• Published on Feb 7, 2018
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  • Thee Mademoiselle
    Thee Mademoiselle 4 months ago

    She gets on my nerves I been wanting to drag her 

  • sweetvintagezoe
    sweetvintagezoe 4 months ago

    Never really heard of her until of the controversy. I think shes a whack job. How can she call someone fat when she is clearly overweight herself. lol I'm a bisexual woman and you couldn't pay me to watch her. She has that crazy eyed look, and not crazy in a good way...creepy..

  • Clintarella
    Clintarella 4 months ago

    Lmao! Your editing is GOLD!

  • SmittenKitten
    SmittenKitten 4 months ago

    I actually think she's really funny, but she also seems to court chaos. I used to see her as a Sarah Silverman sort of "character," and I still can see that sort of humor come through from time to time, but her insecurities screw her up. She attacks people unnecessarily, which makes her come across as petty and immature. She does like riding on the edge, which some people can do well, but she's constantly falling off into no-man's land. I tend to believe we can do and say whatever we want, and that children should be actively parented (I don't care what people say, if you cannot control what your children see on the internet, remove the internet from your children), so for her to "pursue" children in her edgy way doesn't concern me as much as the parents who allow their children free-run on Youtube (or the internet in general). She knows it will garner controversy, and that's her schtick. If she reigned in her pointless attacks, I think she could do well comedically. I know my thoughts are probably not the same as most, and I totally get what the issues people have are, but if we're only discussing the children-seeing-things-they-shouldn't, I don't think people should censor themselves because of who might be offended. I think your views are always spot-on, and don't get why you aren't drowning in subscribes, btw.

  • IfYouDontThinkMyDogIsCuteWeHaveAnIssue
    IfYouDontThinkMyDogIsCuteWeHaveAnIssue 4 months ago

    "Im tired of being a clown show. Says someone wearing a unicorn headband" Maybe she is more self-aware than she seems.

  • Nosy Hausfrau
    Nosy Hausfrau 4 months ago

    She is absolutely nauseating.

  • Courtney Marks
    Courtney Marks 4 months ago

    That woman is the definition of "ewwww" and its not even her looks its the way she speaks and how she has no maturity. Thank God she doesnt want children for a long time. Shes already 30 so if she hasn't gotten any common Sense by now I dont think shes ever going to. You cant teach common sense! !

  • MissFushi
    MissFushi 2 months ago

    Never seen you before but this was in my recommended. Giiiirl your cheekbones are insane! (Compliment!) You have a really neat bone structure. You could do a killer 'youthful' Cruella de Ville cosplay if you ever wanted to.

  • jedi fawn
    jedi fawn 4 months ago

    this is very sad... something is wrong and she is SCREAMING for attention...

    CAMILLE ABBATE 4 months ago

    This is disgraceful. I have never watched her. I feel for all those parents that have no clue what their kids are watching. She is such a pig. Love your channel. I'm usually quiet but this is way over the line. xoxo

  • Mary Beth Wylie
    Mary Beth Wylie 4 months ago

    I really loved your take on this girl. She's so seriously emotionally stunted. She is a 12-year-old stuck in a grown ass woman's body.

  • Alissa Spafford
    Alissa Spafford 2 months ago

    She has that can I speak to your manager face and voice.

  • Laura ღ
    Laura ღ 4 months ago (edited)

    I just googled her. I thought by her name she was maybe 17 ish and very ignorant. She's 30!!! She's just older than me, how is she so dumb? EDIT Ooh you're also 30 so you get it lol. I totally agree! I feel totally backwards and not my age at 28 but I have basic common sense and a want to protect children

  • Jeydalis
    Jeydalis 3 months ago

    she’ll end up being a cam girl

  • theflowerhead
    theflowerhead 4 months ago

    Inspired by Tana? Extreme = views.

  • April
    April 4 months ago

    Just hope she doesn't ask her viewers for abortion money, she seems like she'd do that! LOL-- your monologue about 'internet kids' had me DYING!!

  • Spiggbo
    Spiggbo 4 months ago

    She has a clear mental health issue. . . Or she's just playing it all up. She's aged out of her fan base and now she's grasping for a sense of identity, I mean, she's 30 years old and still uses "high school" humor. Glitterforever17 has always been an odd duck, even with her "child friendly" content, she's always been beyond inappropriate on purpose. She's finally getting noticed for her crap and she's loving being made to feel relevant again, she's just a sad woman who clearly can't handle getting older.

  • Lazarus Live
    Lazarus Live 4 months ago (edited)

    Poor thing... mind meds do NOT help. Never have. Never will. Jesus take the wheel Talking about sex in front of kids.... and saying it's "ok"... She needs to go to a mental ward for a while And her 'parents' need to go to PRISON. Was it daddy? Or the uncle? Someone abused this poor broken girl...

  • Laura ღ
    Laura ღ 4 months ago

    The facepalm and the look to the camera hahaha I'm dying

  • Anne Brooks
    Anne Brooks 4 months ago

    "Keemstar was an internet kid"