeks........I’m going for self love at this point in my life because it is much needed. Thank you much for professional and on point advice. I know you can feel me. Lol. I know because you help me keep myself balanced. I have been doing so well now since I have found your channel. Much Love Light and Happiness to you! ❤️Nancy And on Instagram at always_echelon. Aka Nancy Cascino. 

  • Lance Charles
    Lance Charles 2 months ago

    8 meetings a week is a lot of small things adds up to another year of sobriety. Yeah

  • Euphoric Concepts
    Euphoric Concepts 2 months ago (edited)

    Sky - this was an amazing explanation of the powerful forces at play here. So much so, that I feel really comfortable recommending it to many friends and family; as ur verbiage is not SUPER complex which I think helps its receptiveness by those who are not quite firm believers of astrology - who if I might add - despite the significant amount of clarity the universe is wrapping up like a Christmas gift with a huge red bow and blinking lights may choose to struggle and resist inevitable change. SO many aha moments. WOW. Thank you my friend❣️

  • Lorna Doomun
    Lorna Doomun 2 months ago

    Love love your readings/insights/wisdom!! So right on! Such kindness in your voice.