PARMANU: THE STORY OF POKHRAN | John Abraham | Trailer Reaction!

  • Published on May 17, 2018

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  • AK Films
    AK Films 2 months ago

    This movie is a proud moment for all the Indians Go and watch it

  • Pankaj kaintura
    Pankaj kaintura 2 months ago

    USA put a lot of economic sanctions on India after the teats but still it didn't effect India much. Later in 2005 Bush himself came down to India to sign the nuclear deal without forcing India to Go for NPT .

  • Annie
    Annie 2 months ago

    If Americans felt responsible for deeds done by their governments across the world, their heads would constantly hang in shame. But that's not how responsibility works. All Americans aren't responsible for their shitty governments. All Muslims are not represented by ISIS. All Germans, even at the time of Nazis, did not agree with their agenda.

  • satish kumar
    satish kumar 2 months ago

    POKHRAN was the biggest intelligence failure by CIA. according to washington post. BCZ even after constant surveillance on every top indian officials, indians develope their nukes. its was late APJ ABDUL KALAM who made it possible.

  • rituraj
    rituraj 2 months ago

    Achara khud atom bomb lag rahi hai

  • 1 Mega Videos Channel
    1 Mega Videos Channel 2 months ago

    Param + Anu = Paramanu (Anu means Atom) = Atomic

  • Gill 99
    Gill 99 2 months ago (edited)

    Back in 1999, at the time of Kargil war, when Pakistani troops took a position in the war, India realized the need for GPS data instantly for the region. At that time, US government had space-based navigation system which could be helpful for India in providing viral information but the US denied to give it to India. becase India after Independence chose not to merge with any superpower US and Russia but Pakistan made formal relations with the US. In the year 1950, Pakistan Prime Minister in his visit to the US requested them to set a CIA base in Pakistan as all other major powerful colonies had their bases in different countries. Once in the year 1954, Ayub Khan, the then Army commander told to US brigadier, “I didn’t come here to look at barracks. Our Army can be your army if you want us. But, let’s make a decision.” Then it was said that Pakistan had sold the country for financial aid and weapons to the US and became US’s slave. CIA had built bases in Pakistan. Also, after the USSR and US’s tug of war in 1979, the relation of US and Pakistan reached to another height. India still believed in Non-alignment policy on the other hand. USSR was a better friend for Indian than the US because it supplied arms and intelligence support to India. In the war of 1971India and pakistan , US threatened India to back off its Army but India denied to and hence CIA had to face the humiliating defeat. So, at the time of Kargil war, CIA had huge military logistics presence in Pakistan and it couldn’t endanger them by assisting India in the war. Thus, US denied helping India for GPS access. ISRO chairman K Radhakrishnan in the year 2014 said, “ISRO launched the first of the satellites in the group named IRNSS-1A, in July last. By mid-2015, we will have all the seven in place.” This marked India’s success in having a much-needed system that once denied by the US. However, now India has its own Navigation system and all thanks to the denial of US.

  • Inder Singh
    Inder Singh 2 months ago (edited)

    India needs to be a Nuclear state as China and Pakistan both are rivals of India. India tested its Nuclear missles in 1998, after 2 weeks Pakistan tested their Nuclear missles. Presently, India is surrounded with China and Pakistan both are rivals and both are Nuclear state, India needs to be Nuclear state. And due to many US sanctions (after India became a nuclear state) India grown up and proved the world that India is a mature country who can handle such heavy mass destruction weapons. On the other hand, due to influence of cold war, US always supported Pakistan, and India was always backed by Russia, but today's senario is totally different, US and India have great realtions. This is how time changes, India proved world many times that India is a mature and peace loving country and being a proud Indian Sikh i am very greatful to born in such a great country. P.s. Achara you look cute 

  • Chota Nagpur Entertainment
    Chota Nagpur Entertainment 2 months ago (edited)

