• Published on Jan 28, 2013
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  • Gilgamesh Joseph
    Gilgamesh Joseph 2 weeks ago

    The wars in the Middle East are not about freedom and democracy. They are not about oil or pipelines. They are ALL wars for ISRAEL!

  • Duarte Nunes
    Duarte Nunes 4 years ago

    I thought Bin Laden was America's best enemy? Oh wait, Saddam Hussein was! Oh no, actually Muammar Gaddafi was America's best enemy! Wait, now America's best enemy is Bashar al-Assad! Just how many people will America need to kill in order to achieve their targets? Does anyone here think that America is helping the people in those countries? I dare anyone to say such thing. All they want is power, oil and world domination. Did you know that Donald Rumsfeld was in business with Saddam Hussein? Did you know that the Bush family did business with Bin Laden? Do you know that America sells weapons to the same countries they invade? America is the terror, America is the terrorist!

  • certified30
    certified30 7 months ago

    well enjoy Al quaeda , ISIS, and many more to come, Iraq was much better off with saddam, and should have been left alone.

  • H Rashid
    H Rashid 7 months ago

    "A Lion doesn't care if a monkey in a tree is laughing at him" - Saddam Hussein

  • cucumber
    cucumber 7 months ago

    it should be bush and Blair that are hung for war crimes

  • Mahesh M Abraham
    Mahesh M Abraham 6 months ago

    After saddam Iraq fell into hell same happened to Libya.

  • alfredo ibarra
    alfredo ibarra 9 months ago

    "Ladies and gentlemen, we've got him". Big hypocrites, they created, double crossed, and then murdered him. I doubt they sleep well, and they will have to pay in hell, Bush et al.

  • boeingdriver29
    boeingdriver29 7 months ago

    When if ever will the U.S. gets its fingers out of every other country’s ass? The U.S. government is without doubt “the” most dangerous entity on the planet.

  • The One
    The One 6 months ago

    Israel wanted him gone the real reason why he had to go

  • Rajagopalan Thottuva
    Rajagopalan Thottuva 2 months ago

    I was in Iraq during Saddam's regime. In fact, I as an Indian, enjoyed full freedom there. He had a progressive outlook unlike other fanatics. It was a ploy of the Past American Presidents the Bush Company to seek vendetta on him and unfortunately the whole world including India fell for their bluff that Saddam was hiding WMDs which later found to be untrue. Shame on all of us.

  • Sikario40
    Sikario40 1 year ago

    If Saddam was in power today there would be no Isis.

  • Indian Pot
    Indian Pot 6 months ago

    Give us some truth about the mass murderer Winston Churchill instead of putting his ugly face on British notes.

  • aliGol D
    aliGol D 3 months ago

    He wasn't crazy, he simply had harsh punishment for crazy people.

  • Chesper040_Official
    Chesper040_Official 5 months ago

    Israel is the biggest problem in our world!

  • Imran Sahir
    Imran Sahir 7 months ago (edited)

    Remember what Madeleine Albright said about the death of half a million Iraqi children? "I think this is a very hard choice but we think it's worth it." What a shitty species are we! Pathetic as hell. This statement makes me wanna lock myself in a tree house for the rest of my life; or best yet, shoot myself in the mouth just because I was born as a member of wrong species.

  • Temor King
    Temor King 1 year ago

    the devil? LOL! the real devil satan is George Dog Bush

  • Haidar Gilani
    Haidar Gilani 7 months ago

    The people who control America are the ones who should be hunted for the amount of innocent people they have killed directly and indirectly for money/power!

  • Abu Antar
    Abu Antar 4 months ago

    Saddam faced his death like a man. Moreover, his final words were of forgiveness for the people and the countries doing this to him and to Iraq. George Bush would have been crying and pissing himself if the situations were reversed.

  • George Miller
    George Miller 7 months ago

    And the same scenario repeats itself in Syria. The CIA and the USA arm Islamic terrorists in Idlib so that they can overthrow a leader who has the temerity to side with Russia rather than the West. The MSM close their eyes. Only the internet shows the truth.

  • The Pagan Philosopher
    The Pagan Philosopher 7 months ago

    "To find out who rules you, find out whose name is never told out loud." Voltaire.