The Sermon That Shocked Everyone. UNFORGETTABLE ENDING!

  • Published on Apr 22, 2014
  • Pastor Jeff Durbin was a keynote speaker at the 2014 IGNITE Conference. He was asked to speak about proclaiming the Gospel. What happened in the sermon shocked everyone in the room and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. This sermon will challenge you to your core and we hope you would feel led to share it with everyone you know. This has never been done before. Watch it to see. Find out more at

  • Bangla Funny Talkies
    Bangla Funny Talkies 1 year ago

    that sermon was so powerfull ..i dont understand English. i know little bi t and payer for me i wanna changing my min...that baby was so sweet ..i love that video ..payer for my mother and me .i want a job soon because i have finance problem ....i know jesus is our provider ..i wanna work and preaching his word ...jesus is our only Savior. i am in Bangladesh.

  • Victoria Nells
    Victoria Nells 1 year ago

    We are so guilty of not laying our whole lives down. Jesus forgive us..forgive me.

  • Joseph Neigh
    Joseph Neigh 2 years ago

    Finally a preacher that represents true Biblical Christianity! I wonder if this guy does any street preaching. Would love to see him in action... Thanks for sharing this.

  • Perfect Peace Ministries
    Perfect Peace Ministries 8 months ago

    Beautiful. The Gospel of Jesus Christ... this is Good News. Tremendous.... look at Jesus...He shows us how to live--to save, set free, deliver, cast out demons and to celebrate life. Hallelujah! That is Life More Abundantly! Hallelujah! Saints let's be about our Father's business...we are More than Conquerors...Everyday. Let's drop the spiritual bomb on the enemy and his diabolical schemes... it's called LOVE! Hallelujah! Preach the Word...the Word is Life, Health, Salvation and EVERYTHING we need. Thank you Pastor Jeff, God bless you ...Lord give your people an ear to hear and to be not hearers only but DOERS in JESUS name. Amen.

  • Ben Lawrence
    Ben Lawrence 2 years ago

    My and my girlfriend had an abortion 5 years ago. I was in a dark place with drink, drugs and depression. I have recently stopped and am seeking the lord and reading my bible everyday. While making dinner I suddenly thought about it and got on my knees and begged for forgivness. A hour later I searched for a sermon on youtube for the first time and watched this not knowing what it was about. Obviously not a coincidence. What do you think god is trying to tell me? God Bless

  • Indianlove
    Indianlove 2 years ago

    All my questions..Our Holy Father has a wonderful of showing you what you need to do..I will die for CHRIST he did it for me..

  • Matthew Chalupnicek
    Matthew Chalupnicek 2 years ago

    I know what's shocking here and I don't know how people don't see it. it's shocking that God would love a sinner such as me and you. it's shocking that my life wasn't taken when I was actively defying God in my sin. it's shocking that the God of this universe took on flesh to suffer and die in our place. it's shocking that the Gospel is so powerful that it actually causes women who are about to kill their children to repent and bring life into this world. that decision is more than a decision, it's like Jeff said, it's a Gospel issue. people make good decisions everyday, but are they as heart changing as that! no. plus our righteous deeds are as filthy rags. shame on any Christian who questions Jefs integrity here. but if you're not a Christian than I totally understand. why would this shock you? of course you can judge motives and assume that Jeff is using sensationalism to manipulate people. who are you to judge oh man!! you're standard is not God honoring and your heart is lost. repent and believe the Gospel and only then will you see this as God's grace upon sinful people and not men trying to manipulate with emotion. whether you believe in Jesus or not, all should remember Christ's words in Matthew 12:36, "...that men will have to give an account on judgement day for every careless word they have spoken." this includes words written even on social media and thoughts also, which Jesus has spoken of in the Bible. good work Apologia and all those who support this ministry. the Gospel is life to those it's saving and death to those who are perishing.

  • chris linggood
    chris linggood 1 year ago (edited)

    lord. please. forgive me for my sins to all the people. I've hurt I'm sorry. and. for not believing. in you. I ask for your forgiveness. . Bless the lord jesus. christ. amen.. from your child of this earth.

  • Sharron Heuer
    Sharron Heuer 8 months ago

    The reason churches fail is because of love of the worldly things and selfish desires. Deny yourself and follow Jesus. DENY DENY DENY. Churches now days just want money and fame. Pastors think they are right no matter what because they went to school, whether their teachings are biblical or not. Great video

  • Ra'hab-Channah Iguptuk
    Ra'hab-Channah Iguptuk 2 years ago

    Satan is real indeed. God is an awesome God & I am both humbled & grateful for spiritual leaders who don't sugar coat the truth, as well as the prayers & responses. I pray for us all.

  • Jose Salinas
    Jose Salinas 1 year ago

    wow need to hear more people like that now a days to tell it like it is and not fake.

  • Kevin Page
    Kevin Page 1 year ago

    His looks are not conventional, but you cannot judge a book by its cover. From what I saw and heard, he spoke the truth. The way he dresses and looks can be used by God to draw in similar people. What's on the inside is more important than what's on the outside.

  • April Marie
    April Marie 1 year ago

    That was beautiful! I want to learn to be that effective!

  • Cheryl Cooper
    Cheryl Cooper 2 years ago

    I'm sharing this wonderful sermon on Facebook with all my friends and acquaintances. Sweet Jesus!!! :-)

  • Liveackto
    Liveackto 8 months ago

    Powerful sermon. I pray my brothers and sisters make it through the storm. Pray for me guys and I for you. 

  • Mr. G.
    Mr. G. 9 months ago

    I'm fighting stage 4 liver cancer, I don't believe God is calling me home. There's family that want to plan a funeral asking me about life insurance etc. Yes it hurts me they have no faith I do. I have faith I'll be healed in Jesus name I pray.

  • Raymond Shaffer
    Raymond Shaffer 1 year ago

    preaching Jesus, telling people to repent. didnt hear anything thats was contrary to scripture.

  • Raymond Shaffer
    Raymond Shaffer 1 year ago

    john the baptist would never be allowed in most churches, didnt have fancy cloths lol

  • sheila shaver
    sheila shaver 2 years ago

    Everyone needs to hear this message.  "If you come to serve Jesus, come to save the lives that are lost!"-Jeff Durbin

  • Ena Diedericks
    Ena Diedericks 1 year ago

    Apologia - why is this video so titled? It sounds so much propaganda like to attract entertainment seekers? The message is a good one which many believers should hear and be reminded of. Why not rather attract viewers with a title pointing to Jesus.