The RoastMasters 9.5.17 FULL Show: 2017 Tournament Finals & Championship Match!

  • Published on Sep 7, 2017

    This is the FULL episode of The 2017 RoastMasters Summer Tournament finals! Mike Feeney, Rosebud Baker, Dina Hashem, & Katie Hannigan compete to face the winner of the Eli Sairs vs. Patrick Schroeder title match at this year's New York Comedy Festival! Luis J. Gomez is your host! With judges Michael Che, Big Jay Oakerson, Rich Vos, & Sherrod Small Tournament Matches: 8:16 - Mike Feeney vs. Dina Hashem 15:46 - Rosebud Baker vs. Katie Hannigan Title Match: 27:14 - Eli Sairs (Champion) vs. Patrick Schroeder --- SPOILER WARNING /// DO NOT SCROLL BELOW UNLESS YOU WANT RESULTS . . . . . . . . . . . 3rd & 4th Place seeding match: 52:32 - Mike Feeney vs. Katie Hannigan Tournament final match: 01:01:14 - Dina Hashem vs. Rosebud Baker Dina will face Eli for the belt at this year's New York Comedy Festival in November! Details coming soon! Come see The RoastMasters live every Tuesday night in NYC! Order tickets now: