Scientists simulate jet colliding with World Trade Center

  • Published on Jun 15, 2007

    Computer science animation of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center News release at

  • Sam
    Sam 2 years ago

    Not trying to be funny at all, but after 911 I always thought that if I worked in a sky scraper I would have a parachute under my desk.

  • Imparren
    Imparren 1 year ago

    Honestly, My mother was one of the lucky ones. She worked in the tower that was hit second. She told me as she was entering to go in, the first tower was hit and she of course was scared, and she bolted out of there. She of course ran far from it but she stayed to see what had happened. I was born in 1999, I had turned two, 11 days after 9/11. If my mom hadn't gotten out of there, I wouldn't have had a mother. And Grandma would have lost her eldest daughter. I am grateful that I still have my mother with me to this day, and I pray for all the kids, and people who had lost their family members on this horrific day.

  • Matt Jackson
    Matt Jackson 8 months ago

    What a joke,aluminum destroying steel......

  • Miss Mistinguette
    Miss Mistinguette 9 months ago

    paper world trade center

  • Aaron Parker
    Aaron Parker 3 weeks ago

    7/11 was a part-time job

  • Bassman
    Bassman 2 years ago

    The plane, that is virtually made of aluminum, hits the second tower and cuts through a steel and concrete building, in tact, like a knife through butter, no wing or tail damage, but the plane that hits the Pentagon virtually disappears, engines and all, wings collapse, engines disintegrate, no seats, luggage, just disappears. You can't have it both ways and besides, both scenarios defy the laws of physics !

  • Max Luv
    Max Luv 10 months ago

    911 was an inside job

  • Richard Taare Kerei
    Richard Taare Kerei 10 months ago

    Americans still not willing to admit that Sep11 was inside job. Planned and carried out by its own Goverment departments. C. I. A.. F. B. I, Bush Family, Cock Cheaney, Con da people Rice. Col powell . 911 commission, N. I. S. T Even surpreme judges that awarded the oval office to Bush All should be held for treason. Don't be stupid America in numbers together we can bring evil government down. N. W. O took over when assinated J. F. K

  • Smokealotapotamous
    Smokealotapotamous 10 months ago

    stopped watching at 1:00 when aluminum wings cut right through reinforced steel beams. This could never happen.

  • Sailboat Bob
    Sailboat Bob 10 months ago

    What crap! the outer steel of the building is 2.5 in thick. Think of a cereal box all the sides are 2.5 in thick. total of 5 inches. So you're telling me that a aluminum tube can slice not only the front side it hit, cut all the steel columns on the inside of the building, but still have the exact same amount of energy to punch out the 5 in thick steel on the other side of the building??? Science is only proven when the experiment can be done multiply of times. Let me see you push a beer can through just a 1 inch sheet of steel, and come out the other side

  • Tun Piccolo
    Tun Piccolo 1 year ago

    Any computer simulation on how the passports survived? Not trolling, just curious

  • marcio
    marcio 8 months ago

    Hoax. How the plane cut these thick collumns?

  • XxSlayer7745251xX
    XxSlayer7745251xX 1 year ago

    It Wasn't A Plane, It Was Bombs, EXPLAIN THAT, I Mean. You Can CLEARLY See The Controlled Blast In All The Videos. A Plane Can't Break Reinforced Steel Beams Or Whatever, Why Else Do People Cut Out The First Bit Of The "Plane" Hitting?

  • Curtis Canak
    Curtis Canak 9 months ago

    People who refuse to accept what is obvious to others, will never be convinced. People who understand the natural laws of physics will never be dissuaded. The latter is an infinitely smaller group of people. This is what the "perpetrators of fraud" continue to count on. Sandyhook is another classic example. They don't have to fool everyone, just the majority. And sadly, the majority is more than willing to accept what they're being told and what they believe they're seeing on TV -- thereby ensuring the perpetrators prevail.

  • Terry Conspiracy
    Terry Conspiracy 11 months ago (edited)

    This animated model, does not represent the structures that were the WTC Towers... at all. At one acre per floor, the Twin Towers boasted balloon construction, free-span floors. The load bearing beams depicted in this animation, did not exist in the real building. . The entire weight of the buildings, was carried by the outer walls, and 47- 4 inch steel box columns in the centre of the building, creating the elevator shafts. The floors themselves were made of corrugated steel, levelled with 4 inches of poured concrete. This video is a fairy tale for the uninformed, ... nothing more. Here's a challenge for everyone. Find an image of corrugated steel flooring in the rubble. I have seen none. There should have been 100 acres of wall to wall industrial carpeting in the 'pile'. That stuff is almost as indestructible as corrugated steel. Try to find even one image containing carpeting. I have tried, and I can not even find one image of carpet, or corrugated steel. That, means something.

  • Irvin Wittmeier
    Irvin Wittmeier 8 months ago

    The airplane would have been crushed like a beer can on the solid steel building and all the kerosene would have flashed off right then in a huge fire ball your a shill it was a inside job

  • Jes Allen
    Jes Allen 1 year ago

    This video sponsored by the FBI and CIA.

  • Henri Lebesgue
    Henri Lebesgue 1 month ago

    If a bird can destroy a plane, aluminum can destroy steel.

  • derbigpr500
    derbigpr500 3 years ago

    The amount of imbeciles who are not only highly unintelligent, but also TOTALLY uneducated in any physics or engineering related topic is staggering...and they have the fact to call others "sheep" or "blind to the truth".