• Published on Apr 23, 2017
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  • j sj
    j sj 5 months ago

    Just take the bandaid CALL AN AMBULANCE Me:❤

  • drippy the plug12
    drippy the plug12 11 months ago

    Face expression is funny asf

  • Daphne Bunnyhaven
    Daphne Bunnyhaven 5 months ago

    Me: nurse my stomach hurts Nurse: here hands me ice pack go back to class

  • Ashley Villeda
    Ashley Villeda 5 months ago

    This is my 3 nurses we have lol a lot of nurses 1: me:” Hi.. i have a soar through and my stomach hurts” Nurse:” ok here’s an ice pack” Me: takes the ice pack In my head: HOW IS AN ICE PACK SUPPOSE TO HELP THIS?!! 2: me: “Hi um I have a stomach ache” Nurse:” ok then!” gives me a band aid Me : um takes band aid Nurse: “ Bye now! Head : HOW TF IS THIS SUPPOSE TO HELP?! 3: me: “ Hi I have a stomach ache ” Nurse: “ Ok well?” Me: “ it hurts..” Nurse:” well we can’t do anything so goodbye!” Me: wow Head: BISH

  • Anony
    Anony 1 year ago (edited)

    at least the your nurse does that. my school nurse says to call your mom before you can even tell her what's wrong. funny vid btw 

  • Micah Johnson
    Micah Johnson 5 months ago

    My friend broke his arm and the school tied a ice pack on his arm lol

  • Jaedyn Plays
    Jaedyn Plays 5 months ago

    “School Nurse (datway)” XD omggg

  • SmartNinjaGamer
    SmartNinjaGamer 5 months ago

    They give ice packs for everything

  • bbygirldaii
    bbygirldaii 10 months ago

    This is soooo my school nurse.

  • C-Lo
    C-Lo 1 year ago

    Hahaha you are hilarious

  • Blank -Blank
    Blank -Blank 4 months ago

    FOR MEH THEY BE LIKE Nurse:*checks temperature*You don't have a fever go to class Meh:BUT I JUST THREW UP Throws up in trash can Nurse:GO TO CLASS

  • typical city girl
    typical city girl 5 months ago

    All the school nurse does is give u a bandaid or an ice pack. That’s all they do and you just think : why do I even bother at this point? LOL I don’t see the purpose of the school nurse plus’s she will call your mom and that’s it . Not even like they are professionals they just act like they can do anything.‍♀️

  • Keondre 542
    Keondre 542 5 months ago (edited)

    Kyle:Doc this isn't going to help I need crutches and pain medication Doc:Now you just being dramatic

  • Dalilah Santiago
    Dalilah Santiago 9 months ago

    That is straight up true but instead of a band aid they would give u an ice pack XD

  • Lil O sheik
    Lil O sheik 11 months ago

    your Videos are Hilarious bro.

  • Ivy cur
    Ivy cur 7 months ago

    My nurse said I was being dramatic when I broke my finger lol

  • a.h.linda !
    a.h.linda ! 5 months ago

    My School Nurse:"Im sure ice would help!" what is ice gonna do?

  • Your girl Rylee
    Your girl Rylee 4 months ago

    Lol one time my arm was in the shape of an S and all the nurse gave me was ice and a paper towel. Later I went to the hospital and I broke my wrist,elbow,and my shoulder and the nurse got fired

  • Jjjgggttis
    Jjjgggttis 3 months ago

    Me: “hi my head hurts” Nurse: “ok here’s a band aid” Me: ‍♂️

  • Ishika Modi
    Ishika Modi 5 months ago

    Once one of my friends broke 3 of her toes, and the nurse told her it would be okay. Later that day, she went to a real doctor that told her she needed a cast for a few months.