Why I Don't Have Any Friends (Part 1)

  • Published on Jul 27, 2015
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    This video was very hard for me to make, it took me forever to edit it and figure out how I wanted to say everything. I also wanted to break it up into two parts for a reason and you'll see why when part 2 comes out. This still doesn't completely encompass my feelings on this subject because I kept getting so emotional but I tried my best. (Also I do have friends they just happen to be everywhere I'm not. I know they would get mad if I didn't put this in here. It's just hard when you don't have friends where you are.) I love you guys. Thank you for always allowing me to be myself. It's the best gift you could ever give to me. I promise next week more will be explained and we can go on from there. If you're still reading this tell me in the comments what true friendship means to you? Twitter:


    PART 2:

  • Hayden Rose
    Hayden Rose 2 years ago

    Lost all my friends when high school ended. Everything became a party scene for everyone after that and since I didn't wanna be a part of that, friends have become a no go for me. I spend a lot of days depressed about it, but it's made me stronger being on my own. And I appreciate every time I spend with someone.

  • Jack Raiden
    Jack Raiden 1 year ago

    I'm going crazy. This loneliness is killing me. Seriously. It's driving me insane.

  • Hi Bich
    Hi Bich 8 months ago

    In 2017 everything started to go down, shit started happening in my life, it really sucks, things that occurred in my life affected me, it kinda changed me, I transferred into a different school, it was okay I have friends in the start, but in November well, everything changed, idk what to do anymore, 2 months left and the school year would end, I hope I survive. Please pray for me

  • I’m not good with usernames
    I’m not good with usernames 2 years ago

    All my "best friend's" that I used to have hate me now and every friendship I make goes to shit, I've always been replaced or forgotten about and I don't know how to make friends because of my social anxiety, sometimes I just wish I was someone else, someone people actually would like to hang out with, but I guess that will never happen...,

  • P_M_ 18x
    P_M_ 18x 2 years ago

    My "friends" pushed me away as they replaced me with someone else.

  • sue z
    sue z 1 year ago

    friend is becoming a worthless word now.......eveybody can be friend.... but most of time nobody is a true one........

  • Monkeypieo MSP
    Monkeypieo MSP 1 year ago

    I don't have friends. It's hard because when I need to talk to someone, I can't talk to anyone. The loneliness is hurting me.

  • Bella Gomez
    Bella Gomez 2 years ago

    I'm 16 now and I have no best friend, I do have friends but its different bc u can't tell them how u feel, share emotions, do stupid things. I used to have a best friend " she's popular" but then one day sth happened and it wasn't even a problem, she suddenly stopped talking to me and claimed that i forced her not to talk or hangout with anyone altho that's stupid bc she used to hangout with others more than she does with me and when that happened she got back with her enemies made more friends than ever turned everyone against me which hurts so much bc why does bad things happen to good ppl? i just one a one bestfriend and it hurts so badly bc i'm tired of hiding my emotions by smiling all the time. I know that i dont need a bestfriend but seeing the ones who hurt u r happy and stuff and ur just there wishing for this one friend. I tried making friends i'm always nice to them and try to fit in but then she turns them against me like how? why? is it me? i can;'t take it anymore. :(

  • angelina that llama on youtube
    angelina that llama on youtube 1 year ago

    when the teacher says find a partner : 

  • Faraz A
    Faraz A 1 year ago

    likes this if you're lonley and depressed because you are alone... =(

  • joanna lan
    joanna lan 2 years ago

    I kinda have friends but they never invite me to parties or sleepovers and all of that :(

  • Luisa Cruz
    Luisa Cruz 1 year ago

    I just have fake friends

  • FallingOutWithPhanic! AtTheDisco
    FallingOutWithPhanic! AtTheDisco 2 years ago

    My friends arent real friends either

  • 1whetam1
    1whetam1 1 year ago

    Im in 11th grade... never been to a party... never received a text from a friend... been sitting alone for 9th grade. A couple of days ago some people sat with me for a couple days. Then they left me and I saw them sitting together without me. I hate people love is disgusting

  • Blu Raine
    Blu Raine 1 year ago

    you know what I hate?...seeing people having fun while i'm sitting at home lonely af. If I didn't have such horrible anxiety i'd actually be able to have fun...I don't even know what to do anymore

  • dsc0os
    dsc0os 2 years ago

    I pray one day I make a true friend

  • 7oy
    7oy 1 year ago

    My friends are like my Ferrari, they're imaginary.

  • JoeyLover forever
    JoeyLover forever 2 years ago

    I don't think my best friend cares about me anymore

  • Gustavo Böhm
    Gustavo Böhm 1 year ago

    I don't trust anyone, that's why I don't have any friends

  • macoohno21
    macoohno21 1 year ago

    It takes more strength to be alone!