• Published on Apr 23, 2017
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  • Anony
    Anony 1 year ago (edited)

    at least the your nurse does that. my school nurse says to call your mom before you can even tell her what's wrong. funny vid btw 

  • drippy the plug12
    drippy the plug12 9 months ago

    Face expression is funny asf

  • j sj
    j sj 2 months ago

    Just take the bandaid CALL AN AMBULANCE Me:❤

  • Daphne Bunnyhaven
    Daphne Bunnyhaven 2 months ago

    Me: nurse my stomach hurts Nurse: here hands me ice pack go back to class

  • Itz_medanielle123
    Itz_medanielle123 8 months ago

    This is soooo my school nurse.

  • C-Lo
    C-Lo 1 year ago

    Hahaha you are hilarious

  • Jaedyn Plays
    Jaedyn Plays 2 months ago

    “School Nurse (datway)” XD omggg

  • Ashley Villeda
    Ashley Villeda 2 months ago

    This is my 3 nurses we have lol a lot of nurses 1: me:” Hi.. i have a soar through and my stomach hurts” Nurse:” ok here’s an ice pack” Me: takes the ice pack In my head: HOW IS AN ICE PACK SUPPOSE TO HELP THIS?!! 2: me: “Hi um I have a stomach ache” Nurse:” ok then!” gives me a band aid Me : um takes band aid Nurse: “ Bye now! Head : HOW TF IS THIS SUPPOSE TO HELP?! 3: me: “ Hi I have a stomach ache ” Nurse: “ Ok well?” Me: “ it hurts..” Nurse:” well we can’t do anything so goodbye!” Me: wow Head: BISH

  • Pyt. Myyy
    Pyt. Myyy 9 months ago

    All over my district they never do nun but give u a ice pack only other time they not is if you bleeding

  • SmartNinjaGamer
    SmartNinjaGamer 3 months ago

    They give ice packs for everything

  • Lil O sheik
    Lil O sheik 8 months ago

    your Videos are Hilarious bro.

  • typical city girl
    typical city girl 3 months ago

    All the school nurse does is give u a bandaid or an ice pack. That’s all they do and you just think : why do I even bother at this point? LOL I don’t see the purpose of the school nurse plus’s she will call your mom and that’s it . Not even like they are professionals they just act like they can do anything.‍♀️

  • a.h.linda !
    a.h.linda ! 3 months ago

    My School Nurse:"Im sure ice would help!" what is ice gonna do?

  • Keondre 542
    Keondre 542 3 months ago (edited)

    Kyle:Doc this isn't going to help I need crutches and pain medication Doc:Now you just being dramatic

  • Micah Johnson
    Micah Johnson 3 months ago

    My friend broke his arm and the school tied a ice pack on his arm lol

  • Dalilah Santiago
    Dalilah Santiago 7 months ago

    That is straight up true but instead of a band aid they would give u an ice pack XD

  • Ivy cur
    Ivy cur 4 months ago

    My nurse said I was being dramatic when I broke my finger lol

  • Iaeline Taylor
    Iaeline Taylor 11 months ago

    When I was in 5th grade I went to the nurse because I had a wood chip in my eye and my eye was like blood red and swollen and you know what she did? Looked me dead in the face and said "what's wrong with ya?!" And I just pointed to my eye and you know what her cure was? She told me to go lay down! On top of that she told me she'd rinse it out with drops for me, forgot about me for an hour, nobody would call my mom to get me, and once I FINALLY got the dang thing out and my eye was going back to normal...she said laying down fixes everything...needless to say my mom left the school a very angry voicemail 

  • The Brain_19YT
    The Brain_19YT 1 year ago

    Notification squad stand up

  • the unakitty 523
    the unakitty 523 10 months ago

    How you describe school nurses yyyyyaaaas I like it cuz it's true lol