• Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • slap twin
    slap twin 2 months ago

    she sucked him off in palm springs

  • Jamie Frantz
    Jamie Frantz 2 months ago

    That's like saying a woman who is raped gave off a "pass or vibe" to make him think she wants him. No I think she is telling the truth

  • Gloria H.
    Gloria H. 2 months ago

    She gave him head!! He made a pass. Yea ok. This wife is lieingggggggggg!!!! She did more then that. Touching her leg is nothing to be so nervous about. There not saints if there all getting drunk! Paleeeeeeezzze!!!!

  • Douglas Shuler
    Douglas Shuler 2 months ago

    This one needs an Update.

  • wicked knight g35
    wicked knight g35 2 months ago

    She's lying it's obvious mainly because she couldnt tell her husband what happened but if it really was nothing then she would tell him and not have had such a reaction to the flowers,

  • Noel Mills
    Noel Mills 1 month ago (edited)

    From her reaction I think a whole lot more happend than she is admitting too. She is embarrassed and worried that her husband will find out and is trying to keep her distance from the other guy. The husband needs to confront his friends wife and they should confront both Mike and Sofia (Sophia) about what really happened. To be honest I thinks they had a very heavy petting session under the influence of alcohol and they are both embarrassed about it and freaking out that their significant others may find out. Mike’s wife needs to know what went on as well. Mike may be a serial cheater? I do really hope though that she is telling the truth and that nothing happened for the sake of her family.

  • Perfect I said Perfect.
    Perfect I said Perfect. 1 month ago (edited)

    Wow. Lol I have a really hot gf. Guys hit on her all the time. Literally I was at a bar with Her turned my back a guy was asking for her number. I turn around he is like is she with you. Like that’s the only reason why it was not cool for him to have his hand on her arm as she pulled away. The only reason I think it was maybe more is because she wouldn’t just come out and say it.

  • CaliGaL
    CaliGaL 4 weeks ago

    she doesn't wanna accept the rose , she sounded mad delivering flowers is inappropriate. She was mad at Mike so she didn't cheat.

  • Douglas Shuler
    Douglas Shuler 2 months ago

    That’s why you stay in control of your faculties (don’t drink) so you can give account and stop foolishness like this.

  • Sojora
    Sojora 2 months ago

    If it doesn't matter and it's not a big deal, then you should have told your husband what happened the next day instead of keeping this thing from your man. If she would have been honest and open in the beginning, there never would have been a radio call about her. All because she did not trust her husband enough to tell the truth. That story she gave, is not the whole story. She would have accepted the flowers if she would have known what the note said. She did consent to do something with Mike that she is not telling her husband. Why else, she never told her husband about that night.

  • Philip Isber
    Philip Isber 1 month ago

    i would never betray you you know ive heard this one before and they betray you in a micro second(FACT)

  • Joana Rameriz
    Joana Rameriz 1 day ago

    That shit happened to me and I did not do anything, I just didn’t want shit to go south so I shut up

  • leelee Hernandez
    leelee Hernandez 1 day ago

    He fingered her

  • Carole Taylor
    Carole Taylor 2 months ago

    I think she is not cheating but that door has been opened. She should have talked to her husband when they got home. He needs to confront his "friend". I do not agree with Patti, I have had someone make a pass at me when I did not do anything to prompt it. My ex husband's grandmother use to tell him this saying, "It is a man's job to try but a woman's job to deny". Men will try a women it is how they are.

  • James Kiel
    James Kiel 1 month ago

    Thanks for posting

  • tellurye
    tellurye 2 months ago

    I can understand her not saying anything at first. But when he asked, and she waffled, it was like pulling teeth. If it were me, I wouldnt say anything, but if my wife asked I would come clean. Think about it - if the roles were reversed Sofia would not believe him.

  • Laura Tuller
    Laura Tuller 1 month ago

    She let him visit her womanly valley below and he brought her to cum like a mint flavored heatwave...

  • Vasil Vass
    Vasil Vass 2 months ago

    Its a matter of time before they hook up.