• Published on Nov 22, 2016
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    Faceoff; Interloper; Invariance; Oppressive Gloom; Stormfront; The Descent; Prelude & Action; All This;


    Music: Kevin MacLeod (


    Henry Gunther Memorial, Concord via Wikipedia Commons


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    Lyn MacDonald, To the Last Man: Spring 1918


    Gary Sheffield, A Short History of the First World War


    All 5 parts of Epic History TV's history of World War One in one place. From the Schlieffen Plan to the Versailles Treaty, this is 65 minutes of non-stop WW1 history. Recommended books on WW1 (use affiliate link to buy on Amazon & support the channel): Hew Strachan, The First World War: A New History

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  • Rizon1985
    Rizon1985 1 year ago

    When you start work on a WW2 series, consider adding an averaged total death counter on the screen. Not big or with anything to draw lots of attention. Just a reminder that the human race should never spend so many casualties on a conflict. Ie if the video is 60 minutes long, make the counter go up by 22000 every second.

  • Luka Calle
    Luka Calle 1 year ago

    the americans came in literally at the 55:00 minute mark in an hour long video on WWI. goes to show how little they did in comparison to everyone else. I wish hollywood and video game companies would get the idea

  • KestrelTapes
    KestrelTapes 11 months ago

    You deserve more than 158k subs. You should have millions with this amazing work and effort put into these videos. Keep up the great work

  • Berry Juice
    Berry Juice 6 months ago

    Austro-Hungary: It's over Italy, I have the high ground. Italy: You underestimate my power. Austro-Hungary: Don't try it Italy. Italy: (tries it and fails)

  • BenBomb5
    BenBomb5 1 year ago

    Hm, it's 2:00 am, and I really need sleep. However, I'm a history nerd who is obsessed with WW1. The choice is clear. Sleep is for the weak

  • Cookies Cookies
    Cookies Cookies 8 months ago

    I didn't even care that this was an hour long. The music, the representation, the design, the execution was all beautiful and I learned a lot, more than what I did at school. Amazing video. Once i start working I'll for sure donate.

  • Charango123quena
    Charango123quena 1 year ago

    Relly enjoyed watching these documentaries but also very depressed at the pointless loss of lives , its a wonder how we haven't gone extinct

  • Hamfish
    Hamfish 1 month ago

    Who else it watching this in 2018. up the boys.

  • Arcamemnon
    Arcamemnon 1 year ago

    The thing that always gets me when watching/reading about WWI, is the utter inability of high command to apply critical thinking in real time. Every major battle resulted in massive never before seen levels of casualties with little or no gain. Yet time and again the high command continues its suicidal frontal attacks year after year sending men into walls of machine gun bullets. No one seems to have held up their hand and said wait a sec this ain't working so lets stop killing off an entire generation of men for nothing. The inhumanity of thinking about which side will run out of men first to try and reach victory instead of trying to simply end a war that is being fought for little more than nations honoring their treaty obligations. Just insane.

  • Herbivore The Carnivore
    Herbivore The Carnivore 1 year ago (edited)

    One hour of his soothing voice.

  • ks sreejith
    ks sreejith 4 months ago

    So the germans pretty much faced the french+british+canadian+australian+US+british raj troups alone. And still held out in a war of attrition for 4 years. Austro-Hungary faced Russian+Romanian+Serbian+Italian troups similarly. So did the ottomans who faced British+Russian+French+Rebells Damn.... That is quiet impressive. And amidst a naval blockade by the best navy in the world, you gotta hand it to them. They're tough....

  • LopsidedEdits
    LopsidedEdits 1 year ago

    Learning history has never been more fun

  • EpicHawk
    EpicHawk 3 months ago

    Omg this is exactly what I was looking for when I typed in WW1 documentary

  • Rorona D. Zoro
    Rorona D. Zoro 10 months ago

    this channel is better than history channel

  • Osca Carrillo
    Osca Carrillo 1 year ago

    Pretty much Germany taking on the entire world

    NO FUN NO LIFE 1 year ago

    after all i just watched i can only think of one word ( madness )

  • R B
    R B 1 month ago

    At the end of the video, I felt greatful and privileged to have the food to eat, job to go to, air to breathe and freedom to experience. It's a testament to how deeply engrossing this video was. I was engulfed by the story telling. Just wow

  • Evren Saygın
    Evren Saygın 11 months ago

    The comments here are all unbiased and objective, like the video which im surprised. Great job and nice community!

  • JIG2000
    JIG2000 3 months ago

    "This is not peace. It is an armistice for twenty years" 1919+20=1939 It sends shivers down my spine that Marshal Foch's words foreshadowed a worse and horrific World War