The Kennedy Assassination: what really happened (new, 2018)

  • Published on Jul 11, 2018

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    Based on Dr. Kroth's new book of the same title, he explains how Trump's dramatic disclosure of secret JFK files in 2017-18 changes our understanding of virtually everything. These documents are added to what we learned from the CIA's own Howard Hunt who made a deathbed confession in 2007 which implicated LBJ. Hunt's confession and Trump's JFK secret releases are absolutely revelatory. BUY THE BOOK here

  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray 1 month ago

    GHWB was a conspirator also and involved ,and there . Good job !

  • wrthrash
    wrthrash 1 month ago (edited)

    Just wait until HW Bush dies, the shit will really hit the fan then (his involvement is still redacted until he dies). My Dad died last year at 84, he always thought Bush & the CIA killed JFK, wish he could have lived to see a confirmation of that, maybe I'll tell him by the time I go to heaven!

  • joltinjack
    joltinjack 3 weeks ago (edited)

    I believe Nixon knew a lot. He had Jack Rubenstein (Ruby) as an information gatherer on his 1947 Un-American Activities Committee in 1947. That was one of the recently disclosed documents. Also, Nixon was in Dallas that day, or the day before, speaking to executives of the Pepsi Cola Co., if I'm not mistaken. I certainly don't think Nixon had any fore-knowledge of "the big event", though. It's odd that Frank Sturgis, and E. Howard Hunt were later involved in the Watergate break-in of the DNC. The hush money that Nixon wanted was probably to be put in some kind of trust, or account, to be there for Hunt, as his legal bills were mounting. Nixon feared that Hunt would talk if he were to do a long stint in prison, and said something to the effect, "This whole Bay of Pigs thing might come out."

  • Terry Shetler
    Terry Shetler 1 month ago

    The Bush family was completely left out of the story ..... how interesting

    CNCTEMATIC 1 month ago

    2. The "LBJ as Mastermind" thesis has been put forward by several over the last decades: most notably E. Howard Hunt, and Roger Stone. It has the effect (advantage) of placing overarching responsibility on one dead president and a few individuals, taking surviving institutions and ongoing power structures out of the gaze of responsibility. It also offers apparent plausibility to the superficial observer. But it cannot survive rational scrutiny. It's most obvious flaw is the idea that Lyndon Johnson could call to his control the US intelligence community and military; that JJ Angelton, Dulles et al would take their lead from him, rather than vice versa. And more fundamentally, it fails to comprehend the nature of the Deep State. It's premised on the naive idea that the intelligence community is actually controlled by the executive branch. In other words, its not just that the CIA-intelligence community-military wouldn't take orders from Lyndon Johnson, those organs of the overt government are not independent themselves, but are controlled by far more powerful interests, what Peter Dale Scott calls the Deep State, an amalgam of interests that controls the overt state, and persists through time to this day. More sophisticated analyses of the JFK assassination shown that that event was one that revealed the existence of this entity. Johnson certainly had to know about the assassination, likely acted to further it, and certainly to cover it up. But the assassination was hardly caused by this one man's personal motivations for power and survival. His motivations were used to assist a larger plan. JFK was assassinated by Deep State interests fundamentally alarmed by his moves towards global peace, detente with the Soviet Union and withdrawal from Vietnam. The same interests killed RFK, MLK, and continue to influence events and media narratives today. Today the focus is (as ever) maintaining a state of militaristic alert and government control. The LBJ Mastermind thesis acts as a second order cover story after the official "LHO acted alone" thesis. It isolates the JFK assassination to a 1963 event, and attempts to prevent those who see past the official story from discovering the ongoing nature of the evils that can result from study of the event.

  • robsycko
    robsycko 1 month ago

    I must be psychic I said that it was LBJ 30 years ago and have believed it every since.

  • Gleiser Marcelo Cedeño
    Gleiser Marcelo Cedeño 1 month ago

    It was Meyer Lansky-Israeli connection that killed JFK and his brother RFK .... all for the benefit of Israel to have nuclear capability to “defend itself”. JFK and RFK both new of these so called or self styled “Jewish” criminals ... and both were AGAINST Israeli nuclear weapons .... interesting that a Palestinian just so happened to be blamed for RFK though not enough bullets in his gun, and LBJ made “better relations with Israel” even failing to go after that racist terrorist state for USS LIBERTY #NeverForgetTheseAntiChristianKhazarianCriminals #NEVEREverFORGETTheseCriminals

  • Mrs. EliteNugz
    Mrs. EliteNugz 1 month ago

    Awesome video indeed. New subscriber here lol much love ♥ ✌

  • Kathleen Green
    Kathleen Green 4 weeks ago

    Buying that book ASAP! If I was richer I'd buy them all.

  • Chump Johnson
    Chump Johnson 2 weeks ago

    When JFK made it known that he wanted to move away from the Federal Reserve Bank and have US currency backed by gold and silver his fate was sealed.

  • Will Rogan
    Will Rogan 1 month ago

    That fatal shot to President Kennedy absolutely came from the front. The impact of force is evidence enough.. not to mention the blood splatter.  No exit wound is going to be smaller than the entrance .  Who were they trying to fool ??? I reckon quite a few as so many bought the story .

