• Published on Jun 6, 2018
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  • The Oil Wife Life: Uncensored
    The Oil Wife Life: Uncensored 1 week ago

    Please do not direct any hate whatsoever at Nina or her fans. That is not what we do, and this video was not made to incite hate. Nina needs lifted up and encouraged, no matter how much she may resent it. This video was made to set the record straight and give my two cents. Thank you for watching!

  • Amanda Redmon
    Amanda Redmon 1 week ago (edited)

    Exactly. She eats lobster and crab almost daily but cant afford her trips to see her son. She doesnt GAF. Its sad

  • The Lady Lotus
    The Lady Lotus 1 week ago (edited)

    Ya forgot that she scammed her subscribers out of thousands of dollars and begs daily for more instead of getting a job. Her entire "storyline" is all an act. She is a bum Period and needs to be committed. She cares more about herself than her son but uses him when its convenient begging for money.

  • Amanda Redmon
    Amanda Redmon 1 week ago (edited)

    Nono is straight trash. Seriously. I cant. She puts her crap out there for everyone to see. Its insanity. I used to watch her until she held her son hostage and pulled a gun on her boyfriend/husband 

  • SmittenKitten
    SmittenKitten 1 week ago

    Another excellent dissection. I'm afraid the comments might turn... ahem... interesting...

  • Apple Slices Unite
    Apple Slices Unite 1 week ago

    She refuses to move to Nevada even if living in Florida gets in the way of her getting her son. She uses her son as a banner to get free stuff from her subscribers. She flips one scam after the next to get money and gifts. The new subscribers who are not aware of her many scams are falling deep for this one. I stepped away from the story because, its like beating a dead horse.

  • Hollye Rorabaugh
    Hollye Rorabaugh 1 week ago (edited)

    I get paranoid on pot I can’t even smoke it causes severe anxiety for ME BUT I do believe it should be legalized in every state. I’ve been watching a lot of videos ab Nina on viewers voice/ Nick Snider. (He WAS friends with her.) She never owns her shit. And you look gorgeous btw. I am crazy 

  • Amanda Redmon
    Amanda Redmon 1 week ago (edited)

    New sub here from nicks channel. Thanks! I love this video!

  • WouldYouJust _
    WouldYouJust _ 1 week ago

    She's my fave trainwreck... Thanks my dude. ❤️

  • not kaitlyn
    not kaitlyn 1 week ago

    This woman is a professional finesser

  • Thee Mademoiselle
    Thee Mademoiselle 1 week ago

    You are completely right, I still think she is nuts and I had to unsub from her lols

  • Farah 77 McCormick
    Farah 77 McCormick 1 week ago

    This is one of the most thorough, well orated videos I have EVER seen on Youtube. With no exaggeration this is done in true journalist style. I am blown away- Bravo! Oh and this Nina....smh lol

  • Gatica
    Gatica 1 week ago

    Oh wow I hadn't seen that username in ages. I watched her during the Trisha Paytas swap "drama", watched a bit of her channel which was fairly innocent, when saw her popping up again during messy custody battle and that news about the police stand off but after that I just sort of forgot about her - I'm surprised she's still around. There's something so wild to me about youtube and other video sharing platforms that allow us such candid views into the lives of some very mentally ill people, things I'd consider exploitative if someone else was doing to them but it's something they're ultimately doing to themselves. Also your assessment about her probably wanting to get back to a luxury style of living is probably not too far off... BTW your hair looks adorable!

  • Ava tx
    Ava tx 1 week ago

    wow the ex boyfriend totally downplayed that incident....

  • Courtney Marks
    Courtney Marks 1 week ago

    Okay so this is the girl Nick Snyder talks about. That's all I've seen is her in his titles A lot. I need go in case idk who she is but daaamn. This was a great video!! Very enjoyable!...I love how far into depth you go into with these videos you try to give everyone a fair shot! Very admirable

  • Linda Tannock McChlery
    Linda Tannock McChlery 1 week ago

    Is she for real?!! Great video as always! Love your channel 

  • Daniela
    Daniela 1 week ago

    I’m like 3 seconds in and I already hate her

  • Eri
    Eri 1 week ago

    I had a long comment typed and then my computer restarted lmao I'm glad that you included the part about how everyone has something crazy about them, because I was kind of talking to my mom about our own trauma and how there isn't enough time in 1 day to give someone enough context so that they wouldn't tell us to just "grow up". My dad was murdered when I was 4 yrs old and it completely scarred me. Intense separation anxiety and a constant fear of someone else in my family dying so suddenly. I used to sit on the top of our staircase and watch my mom go to work, crying my eyes out because I was convinced she wouldn't come back home. I'm 20 now and I would still say one of my biggest fears is becoming orphaned. My mom has to drive 90 miles round-trip to work every day and I call her at least twice a day, and I tell her I love her every time, even if we're fighting and I'm upset at her. The only time I don't feel this fear is when I'm asleep, it starts the second I wake up, and I definitely do still get nightmares about it 16 yrs later. I mean, call me paranoid and crazy but I was traumatized by it at such a young age. The shit that happens when you're a kid sculpts who you are as a person. I don't even think enough therapy could really unravel just how much my view of the world and my priorities morphed based on it. Uh, anyways, I appreciate you acknowledging that lol my mom likes to say "everyone has their story" as in, everyone goes through something or experiences something that's sensitive and changes them. Really bad breakups, abuse, a loved one dying. Everyone will have something like that. Onto the main topic...... there's lots of Ninas in my family. Lots of people who really genuinely want to be a mother and love their kids, but fail to do it. My mom raised 3 of my cousins & my aunt, every mother's day, calls my mom & is passive aggressive about her kids seeing her sister as their mom. My mom specifically did not take custody of them so that she had the chance & motivation to get clean/sober and be their mom, for the record. It's not anyone's fault but her own that her kids (who I consider & love as my brothers) see my mom as their mom. My mom loved them as her own, put them through college, gives them advice and puts her whole soul into making them feel loved and wanted. That's what mothers are supposed to do. I'm unfortunately too used to it to really be bothered by Nina, though I do severely sympathize with her kids.

  • Gabby Sidebe
    Gabby Sidebe 1 week ago

    You are the class the YouTube gossip genre needs. Well researched, eloquent, and honest content. Love you lady!

  • Apple Slices Unite
    Apple Slices Unite 1 week ago

    @9:39 you say its legal to move the child out of state without the other parents okay, actually that's not true. There is law that prevents this. If a parent wants to move the child, they either have to get permission from the other parent or go to court to dispute why the parent wants to move with said child. Its called "Custody and relocation law"