Predators Called Out: What Next?

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018

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    movement. Watch full video:


    survivors. Smriti irani said today, that MJ Akbar should speak up. The RSS's Dattatreya Hosable also tweeted in support of the MeToo movement. So does this mean that they will perhaps now push MJ Akbar to resign, but the National Commission of Women, which is the statutory body which advises the government, has been an enabling force, welcoming the movement and also inviting all women to write in to them. So exactly what kind of help and support can they provide? On Reality Check tonight, NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma joins us along with two women who have a starring role in the


    After two days of silence, the central government finally spoke up on the issue with a union minister strongly coming out in support of

  • ubuntuber
    ubuntuber 3 days ago

    this is getting to a point where i dont feel safe, unless there is a CCTV and im a MAN.

  • pankaj bansod
    pankaj bansod 3 days ago

    I am not getting this.... As chairperson says they didn't get any written complaints....... Why are they not taking any legal action,,,,,, why are they only complaining on social media,,,,, Harassment is a crime in India right.....

  • Babasaheb Follower
    Babasaheb Follower 3 days ago

    Are you saying me that this ncw commision with meagre allocations from the centre and 7 member panel is going to take care of problems of half of 130crore population of india?Wonder if all the state governments even constituted their own state commissions.ncw wants to hear the stories of this few handful journalists and try to resolve and close this topic.Iam sorry it would not work like that.we should actually be having a women commission for each and every assembly constituency of the states.wonder if there is a provision compensation for the victim?It is not like that the movement is closed completely with the entrance of ncw. If there is no compensation,men in positions of power will keep assaulting even if the assaults may be reduced to a great extent.i read stories about women in the women comission being harassed too.governments have to invest money in special courts for women,women commissions,women police force etc apart from empowering women economically.

  • The Undercover Rock Stars
    The Undercover Rock Stars 2 days ago

    Why is The media silent on Suhel Seth?

  • The Undercover Rock Stars
    The Undercover Rock Stars 2 days ago

    Media is showing it's Hippocricy here. Why is the media not naming Suhel Seth who has been accused of sexual Harassment by multiple women. Just because he is your dear friend? Come on Media. Name Suhel Seth.

  • Mohd Ghani
    Mohd Ghani 2 days ago


  • Follow The Bakri
    Follow The Bakri 2 days ago

    Why is Media quiet on Moslem molestors !! Zinat nearly lost her eyes by pakistani lover ?

  • Amit S
    Amit S 2 days ago (edited)

    r u sleeping mam anchor?

  • Swami Vas Swaminathan
    Swami Vas Swaminathan 13 hours ago

    No one should name anyone based on allegations made by certain individuals! Let the issues raised pass through appropriate investigation by police and legal authorities to find out the truth! Look at how allegations against a US Presidential nominee for the Supreme Court there have been dealt with!

  • Rahul Khanna
    Rahul Khanna 2 days ago

    Is there no law to tackle such issues ? or will such kangaroo-court justice be meted out by the media in such cases. I can't believe the women in question were short of means to address their woes. Maybe it was a compromise then and convenient now....

  • Saleem Hashmi
    Saleem Hashmi 1 day ago

    Here Islamic teaching comes to rescue for women , which says " between strange men and women , devil is present ." So women avoid meeting men in privacy , because devil become active in men .

  • The Undercover Rock Stars
    The Undercover Rock Stars 2 days ago

    Suhel Seth's story was personally brought to the attention of Nidhi Razdan. However, she cleverly avoided the issue and never covered the story on Television. They only mention it on the website. Such coward media people. Stop your hippocratic behaviour media and name Suhel Seth.

  • Follow The Bakri
    Follow The Bakri 2 days ago

    Pk is not saint, white w0men complained, he gave her kid ! this randiwood khan are no human, they have done wrong to Hindu girls, like slapping, punching and more !

  • Swami Vas Swaminathan
    Swami Vas Swaminathan 20 hours ago

    Wow, it took ten years for the lady to realize she was misused by a co-star, having been a drug addict all these years and shaving her head and disappearing into some mysterious place where she could get her addiction fully met!