  • Leora Rink
    Leora Rink 1 month ago

    Very good Mr. Kroth. I would add the following remarks. The Bushes are still alive. There are photos of George H. W. Bush standing in front of Texas School Book Depository and teenage GWB standing in Dealey Plaza looking at a passing motorcycle. Most of the Mob murders you point to 1976-1978 occurred while GHWB was CIA Director. Ford quickly fired William Colby who was cooperating with the Church Committee and replaced him with GHWB. Ford served on the Warren Commission. Nixon chose Ford to replace Spiro Agnew as VP and Ford then became POTUS when Nixon resigned. Ford then gave Nixon a full pardon. Colby later died mysteriously on his boat. The 3 tramps have been identified. The old tramp was Chauncey Holt a career criminal and CIA asset. The blonde tramp was Charles Harrelson, father of actor Woody Harrelson. I can't remember the 3rd guy but we know his identity. Fletcher Prouty has stated that both he and Marine General Krulak positively identified the photo of Edward Lansdale (from the rear) passing the 3 tramps. Lansdale had retired 3 weeks earlier and was an USAF General and the CIA head in Viet Nam and an expert on assassinations. Nixon was in Dallas the day before and gave at least 3 different explanations for where he was when JFK was killed. You should pay more attention to who served as members of the Warren Commission. You should look more closely at Oswald's history at Atsugi as a Marine and his association with the CIA. When Oswald came back from the USSR Bobby Kennedy was U.S. AG and had to sign off. When RFK first heard that Oswald was the shooter he called Richard Helms at CIA and asked if CIA killed his brother because they had told him the Oswald was CIA when he let him come back from USSR. You have no mention of Operation 40 and Frank Sturgis has been reported as one of the shooters. You have no mention of Malcolm "Mac" Wallace as the shooter on the 6th floor. It has been reported that one fingerprint was eventually identified as his. You have no mention of the photos of Oswald and the guns that Marina said she took but it was later proved that they were re-done with a different camera and Oswald's head pasted on somebody else's body. Judyth Varys (still alive) says that she knew Oswald in New Orleans and that they were working on a CIA project to weaponize cancer using monkey viruses. Oswald's family did jobs for Carlos Marcello. It was initially claimed that the gun was a Mauser then it was changed to Mannlicher Carcano. The policeman who found the Mauser also met a strange death. Some say JFK's body was switched with the body of Officer Tippett to thwart an accurate autopsy. Both bodies were put on AF2 while the 2 planes were side by side at Love Field and everybody went forward to take the swear in photo. Jerome Corsi says Roscoe White was a Dallas police cadet who knew Oswald from when they were both Marines. There were 2 Oswalds at the Texas Theater. One was in the balcony and was taken out the back. The real Oswald was in the back of the main floor and was taken out the front. The Secret Service cleaned up the car (evidence) and replaced the windshield to remove evidence of multiple shooters. JFK jr. died in a plane crash. He named his magazine "George." They say that Trump has read the files. WLR

  • Chiefly Chieftain
    Chiefly Chieftain 1 month ago

    Is all of this just to sell a book?

  • Citizen Smith
    Citizen Smith 1 week ago

    President Johnson not only organized JFK's assassination he later conspired with Israel to sink the USS Liberty so as to blame Egypt which would of dragged the US into an Israeli war against Egypt. However the USS Liberty managed to survive 2 missile hits, 2 torpedo hits, naphthalene bombs , sustained cannon fire and constant armour piercing machine gun fire from close range. Eventually the brave US sailors that gave their lives in order to string together an aerial so that a transmission could get to the fleet for help. The Israelis heard that communication and immediately called off their attack and pretended that they made a terrible mistake! However they didn't help the wounded crew and left the area. President Johnson ordered the rescue planes back to the fleet and said he would prefer he USS Liberty sank rather than embarrass the Israelis ! The ship had to sail into port before any help was received. The crew were ordered to not talk to anyone about the attack and so the disgraceful event was hidden for 40+ years. Israel knew from the start that it could do anything to America without any consequences!!!

  • BluesImprov
    BluesImprov 1 month ago (edited)

    I was 13 when JFK was murdered, and I was well aware of the importance of that day. 5 years later I stumbled across the book "Six Seconds in Dallas" in my college library. Since then, I have been reading everything I could find time for about the assassination. I must say, this man's work is the most compelling and reasonable explanation of all of the connections that came together to pull this murder off. Oswald's letter, and characteristic misspelling is an exceptional piece of evidence. It means he was aware that something was going to happen, but was unsure about it. It also indicates his connection to the CIA, or at least to some agents of the CIA. This is a great job of pulling all of this information together in an understandable form. I'll never forget that day, especially seeing an 8th grade math teacher, who I absolutely feared, standing in the hallway with tears streaming down her face. This is just an excellent video. . .

  • B. Eder
    B. Eder 1 month ago

    The angles are wrong. No Grassy Nole.

    CNCTEMATIC 1 month ago (edited)

    1. Its a huge fallacy to praise Trump for "releasing" documents. The JFK Records Act, passed by Congress in 1992, requires ALL records relating to JFK to be released in full by October 2017. Trump prevented the release of the majority in October, and has since signed Executive Orders permitting Government agencies such as the CIA, FBI and NSA may withhold JFK records in full or in part. If not for Trump's orders, far more documents would have been released. The information withheld is likely the most incriminating of those agencies, and those of highest relevance to solving the case.

  • Colin Draper
    Colin Draper 1 month ago

    Last year I watched hours of footage of James Files telling his story, he could recall every detail, never flinched once , I believe he is telling the truth, this video isn't on YouTube anymore ( WHY )

  • tesscot
    tesscot 2 weeks ago (edited)

    I already didn't like Johnson because of the USS Liberty and frankly with both JFK and Bobby there is the fact that they were both interested in stopping the AIPAC lobby on the grounds of it being unconstitutional. I don't think the entire cohesive truth will ever be told but we certainly have a ton of pieces to the puzzle to see that LHO did not kill Kennedy with a ricocheting bullet and more importantly that the people in power are lying, murdering psychopaths.