Travis Scott - SICKO MODE (Audio)

  • Published on Aug 2, 2018
  • (C) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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  • silver
    silver 2 months ago

    the music vid is gonna be so weird

  • Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato
    Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato 2 days ago

    This is like a mixtape in 1 song

  • Shalom Aideyan
    Shalom Aideyan 6 days ago

    Drake been spending too much time with the migos with all them ad lips

  • Trinity KHUX
    Trinity KHUX 1 week ago

    First part at 0:00 Second part at 1:01 Third part at 2:57 This is mainly for my benefit. If anyone else uses this then that's great.

  • Rick James
    Rick James 5 hours ago

    Can't get enough of this song and JEW - Jedi 

  • Dat
    Dat 2 months ago

    drink each time the beat changes

  • Zay Nation
    Zay Nation 4 days ago

    This go harder than my dad's belt

    ETHAN 2 days ago

    This song is a perfectly engineered banger. It is short and snappy in its parts, there is a long buildup, but its perfect for clubs and parties. The 2nd part is eeries and heavy in bass, and the third part is a super lowest common denominator trap song that is so generic that its hard to not find it catchy. I remembered most of the lyrics to this song after about three listens and its a 5:00 minute song, so it is very appearant that this song was designed to be as infectious as possible. This song is going to be perfect for pre-game practice at sporting events as well, with its long build-up and very glorious/bragadocious vibe. Honestly this song is pretty brilliant in its cultivation of everything that makes a rap song as infectious as possible. This song covers as many bases as possible.

  • davinci
    davinci 1 week ago

    beat switched faster than my friends switching on me

  • sopheap pen
    sopheap pen 1 day ago

    The music video for this song is gonna be like goosebumps on LSD

  • I love food But I don’t like you
    I love food But I don’t like you 2 months ago

    It’s actually kinda smart that he didn’t put features so ppl don’t just click on certain songs because of it

  • Tidewater Bran
    Tidewater Bran 5 days ago

    Showed this to my homework It ate my dog

  • Opoloto
    Opoloto 5 days ago (edited)

    did you know..... if you click read more dont you think you can spend the time to like this comment? EDIT: first time I've gotten a like

  • Omar Abdalla
    Omar Abdalla 1 week ago

    I showed this to my parents Now im up for adoption

  • Salori Kka
    Salori Kka 6 days ago

    Dj: What kind of beat do you want? Travis: Beat changes Dj: Alright, but what kind of beat? Travis: Beat changes Dj: ALRIGH, BEAT CHANGES, WHAT KIND OF BEAT CHANGES AND HOW OFTEN DO YOU WANT THEM Travis: BeAt cHangES

  • Music Refrain
    Music Refrain 2 months ago (edited)

    Swae Lee sings "Someone said" earns more money than I will ever in my life

  • The Vanity
    The Vanity 6 days ago

    Track 3 This track called sicko mode

  • GodForAReason
    GodForAReason 2 days ago

    Who else is only here for 1:04 ? Only me? Ok fine.

  • Girls Love Girls And Boys
    Girls Love Girls And Boys 6 days ago

    Kylie Jenner has entered the chat

  • Kwame Appiah
    Kwame Appiah 3 days ago

    The opening moments of sicko mode are like black super hero music