Duncan Trussell | This Past Weekend #112

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
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    Sitting down for a conversation with the Orwellian Jimmy Buffett Duncan Trussell. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Duncan Trussell Podcast Duncan Trussell Family Hour

  • Theo Von Clips
    Theo Von Clips 2 months ago

    We have some more amazing guests lined up but who do you want to see next?

    MN MMAJJ 2 months ago

    Duncan Trussell looks like the long lost brother of Dan Bilzerian that got dropped in some psychedelic barrell when he was a kid

  • Lukas Holzmann
    Lukas Holzmann 2 months ago

    duncan please do your podcast in a video format

  • Zach Bryant
    Zach Bryant 2 months ago

    I’m one Duncan Trussel podcast away from quitting my job.

  • m b
    m b 2 months ago

    Will Sasso busting into TFAtK studio with w/ Chris Delia at 1:16:55

  • WhatsBellow
    WhatsBellow 2 months ago

    i just received 9000 brain xp from this podcast

  • LearnToSwim
    LearnToSwim 2 months ago

    Humans find meaning through work and suffering, if we lived in a world where there was no work to be done I would think we would be driven insane and create things to be done, things to be worked. Endless leisure can be as equal a hell as endless work. Human are industrious by nature, by biology,evolution, we are meant to work and enjoy the fruits of our labour

  • Shaun Max
    Shaun Max 2 months ago

    Theo looks like a baby simba

  • Bob Ayaiga
    Bob Ayaiga 2 months ago

    Love duncan when hes not being held by by joes "dont be a commie duncan" attitude

  • Lynxchillin08
    Lynxchillin08 2 months ago

    I love Theo's choice of guests. Keep at it man, live from the UK.

  • Clayton Brown
    Clayton Brown 2 months ago

    Bill Burr soon please!!!!

    Jeff PHILLIPS 2 months ago

    At Starbucks it's become like "Games of Scones".

  • Dan Rockwell
    Dan Rockwell 2 months ago

    Dude you’re having the best guests!!!

  • Chr1stph3r James
    Chr1stph3r James 2 months ago

    It’s the worst having a job that you know has no impact on the world whatsoever. I’d rather be a construction worker or plumber than a high paying job that accomplishes literally nothing.

    NBGAF 2 months ago

    its not greed though.. most of us proles are just working to stay alive, to feed and have a roof over our heads and put kids in school n shit.

  • mankypancakes
    mankypancakes 2 months ago

    Shoutsout to all my sherpas out there blazin heimers

  • Ashley Stokes
    Ashley Stokes 3 weeks ago

    I LOVE the way Duncan Trussell's mind works, and how easy it is for him to eloquently express himself!

  • Donovan Cacace
    Donovan Cacace 2 months ago (edited)

    On the topic of the most essential jobs being paid the least, I worked as a 911 paramedic in Orlando and made about $12/hour. The last month or so I've been at a job in a hospital where I push patients around in their beds all day and make closer to $20/hour. Granted, I worked for a private ambulance company, it would've been a little better in a fire department, but trained and certified EMTs starting at 9 bucks an hour is criminal. I know full-time EMTs who responded to the Pulse shooting who are on food stamps. But we stay in the job because we are passionate people, and proud of what we do, so we get taken advantage of and work 60-80 hour weeks to make ends meet because we are exempt from all kinds of labor laws as emergency workers. The longest shift I did was 96 hours in a row, catching naps here and there between calls. A good buddy quit to go work at a 7/11 and said he got paid better and treated better by the management.

  • Ambushofblacks
    Ambushofblacks 1 month ago

    haha the best part of the podcast 45:54 -the face duncan makes is priceless could not have asked for a better guest, these guys click so well, theo von has a way better imagination on philosophy and consciousness then joe rogan, who almost always makes these kinds of discussions a joke at the end or ends up making ideas fit his own views

  • PuppetMasterFPV
    PuppetMasterFPV 2 months ago

    What if our future is so dark that Orwell’s vision looks like Disneyland... our privacy and freedoms have to be re-examined and protected in earnest. IMO