• Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • https://youtu.be/pYdJqLfiQf0

    watch and see what happens when two grammarians meet. watch more

  • maurice agim
    maurice agim 8 months ago

    It is indeed preposterous that the evidence of the parent's copulation is found lacking in the construction of basic grammar which should have proliferated by now under their tutelage. Either she did not grow up with them hence her juvenile delinquency and grammatical incompetence or the supposed evidence of their copulation is an adulterated version that the mother needs to give a comprehensive explanation to. I'll flee away too if I were the guy at that grammatical hand grenade dropped from the lady's vocal cords.

  • Micheal Obinna
    Micheal Obinna 8 months ago

    I am maniacally bewildered,to see some ewu-leted human-madu ,doing some copincracy of a munchoko who has been goatmeatin, bigstoutin, isiewulizin,and finally beerparloring for an aeon now ,so boring

    GSTV EXTRA 6 months ago (edited)

    I got enchanted and voyaged away from my ephemeral lugubrious status quo for the whole duration of the exchanges. But the climax for me was the sudden emergence of the evidence of their copulation on the horizon with such incompatible filial traits that make a scientific sage conclude she is either a product of chromosomal aberrations, or a visible manifestation of the E factor having conquered the G factor. All the same, a million salutes to "fellow grammatically insane" men who strung these words together.

  • Bolaji Apatira
    Bolaji Apatira 8 months ago

    The child is adopted 

  • Stanley Chiboy
    Stanley Chiboy 7 months ago

    this it i hav a gigantic vibration and awaiting eruption of laughter ready to be unleashed wow

  • Precious Vivian
    Precious Vivian 5 months ago

    Mtchew!!! the main purpose of language is to communicate and not bamboozle

  • J Kay
    J Kay 2 months ago

    While the English man is trying to simplify the English language to make it easily understandable and acceptable worldwide, Nigerians are busy coining and constructing grammars. You can't even communicate with those nonsense in the western world. I guess this was meant for the sole purpose of laughter.

  • Akintunde Olaniyi
    Akintunde Olaniyi 6 months ago

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  • Femi Hocquart
    Femi Hocquart 8 months ago

    Oh my god iru omo wo wa leleyi tori olohun

  • Jacob Adeyemi
    Jacob Adeyemi 7 months ago

    Chai , this is painfully boring

  • mrchange klinic
    mrchange klinic 5 months ago

    I was just passing yesterday and I saw 2 guys smoking weed by the bush site, so the order one said guy,guy when I dey small eeh I fall 4rm 20 storie building, his frnd shouted 'JESUS' did u die? then he answer 'guy' I can REMEMBER cus edon tey

  • Horlufemi Ogunnaike
    Horlufemi Ogunnaike 7 months ago

    I actually laughed. I wasn't expecting jenifa at all.

  • psalmseen fadairo
    psalmseen fadairo 8 months ago

    oou una sabi the grammar but e bitter for una mouth....smh

  • Lily Moon
    Lily Moon 2 months ago

    Jurassic park

  • Brunomaxwell Okocha
    Brunomaxwell Okocha 3 months ago

    That child is adopted I swear to God.... adoption I can't even remember what I was about say.......

  • mukhtar garba kobi
    mukhtar garba kobi 1 month ago

    this is fully incredulous looking at the gigantic state of the guy, he was jurasically entangled by the way his bewildered in-laws reacted to his enshrinked request. hhhhh

  • Neo 2774A
    Neo 2774A 2 months ago

    "...evidence of... coupulation..." eheheh.