Carson Can’t Keep Up with Rodney Dangerfield’s Non-Stop One-Liners (1974)

  • Published on Mar 5, 2018




    Rodney Dangerfield delivered so many jokes that night, Carson had to break for commercials. Originally aired September 2, 1974 on the Tonight Show. 02:01 “When I was a kid, my old man didn't help me either. I asked my old man if I can go ice skating on the lake, he told me to wait 'till it gets warmer.” 07:27 “My wife's a cold person. Her side of the waterbed is frozen.” 09:07 “Doctors say when a man makes love to a woman, he burns up energy, he loses 150 calories. I made love to a girl once and lost even more. I lost 150 calories, my watch and my wallet.” Subscribe to channel:

  • LanceCampeau
    LanceCampeau 2 months ago

    Finally.... he's getting some respect.

  • Ken A
    Ken A 2 months ago

    I miss quality comedians like him and Carson. Today, the late night shows are full of scumbags and worthless entertainers.

  • Charles Agnello
    Charles Agnello 5 months ago

    What the hell happened over the last 30 years? From Johnny Carson to a schmuck like Jimmy Kimmel. Sad.

  • Tyrone Shoelaces
    Tyrone Shoelaces 5 months ago

    The coke in '74 must have been FIRE.

  • Dr. Zoidberg
    Dr. Zoidberg 6 months ago

    He never did loosen that tie.

  • 4640jds
    4640jds 4 months ago (edited)

    The other night there was a fire in my house. The kids were running around screaming. My wife said, “be quiet kids, you’ll wake your dad.” No respect.

  • Arnz- Creicher
    Arnz- Creicher 2 months ago

    Proof that you don't have to be vulgar to be funny. CLASS!

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson 2 months ago

    "Siskel and Ebert saw my movie. They both gave me 1 finger up".

  • Avalon Justin
    Avalon Justin 5 months ago

    That self-depreciating humor he had just resonates with people. He knew the human condition and encouraged us to find the humor in it. A true legend of comedy!

  • pschroeter1
    pschroeter1 6 months ago

    "My wife's cooking is so bad the flies got together and fixed the hole in the screen door."

  • Leon Taylor
    Leon Taylor 4 months ago

    not one curse word. WHAT A CLASSY GUY! I MISS HIM.

  • Ceo founder
    Ceo founder 1 week ago

    Rodney Dangerfield was comedy awesomeness! Most hilarious one-liners without profanities nor racism. Pure comedic genius! God bless his soul. Lots of laughs in heaven!

  • Jef Rey
    Jef Rey 2 months ago

    I saw him perform at the Flamingo in Vegas around 1983ish. I know, I am old, but he was the best stand up comic I have ever seen and I have seen him, eddie murphy, Red Foxx, and George Carlin. Vegas was so much fun to live in back in the late 60s- mid 80s. Now it is just too much. I haven't been back to vegas in a few decades and dont want to. When it was mob owned it was far classier and they took care of customers so much better!

  • SixSentSoldiers
    SixSentSoldiers 5 months ago

    Oh the good old days. Carson was such a comfort zone. Every night...Carson Show. He made fun of all political figures. Not to much, not to little. Things are just fucked now a days.

  • David Mohr
    David Mohr 2 months ago

    He was so awesome in Caddy Shack still one of the funniest movies ever :-)

  • Gregory Hall
    Gregory Hall 4 months ago

    There are no more jokes; Rodney used them all!

  • Resident_Savage
    Resident_Savage 3 months ago

    What a lot of people don't know about Rodney, is that he was very insecure. and he suffered from depression and he dealt with it on stage. but one thing for sure there will never be another comic like him. he will be missed always greatly.

  • xs10tl1
    xs10tl1 2 months ago

    And now we have beta-boy propagandists kimmell, fallon and colbert.

  • Jordan Little
    Jordan Little 4 months ago

    1974 and it's still funnier than anything Seth MacFarlane ever made, ever! EVER!

  • Not Bill Gates
    Not Bill Gates 5 months ago

    FCKIN NON STOP HAYMAKERS!!! That's why the man is a LEGEND