Parody #11 with Kent Dunn

  • Published on Feb 12, 2018

    This video is for entertainment purposes only. Please use your discernment. Update with Kent Dunn !!! For those who want to listen in Thai language (ภาษาไทย) please click :

  • Wave Rider
    Wave Rider 8 months ago

    pbince ~ You seem like a very nice person so I wanted to tell you that ALL of this just ends, We go home/ascend and the dark get the Nova. I was shown in detail many years ago from some old friends that came for a visit and used telepathy to communicate the message they had to share. They did show me all of humanity in great celebration and I also knew through the communication that the dark ones are going to be dealt with accordingly and it’s not pretty either. I know this is all so very confusing, but have faith that what I’ve stated is truth and I gain nothing by lies or deception. I’m just here along with you all and reached out to share a message. It’s been a long wait yet we are just about there now. I even look the same now as what I was shown back then in the late 1980’s. Get Ready!

  • awumdah
    awumdah 8 months ago

    I think Kent is talking himself into a position he won't be able to talk himself out of. The dark sides agenda is falling apart and the light is shining through. The first thing exposed will be the lies, then the liers, and after that is removed by exposure, the real truth will be all that remains. Most of what is being pushed upon the people is the weak and crumbling original agenda. It's confusing and ineffective because we are simotaniously rising to a higher vibration. This was not antisapated by the dark side who planned to come as the angles of light. Just relax and watch this whole empire fall under the weight of it's own selfish agenda. Don't be in a hurry, it is like a plant growing into a mighty tree. It difficult to watch it grow when focused on it too closely. No one knows what good tree was planted here, therefore no one can tell anyone what or how it will naturally evolve. Just go love one another and don't worry YOU are the new tree, the likes of which have never been know to any living being or entity. You are the new tree growing protected naturally. Others are trying to tell you when and how YOU will spring forth. THEY DON'T HAVE A CLUE

  • t rex
    t rex 8 months ago


  • Femwolf1111
    Femwolf1111 8 months ago


  • Earth watcher Entity watcher
    Earth watcher Entity watcher 8 months ago

    Send the galactics after all of the evil United Nations members- they are all evil Reptilians.

  • Starseed
    Starseed 8 months ago

    This is going rediculous. The Galactic have the power to clean eart from the draconians and Co. One day and its over but they play like kids at school doing to polite and gentle. Do it and fast we are in danger the cabal still going on their plan to kill population.

  • MindDezign
    MindDezign 8 months ago

    Your so cute.I agree Im hoping and Dreaming with you... Great show and I always love your direct questions.

  • Jennsy K
    Jennsy K 8 months ago

    Ok, I'm not being hateful I'm just really irritated with the people that keep asking the same questions. You guys are asking the same questions every show! Stop worrying about whether you're a clone or not! If you have feelings, if you can give love and receive love, if you have strong emotions you're human and the original, it's that simple.

  • Joel Vale
    Joel Vale 8 months ago

    I saw today on secureteam 10 that over Philippines in the clouds there was a purple light.

  • t rex
    t rex 8 months ago

    chem trails are done by the us air force something else they can not stop. kent dunnt know alot

  • t rex
    t rex 8 months ago

    pbince follow r Scott lemriel not this fool

  • Jai Kali
    Jai Kali 8 months ago (edited)

    Dear Parrie, what Mr. Dunn is referring to at the end of the show, namely the Purple Ray is, in fact, the Violet Flame of Creation. This is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT tool that was given to us from The Divine that has the benevolent capability to transform anything it touches. We just need to invoke it or prayer to it or direct it in any direction we wish. It can ONLY BE USED FOR GOOD and will aid us with the smallest thing in our life or with transforming the dark hearts of all men and women on the Earth. We can use it to cleanse the planet from any and all evil that exists. If we all used the Violet Flame every day, our planet and our lives would transform and heal in record time. See Patricia Cote-Robles: OR There is a great deal written about the Violet Flame and there are great temples in the etheric realm dedicated to the Flame. All of the Spiritual Hierarchy utilize the Violet Flame as it is their protector and holder of Life Divine.

  • noel busselot
    noel busselot 8 months ago

    alot of promisses but nothing happend , now he's saying humans are not ready , i think this is a troll show and i see so much ego in this guy !!! he's not working for the light

  • Prayer Power Partners
    Prayer Power Partners 8 months ago

    Study to show thy self approved. My people perish for lack of knowledge, says YHWH. You can study and watch videos at: PrayerPowerPartnersdotcom

  • Теди Николова
    Теди Николова 8 months ago

    Great show, keep it up!;) Regards from Bulgaria!;)

  • t rex
    t rex 8 months ago

    kent dunnt know a lot people are still being murdered and no body in the top elite have been arrested although the evidence is there, anymore bull kent dunnt know a lot the children under the Gettysburg musium are still being abused murdered eaten etc what you doing about it kent dunnt know a lot

  • t rex
    t rex 8 months ago

    pbince why do you give this lier the time of day

  • Dennis Anschau
    Dennis Anschau 8 months ago

    Same S Different D

  • Kimberly Hoppe-Walker
    Kimberly Hoppe-Walker 8 months ago

    So - blood means a hybrid reptilian? Or can it be a hybrid of another alien race?

  • cynthia taylor
    cynthia taylor 8 months ago

    Is it true Bush Sr is hiding in a bunker under his house in Houston?