Comedians VS Comedians Feuds and Insults

  • Published on Jan 15, 2017
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    A compilation of the very best comedy rivalries and feuds which gave us the funniest insults and wittiest comebacks. Featured Comics: Sam Kinison VS Andrew Dice Clay Andrew Dice Clay and Sam Kinison had a major public feud during the late 80s and early 90s. They were the two biggest comedians at the time with similar acts that featured vulgarity and profanity. However, Kinison accused Dice of stealing his jokes. Louis CK VS Denis Leary "Asshole" is a song by comedian Denis Leary from his album No Cure for Cancer. In an appearance on The Opie and Anthony Show, Louis CK claimed that Leary stole his routine and turned into a hit song. Leary later disputed the claim, asserting that he co-wrote the song with Chris Phillips. Eddie Murphy VS Bill Cosby Eddie Murphy Raw is a 1987 stand-up comedy special, during which Murphy recounted a phone call from Bill Cosby chastising him for using profanity on stage. The bit became the centerpiece of the hugely successful film. Cosby responded by calling Murphy a liar even though he didn’t deny the phone call. Richard Pryor VS Chevy Chase In 1977, Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase both went on the Tonight Show to plug their respective TV specials, airing back-to-back on NBC the following night. NBC’s excitement and the public’s anticipation over Pryor’s looming special were unprecedented. During the interview, Chase’s interruptive taunts from the sidelines irritated Pryor to the point of delivering the memorable blow, “I don’t like Chase." Russell Brand VS Chelsea Handler It’s safe to say Russell Brand & Chelsea Handler share a mutual dislike of one other. Brand’s 2009 guest appearance on Chelsea Lately ignited a hilarious passive aggressive war of insults and comebacks. Dave Chappelle VS Key and Peele Since returning from his hiatus, Dave Chappelle has taken a series of shots at the stars of Comedy Central sketch comedy show, Key and Peele, most recently at the Roots Picnic Festival in 2016. He reportedly said about Key & Peele: “Put some respect on my name. Y'all don't know what I've been through, watching Key & Peele do my show the last five fucking years.” ================================== CHECK OUT OUR SOCIAL MEDIA: ================================== Subscribe:

  • Pepe Assault
    Pepe Assault 1 year ago

    "he's a hooker" wtf is wrong with chevy chase?

  • Madlittlepixel
    Madlittlepixel 1 year ago

    Always liked Leary's acting more than his comedy. Loved Judgement Night.

  • Preston Ellis
    Preston Ellis 1 year ago

    the Pryor and Chase one is just uncomfortable to watch

  • elvis316
    elvis316 1 year ago

    Chappelle is now the Gene Simmons of black comedy. He invented everything. Richard Pryor is the best: I don't like Chevy. Priceless.

  • l8tr597
    l8tr597 1 year ago (edited)

    @9:50 with Russel Brand, best burn ever ‘madam if i had rubber gloves on id do it for you” lmao

  • RealCoolGuy
    RealCoolGuy 1 year ago (edited)

    Chappelle's jokes about Key & Peele seem 100% playful to dissing or beef.. And the Chelsea/Russell thing is just Chelsea being Chelsea and Russell being Russell...

  • DV16
    DV16 1 year ago

    brand has such a crisp cool tongue. this man is gold

  • nat van
    nat van 1 year ago

    Chesley and Russell was just some great back and forth

  • Roma 58
    Roma 58 1 year ago

    I know that it was a joke, but Chevy Chase shouldn't have called Pryor's kid a hooker. Keep the jokes with the adults.

  • guibox3
    guibox3 1 year ago

    Eddie Murphy imitating Richard Pryor doing a stand up routine was great in Raw. lol.

  • Elton Jesus
    Elton Jesus 1 year ago

    leary is a hack.

  • Shockeye00
    Shockeye00 1 year ago

    What the hell was Chevy Chase's problem? STFU and let Pryor talk!

  • Hudson Neuro
    Hudson Neuro 1 year ago

    Holy shit...the tension between Handler and Brand was amazing..and funny!

  • Tony S
    Tony S 1 year ago

    Wtf happened to Andrew Dice? he fell off?

  • datsweetsansabooty
    datsweetsansabooty 1 year ago

    Dice kinda fell off after Kinison died, no more punchlines to steal I suppose

  • Damond Pleasant
    Damond Pleasant 1 year ago

    Russell Brand is a genius. I watched this whole video and I only laughed out loud at him.

  • cotorro granboca
    cotorro granboca 1 year ago

    key and peele are lame they always end very weak. Dave Chapelle is 1 of the most funniest comics of this generation.

  • Malik V
    Malik V 1 year ago

    Damn Russell was mopping that chelsea lady all over the floor. I was busting a gut throughout the whole interview.

  • cleft turnip
    cleft turnip 1 year ago

    dave wasn't funny just bitter

  • F. Mazz.
    F. Mazz. 1 year ago

    I think the Chelsey-Russell exchange was staged, but unscripted. Russell on a good day would annihilate her. The Chase-Pryor feud was in fact real and you can tell Pyor was pissed. When Johnny asked what part his [Pryor] son was playing in the play, Chase says "a hooker." In reality, Pryor grew up in a brothel and his mother was a prostitute and grandmother was a madame. I believe his dad even died there while having sex with a hooker. So when Chase said that about his son, that must have struck the wrong chord in Pryor. Not to mention, Chase was born in to money and comes from a very wealthy, affluent New York family. Just an outsiders observation. Hate Chevy Chase, never thought he was funny. Richard should have knocked him out backstage.