Martina Markota: Comedy Central Bullies Lefties Over Bullying

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018



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    Martina Markota of reports on Comedy Central's new video making fun of the otherkin and bizarre self-identities. MORE:

  • Dan Henderson
    Dan Henderson 2 months ago

    Leftists attacking Leftists Grab the Popcorn

  • Wil Hobbs
    Wil Hobbs 2 months ago (edited)

    I identify as a Penis. That way when people call me a Prick I can say thank you for using my preferred pronoun.

  • crazyjr
    crazyjr 2 months ago

    So wait comedy central does do funny? I supposed next you'll say MTV will start doing music vids next huh?

  • narshkajke
    narshkajke 2 months ago

    That's trevor from wkuk, he's the farthest thing from politically correct comedy

  • Dr Derp Derpinston
    Dr Derp Derpinston 2 months ago

    You are drop dead gorgeous. Period.

  • Evil Bastard
    Evil Bastard 2 months ago

    Welcome to the world of mediocrity, underachievement, participation trophies, and attacking those who want to achieve more.

  • jimzo1985
    jimzo1985 2 months ago

    Martina u got style lass .

  • Mr Nick
    Mr Nick 2 months ago

    She is gorgeous!! Opps sorry is that sexual harassment ?

  • jemielnic
    jemielnic 2 months ago

    For today my gender is 'muslim' and the pronoun is Allah Akbar. Dear SJW: do not be a bigot and walk with me on the rooftop.

    BRETT 2 months ago

    Oh I love Martina..

  • foxabilo
    foxabilo 2 months ago

    What the hell will twitter do with mainstream SJW slamdowns ... Mark is gonna headsplode.

  • jnpg
    jnpg 2 months ago

    Yes. Bullying can be self correcting society. It can also be incredibly unfair and destructive. I'm not sure how the line is drawn...

  • Jock McStrapon
    Jock McStrapon 2 months ago (edited)

    It's about time Comedy Central got it. Family Guy and South Park have poked fun for awhile now at sjw and millennials. Especially South Park a whole series was about sjw and trans. I do love Mr Garrison as the Donald Trump style President and the Caitlyn Jenner character they were brilliant.

  • Bow Man
    Bow Man 2 months ago

    Experience has taught me when someone gives off a weird vibe that puts people off them there is generally a reason! I discovered this to my cost years ago when helping out a weird anti social person by bringing them into the fold and helping them fit in to our network, a couple of years later he got me fired through a lie and even arrested, I don't help out weird people anymore, I lost everything, very well paid job, massive list of potential work sources and all because I trusted the person while really they were weird, warped and a liar, you live and learn!

  • Nova Shockwave
    Nova Shockwave 2 months ago

    I identify as a Russian Bot.

  • f*** the EU
    f*** the EU 2 months ago

    Everyone is a victim except white alpha straight Christian men

  • Ronald Humen
    Ronald Humen 2 months ago

    I had a bully way back in grade 3, he tried to take my lunch one day. I punched him in the nuts! Never bothered me again. End of Lesson !!!!!

  • Stephen Ray
    Stephen Ray 2 months ago

    My serotonin and dopamine levels go off the charts when I watch Martina Markora ,and I enjoy her info. Thanks

  • Fight The Words
    Fight The Words 2 months ago

    I'm starting a campaign to abolish words completely. We should implement a system of whistles, farts, grunts, hisses and numbers to communicate.