WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un summit in Singapore

  • Streamed live on Jun 11, 2018

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    U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are scheduled to meet for historic talks on June 12 in Singapore. For more info, please go to

  • Captain Rimmer
    Captain Rimmer 2 months ago

    Kim must be doing this as a request from China. I have no doubt at all. China feel threatened with America being on their doorstep . Especially while China is pushing their way into the South China seas by building Islands and placing military installations on them. There is more to this than meets the eye. China has forced Kim to do this so China will maintain a military advantage in the region. Trump has agreed to cease all war games along the South and North Korean border. With America out the way China can press on and further into the South China seas. I dont trust Kim and China at all. Kim recently went to Beijing and now this. I smell a rat and the rat is China! China could easily give NK nukes when needed. These talks with Kim also feeds Trumps huge ego and China realise this and think that the west is naive and cant see through their plan of regional dominance

  • Airsoft is Life
    Airsoft is Life 2 months ago

    The Americans didn’t have a peaceful conversation with me

  • King of the night MT
    King of the night MT 2 months ago

    Kim looked so worried. Sweating. And heavy breathes. .

  • Ronda Rousey
    Ronda Rousey 2 months ago

    Looking for sexy man

  • Dark Zapp
    Dark Zapp 2 months ago

    Time to Denuclearize Israel and free Palestine.

  • Rebecca Leanna Dieter
    Rebecca Leanna Dieter 2 months ago

    Amazing. This is set up for respect.

  • Maneki Neko
    Maneki Neko 2 months ago

    This is an awesome piece of history, Thank you, Great vid