• Published on Sep 12, 2018
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  • Brandon Marks
    Brandon Marks 1 month ago

    I haven't listened to hip hop in years it feels good I'm just getting into jazz I was on classical music after hip hop I find my self listening to jazz more and more may Ahmen inspire the youth

  • anita lockett
    anita lockett 2 weeks ago

    He yBrother you a smart black Man I listen to you all The time you is so intelligent Thank Most High 

  • Violet Martinez
    Violet Martinez 1 month ago

    I was not never really into rap or hip-hop music but this is a good 1 and I understand what you mean

  • dark window
    dark window 1 week ago

    China is moving in to Africa the new take over !!! 

  • Sharood Williams
    Sharood Williams 4 weeks ago

    Great 4th demisional teaching.

    BILL RYDER 1 month ago

    Rap is an acronym for Rythm and Poetry! Poetry requires words! Mumble rap isn't poetry! AT ALL!

  • Dominic Salvary
    Dominic Salvary 1 month ago

    Hence the reason I will say that black people discovered many things and white people destroyed them.

  • Christopher Barrow
    Christopher Barrow 1 month ago (edited)

    good one they all are Emirj the artist and I think Nuben has it backwards rot of hiphop is emcing break dancing and graffiti rap is the act of emcing yet he is correct about rap meaning to talk a popular phrase in the 60s and 70s yet when the white power structure could not benefit off of us so called blacks learning to work together and speaking out against crack they just stop hiring or signing acts with positive messages on another note when we were singing we actually could put a spell on these devils and captivate them basically they phase out all of our music because the whites control it

  • Shell Vizion
    Shell Vizion 1 month ago

    TY Nuben, I tried telling guys rap preceded hip-hop

  • Soular Synergy
    Soular Synergy 1 month ago

    We need real rap back!!

  • Dr. Kalilu Kamara, DBA
    Dr. Kalilu Kamara, DBA 3 days ago

    Hip hop originally stood for higher infinite power healing our people. That sounds like connecting to Amen to me.

  • Marklin Smith
    Marklin Smith 1 week ago

    Your kinda all over the place with your ideas of hip-hop and rap. You generalized too much about hip-hop as a road block to black progressions in the future. Wrong! Brotha. They were tryna stop it from accelerating. As long as we live in their system the will always counter intelligent words we say. But you gotta research deeper, don't focus on what they promoted that did damage but the contempt that they have created in us that spawned the golder era of hip-hop and gangsta rap. But it was business to separate the elements that make up what hip-hop is.the whole culture. Hip hop is not mumble rap. So I'm glad your calling it so called hip-hop culture because I hardly see hip hop culture unless I'm doing it or I go to where its action is. No understanding how Malcolm x was bad for black people. Nigga please.

  • Awol Visions
    Awol Visions 6 days ago

    Drill Music got Chicago goin nuts! I told them don't listen . Im a writer and I know exactly wat they doing! Im Noonie Ology on YouTube! Been following yo channel for sum time now!

  • LaVaughn Blanding
    LaVaughn Blanding 1 month ago (edited)

    I suppose one of the best rappers early on was Grandmaster flash.I think he was the only one that had a powerful message earlier before other rappers came on the scene.Whats messed up that brother only lasted for a hot minute much sooner.Oh later on like 15 years later i hear this talk about christian rap yeah you right spiritual rap junk still sound the same all a bunch of bs spiritual with some jesus twist.

  • William Mills
    William Mills 1 month ago

    The degeneracy in the lyrical content of music is not confined to the North American continent...it's worldwide..quite unfortunate. Consequently, some musicians, have put more energy into teaching the discipline. Hopefully, those children with talent and skills will take the music to a higher level.

  • Soular Synergy
    Soular Synergy 1 month ago (edited)

    I like rap minus mumbling rap and people rapping about stupid things these days a complete waste of good beats.And I mostly listen to old funk and Jazz. But yes I agree hiphop has taken part of hurting black peoples state of mind and made it worse with that gangster hiphop music and materialistic raping.