Stand Up Comedy Jokes that ANGERED Audiences

  • Published on Dec 21, 2016
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    This is a compilation of jokes that offended millions and set social media ablaze. This list is NOT my own opinion. It's a list of the most controversial jokes by these comedians. People should realize that comedy is complex and falls into multiple genres with various forms of delivery. A comedy routine is just a performance, For example, Bill Hicks was using deadpan humor to highlight the hypocrisy in people who are disgusted by 2 gay men but are turned on by 2 gay women. And Burr was just telling from his own perspective. We should all learn to have a laugh and not take comedians too seriously. Even though there is a necessity for comedians to be malicious and insulting, as fans of stand-up comedy, we don’t want anything ruining this art form. The never-ending war on political correctness has been growing these past few years. For every person on Twitter who is quick to label a relatively harmless joke as problematic, there is another person who is equally as defensive claiming, “no one can take a joke anymore!" ========================= Featured comedians: ========================= Ricky Gervais Louis CK Joan Rivers Jim Jefferies Bill Burr Eddie Murphy Jerry Seinfeld Robin Williams Bill Hicks Dane Cook =========================== FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA =========================== Subscribe:

  • The Boom Boom Room
    The Boom Boom Room 1 year ago

    lol Seems like some of you were expecting boos and chairs to be thrown because you don't know the definition of audience. An audience can be the readers of a newspaper, viewers of a tv show, listeners of a radio station, twitter followers, etc.

  • Young Frankenstein
    Young Frankenstein 1 year ago

    The second you stated that these jokes "WENT TOO FAR", you landed on the wrong side. As my friend Sterling says quite often, "Phrasing!".

  • Hillary Bright
    Hillary Bright 7 months ago

    The Caitlyn Jenner one was funny and exactly voiced my thoughts on the situation

  • Pagan Pilgrim
    Pagan Pilgrim 8 months ago

    Bill Burr got backlash FOR THAT? That pathetic.

  • ninako
    ninako 7 months ago

    I miss Joan Rivers. One of the best insult comics ever and to be a woman as well... she paid her dues, made it to the top and earned respect from other top tier comedians. I wonder if there’s a female comic out there now who could do it like she did.

  • Tony Storm
    Tony Storm 6 months ago

    i really hope Louis comes back from that stupid scandal, i miss him already

  • Oz Lang
    Oz Lang 6 months ago

    Fed up with the SJW's. The whole point of comedy is to cross boundaries. To make people laugh at EVEYTHING. To make us laugh at ourselves.

  • Jackson Goss
    Jackson Goss 11 months ago

    The world has become so sensitive

  • Lauty Bend
    Lauty Bend 7 months ago

    Louie's monologue is one of the best opening monologues I've seen

  • Jovan Djordjevic
    Jovan Djordjevic 6 months ago

    Bill Hicks was satirical in that bit, actually defending gay rights by showing the double standard xD

  • Kkylo Reeen
    Kkylo Reeen 1 year ago

    "Robin Williams refused to apologize..." Good.

  • BigPrometheus
    BigPrometheus 10 months ago (edited)

    This title is wrong. The audiences laughed. Its the bloggers and subjects of the joke who like to take things out of context that were angered

  • Louis rodriguez
    Louis rodriguez 11 months ago

    They are called jokes people (JOKES).

  • power band
    power band 6 months ago

    bill burr is a legend

  • Russell Mitchem
    Russell Mitchem 7 months ago

    They claimed Louis was sympathizing with pedophiles, but what he was trying to relay was that a normal person can never understand what is going through their sick minds - and sick is the key word here - they are meant mentally ill obviously. Louis said "and they keep doing it", pointing out that they'll take a chance of getting caught ("the worse thing is a caught child molester") knowing that what they are doing is wrong. They are so sick that they'll take that chance. He was trying to point this out, but people have this tendency to not be able to look outside their own bubble and see from the perspective of another. Crime fighters have to learn this ability - to see from the criminals mind. Louis has that ability as well because he had done things in that past that were viewed as sick and twisted as well. You can image that good criminal fiction writers have the ability too, because they have to become the monster in their own books, to write on paper what the monster is thinking and doing. Some people just don't have that capability - and it's there is nothing wrong with that, except when they criticize others that do have that ability.

  • M G
    M G 1 year ago

    Bill Burr fans. Represent. 

  • CaptainKronkers
    CaptainKronkers 11 months ago

    The Lois CK SNL performance was hilarious though.

  • Loaded4506
    Loaded4506 6 months ago

    None of these jokes are offensive

  • Xxxsorrow
    Xxxsorrow 10 months ago

    The last one is brutal! x'D I love the expression on his face when he delivers the punchline.

  • City Slickers Podcast
    City Slickers Podcast 11 months ago

    Never apologise for a joke if it's made in the context of comedy.