• Published on Feb 27, 2018
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    Shame on you, Greg. Links to videos used:

  • SmittenKitten
    SmittenKitten 3 months ago

    He sure is a darling guy! So likeable and kind and loving and positive!! (I'm, of course, referring to Arnold's character in Total Recall .)

  • Madeleine Swann
    Madeleine Swann 3 months ago (edited)

    Lainey apparently just quit Twitter too but says it was for different reasons. I can imagine he just told her to do it. Also I love Emilia too! Also I can't get my head round the kind of person who would cruelly taunt some poor girl with a disorder, it's honestly sick

  • Metamorphosis Rox
    Metamorphosis Rox 3 months ago

    I don't watch this guy. I just think every time I watch a video about him, meaning someone is explaining, or doing commentary on, one of his videos, he seems like one of those people that thinks he is better than anyone else and that gets on my nerves. Great video, as usual.

  • Zorkmid123
    Zorkmid123 3 months ago

    I agree with you. Although I’m glad this video wasn’t quite as negative as the others there was still a lot of skinny shaming of her... and I worry that he could,go back to making a full on negative video again. Unfortunately it seems with him, they way you know he’s going to make a video on something is when he claims he won’t make a video about that topic.

  • Gatica
    Gatica 3 months ago

    I actually felt my ovaries wilt and die when he spoke the words "I am attracted to people who look capable of producing offspring"

  • The Ultimate Excellence
    The Ultimate Excellence 3 months ago (edited)

    Haha, I cover up my laptop camera like that too, but I just use tape and cardboard. Great commentary though. And nice editing! A lot of commentary channels only cover the bigger/more outrageous topics when it comes to Onision, but it's the little stuff like this that really show how bad he is... Sometimes I feel like I show too much sympathy for the guy, I mean, my goal isn't to attack his well-being and all that, but every now and then I see something that reminds me of how low character he is. I'm not a "hater" type of person, like I don't tell people to "kill themselves" or "get off of YouTube", because that doesn't get you anywhere. I'm all for criticism though, people need to be called out for their stuff. Some commentators I watch do make the occasional insult and that's okay because Onision insults people all the time. My rule is if you can dish it out, you gotta be able to take it. But also you should somewhat understand the person, and how they take hate before insulting them. If you just walk up to someone on the street and insult them, that's just bullying. That's why I just enjoy straightforward criticism, I mean as bad as Onision may be, he has a family, fans, and he's not the absolute WORST person in the world. Also, I never want to cause someone to break down, lose their job, commit suicide, etc... I just think he could try to shape up at least, change some of his ways, and definitely change his content. I mean, that's about all you can change when it comes to humans, little stuff like habits, ideals, etc... But you can't change someone's personality, they will always be the same person. Great job though, I like your content. I subscribed. Hope your channel gains more traction. Congrats on 1K, and best of luck for 2018! 

  • OrkoTV
    OrkoTV 3 months ago

    Who remembers when Onision deleted his subscribers to force people to pay to watch him lol, then begged youtube to reverse it and restore his subscribers.

  • Alison Turpin
    Alison Turpin 3 months ago

    I love Emilia, too!

  • Stephaniefrohlich
    Stephaniefrohlich 2 weeks ago

    EMILIA FART <3 <3 <3

  • Blind Magician
    Blind Magician 3 months ago

    Wait... did he say that he's heterosexual? Didn't he do a few videos on him coming out as bisexual?

  • Kelly Schittenhelm
    Kelly Schittenhelm 3 months ago

    He's also getting fat 

  • xrae Girl
    xrae Girl 3 months ago

    I’m sure glad you decided to start your channel. You have a natural knack for this

  • The cultist gaming
    The cultist gaming 3 months ago

    I literally went from a Amelia fart video to this one! Holy shit subscribed lol

  • Courtney Marks
    Courtney Marks 3 months ago

    One more thing. ...did you see yhe leaked convos between patrons of Gregs talking about how he freaked out on another patron for saying her father had died essentially?

  • Nicole Lavin
    Nicole Lavin 3 months ago

    Eugenia has actually said that she doesn’t have any kind of medical issues/disease however that doesn’t invalidate anything that you had to say about Greg ,awesome video, i’m going to watch a few more of your videos and then possibly subscribe

  • missymani
    missymani 3 months ago

    jajajajajaja Youtube scared the shit out of him when ALL his videos got demonetized after the new rules (caused by Logan Paul). I remember that some weeks before he made a video about becoming the nightmare of youtube: "I'M NOT GOING TO BE NICE ANYMORE...I'm going to expose the most disgusting secrets and hypocrisy out there... Oh, got demonetized! Never mind!!!! I'm super family friendly and positive!!!"

  • Kitt3n Cake
    Kitt3n Cake 3 months ago

    HI THERE Gerg is a one trick pony. Look at him trying to switch up his one trick but it’s still the same old shit..

  • artist formerly known as d mc
    artist formerly known as d mc 3 months ago

    Yaaay I can troll him again Wooooooooooohoooooooooooo

  • carrie potyk
    carrie potyk 3 months ago

    The idubbz reference was everything 

  • smittenkitten
    smittenkitten 3 months ago

    Another great video. I just can't with this guy......