    The clandestine nuclear test of May 1998, code-named Operation Shakti, was a result of impeccable astuteness and audacity by the Indian government. India had intentions of conducting Nuclear Tests since 1995 but were thwarted twice by US spy satellites and CIA who warned India of dire consequences if she continued to go ahead with the nuclear tests. One of the foremost agenda of Vajpayee's government when he came to power in 1996 was to make India a nuclear state. But unfortunately, thanks to the political instability at the center, his government lasted only for a short period of time delaying the prospects of a nuclear test. Coming to 1998, it was imperative to camouflage the tests with a complete veil of secrecy lest it be detected by spy satellites. Immediately after coming to power in 1998, Vajpayee convened a meeting of Kalam (then DRDO chief), Rajagopala Chidambaram (then Atomic Energy Chief) and top DAE dignitaries. The meeting was so confidential that even George Fernandes, the then Defence Minister of India, was kept in dark about this. The scientists present at the test site dressed in battle fatigues so as not to raise any suspicion. Also, Pokhran, being located in a border area, had a high likelihood of informers. Scientists worked during night and carried on till wee hours of the morning to avoid detection by spy satellites. Also, the equipment used were moved back to original place to give the impression they were never moved. Unlike Pakistan's atomic testing sites located in high altitude granite mountains, the sparse bushes and sand dunes of Thar Desert did little to offer any cover. The dug out sand was shaped like dunes and aligned in the direction of wind to give the impression that they were naturally formed dunes. India's own satellites-imaging capability provided an edge over other spy satellites and gave them an understanding of what can and can not be seen from space. Also, India's large corps of trained nuclear scientists and electrical engineers came in handy during the tests. Since most of India's nuclear program is indigenously developed, there was little chance of electronic eavesdropping on account of foreign nuclear equipment. India's aggressive anti-espionage policy helped ward off any suspected surveillance by foreign forces. Shortly after the tests, the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee gave a press statement: Today, at 15:45 hours, India conducted three underground nuclear tests in the Pokhran range. The tests conducted today were with a fission device, a low yield device and a thermonuclear device. The measured yields are in line with expected values. Measurements have also confirmed that there was no release of radioactivity into the atmosphere. These were contained explosions like the experiment conducted in May 1974. I warmly congratulate the scientists and engineers who have carried out these successful tests. The American intelligence community was embarrassed for failure in detecting preparations for the test. Economic sanctions followed soon, but they did little to deter the economic gains of India. Reference

  • Md. Modassir Hassan
    Md. Modassir Hassan 2 months ago (edited)

    Booyah America. That's what we called a secret operation. I know some Americans will get butt hurt with this incident, but as you sow, so shall you reap America And Jaby please don't give fake reactions on this, I knew somewhere in your heart, you hate this being insulted by third world(as you called us) we were at the edge of war with America at that time, but thanks to our Russian friends. They are our real friends as compared to America (who just wants to divide us and rule).

  • z pics
    z pics 2 months ago

    Indian scientist used very strange tricks to hide everything's , the one of them to organised cricket tournament, to bluff the CIA .

  • Naveed Alam
    Naveed Alam 2 months ago

    We indians feel the same way when we are portrayed in American movies

  • Bharat Mata ki Jai
    Bharat Mata ki Jai 2 months ago

    Sab bolo Bharat Mata Ki Jai

  • shreyas MG
    shreyas MG 2 months ago (edited)

    We were almost at war with the US but, Russia came by our side and saved the day. Thanks Russia. WE REMEMBER, ALWAYS WILL.

  • niranjan sharma
    niranjan sharma 2 months ago

    US and UK sent warships to help pakistan against India in 1971.

  • Bitupan Borah
    Bitupan Borah 2 months ago

    When the nuclear missile was successfully tested A.P.J Abdul Kalam ( former president of India) called the president of that time and said that ' Buddha has smiled again'

  • Dikkhabroto Iyer
    Dikkhabroto Iyer 2 months ago

    There are loads of Indian stories that are yet to be told....!!!

    SIDDHARTH SHIRSEKAR 2 months ago

    hey, jaby u r innocent dude chill

  • Devashish Patel
    Devashish Patel 2 months ago

    BARC the pride of India

  • Arush Sharma
    Arush Sharma 2 months ago (edited)

    England won't feel ashamed. They'll make movies about Churchill being great and never talk about the other stuff he did. He won us the war so he's great.