How To: Prepare for the First Day of School! | Reese Regan

  • Published on Aug 17, 2015
  • - hey hi hello hola what is up mis amigos!! - I hope you all enjoyed this video and have a wonderful day! *PLEASE READ* for the people commenting about the reminder to "shave your legs", I was not suggesting/forcing that all girls must shave their legs. I was simply reminding the girls who do choose to shave their legs. If you don't, that's okay, I totally respect that. If that part of the video doesn't relate to you, then ignore it - no need to argue about it. I think it's not worth your time to fight about something as silly as that, so if you didn't like what I said, dislike the video and move on. Thank you :-) - stalk me: △ instagram: @basicallyreese △ twitter: @reesereganyt △ tumblr: △ snapchat: reeseregan △ blog: △ pinterest: @basicallyreese (wow I have a lot of links) - FAQ: ▲ What camera do you film with? - Canon Rebel t3i ▲ What editing software do you use? - iMovie ▲ How old are you? - 16 —————— *I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC, ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE OWNER* ----------------- comment "waffles yuumm" if you see this!


  • Faye Lol
    Faye Lol 1 year ago

    I was so excited for the first day of school like a week ago but now I'm freaking out! I don't even have my school supplies

  • Talena Ayre Johnson
    Talena Ayre Johnson 2 years ago

    I wear black on the first day of school because it's actually the funeral for my happiness

  • Simone Hairston
    Simone Hairston 2 years ago

    am I the only one who loves back to school? new clothes, new boys, and an excuse for you to go to the nail salon and get your self together

  • Brooke Hardt
    Brooke Hardt 2 years ago

    how i prepare for going back to school: cry

  • bored af
    bored af 1 year ago

    But im here like " sigh i have to wear a uniform"

  • Caution Ramen
    Caution Ramen 1 year ago

    How to prepare for school: Step one: Buy tissues Step two: cry into them Step three: Go to the first day of school wearing all black Step four: say screw it and go to a store Step five: buy bleach at the store Step six: cry to yourself Step seven: drink the bleach ( if you do this it's not my fault if you die I was joking )

  • Purplemonkey Dishwasher68
    Purplemonkey Dishwasher68 1 year ago

    She kinda looks like Chloe couture I think that's how u spell it like if u agree

  • curlyheadmimi
    curlyheadmimi 2 years ago

    Not being rude or anything but I don't shave my legs, no they aren't hairy or anything I just have blond hair on my legs lol, nobody notices 

  • Kaniz Miah
    Kaniz Miah 3 years ago

    You remind me of maia mitchell so much

  • baddie qweta
    baddie qweta 1 year ago

    Like of ur wearing no socks

  • Lillah-Aaliyah Mbu
    Lillah-Aaliyah Mbu 2 years ago

    I go to a private school so I basically don't have any choice but to wear their uniform

  • Llama Lady101
    Llama Lady101 1 year ago

    Who else is binge watching back to school videos in 2017 

  • Claudie M
    Claudie M 2 years ago

    I'm not being rude I like your videos and stuff but girls don't NEED to shave their legs. Sometimes it's more comfortable not to. No one should think that they have to.

  • Alma Heraldez
    Alma Heraldez 1 year ago

    I start having YouTube Back to School maritons

  • jordyn
    jordyn 2 years ago

    my first day of school is September 1st.. and its july i dont know why im watching school videos ;)

  • Kort
    Kort 1 year ago

    Oh my gosh !! You help me so much!! I am so worried for my firts day of Junior Hight school! I dont khow what to wear,to do my hair,my bag....Anyways you helped me !! And I am so thankful for seeing that video! I khow that video was made on 2015 and now i see it on 2017..but you still helped me .But tell me if you can ... should i wear make up?My first day is in 24 days and 3 months, but again i am still worried..

  • Alejandra Gamez
    Alejandra Gamez 2 years ago

    When you throw that money I'm like ...I BARELY HAVE A DOLLAR xD

  • Jakyia McCallum
    Jakyia McCallum 1 year ago

    August 16 2017 welcs just watching because i have to go register to volleyball and school on the 3rd of august!!!!!!!!!

  • Cat Lady
    Cat Lady 1 year ago

    The video did not help, 

  • Giselle G.
    Giselle G. 1 year ago

    My first day of school is august 16th